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What is Remarketing?

What is Remarketing?

Hello & welcome to another Learn With AM Marketing, I’m Bradley McManus, Digital Director here. I’m gonna talk to you about remarketing.
Now hopefully you’ve come here from Amy’s video about Display Marketing, if you
haven’t I really encourage you to go watch that first, you can click here,
then come back to me I’ll talk about the details. So remarketing is often called retargeting. It’s a highly specific form of online advertising where you can be very specific about what you serve
people based and their previous interactions with your website. Now we’ve
all been there before, for me I might go and look at a pair of
trainers, and then what seems to happen is that that pair of trainers follow me
everywhere on the Internet. That’s an example of Remarketing. Now dependant on how you set up
your Remarketing it can be very, very subtle to the point where people don’t even
realise it’s Remarketing, or you can be so aggressive that that pair of trainers
will not leave you alone no matter where you go.
The idea behind Remarketing is always the same. If you have experienced a brand
on more than one occasion you’re more likely to take action, purchase or call
them. We can talk from personal experience that when we have run Remarketing on behalf of our clients, it has dramatically increased their conversion
and improved their return on investment. It’s not quite as complicated as you
might imagine to set up. All you need is a little piece of code, put it on your
website and you’ll hear us call it a Tag or a Pixel. Once the tags in place
the next bit is relatively straightforward. When somebody comes to
your website, we will drop a little cookie on them and they will go into one of your Remarketing lists.
Once these lists are setup, you then have the basis to start Remarketing. The lists
can be specific or they can be vague. You can make a list of everybody that
has been to your website and you can pick an individual page that people have visited.
One of the most common things that we do as a marketing agency is we look at the
people that tried to purchase but didn’t quite get there for some reason. If you’re a
retail site we’ll often call these people an Abandoned Checkout & what we may
choose to do is everybody that qualifies into this remarketing list, we might
offer them a small discount utilising and Display Banner on another website.
If you’d like to learn more about Display Banners and what that even means, then I
recommend you go and check out Amy’s video again because she get into a bit more
detail about what Display is. Now let’s just say you’re an online jewellery shop.
You may decide to set up a few lists. One for everyone that’s been to your website. Two, people looking at rings. Three, people looking at bracelets, and so
on. Now if you know somebody was looking at a multitude of rings on your
website, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to only advertise rings for that
person again? This forms the basis of remarketing strategy and we will target
that person with either the rings that they’ve been looking at, other rings
that are available, or perhaps an offer that is particularly relevant. By
doing this, not only are we controlling who your adverts go out to, we are more than
likely saving you money on ad investment by only targeting people who are
interested. But as we mentioned earlier it’s very likely to improve your
conversion rate and the return on investment you achieve. That’s just one
example of how we use remarketing. Believe me there are thousands, I could
talk about it all day to be honest. I’d really like tell you about how we manage
assisted conversion funnels to really influence who we target and where, but
I’ll leave that for another day. Now we really do enjoy making these videos and
if you’d like to know about anything specific wether it’s to do with Google, Facebook, online, YouTube, video or anything else entirely do let us know because we always read
your comments and we look forward to making our next video. And if you told us
what to do it’s probably gonna be more relevant. Don’t forget to follow us on
our various channels on the internet You can always check us out
www.ammarketing.co.uk. On Facebook we are /ammarketingkent And on Twitter and Instagram we are marketing_am. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

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