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What is Quality Score in Google Ads / Adwords PPC? Explained

What is Quality Score in Google Ads / Adwords PPC? Explained

Hi, Mike Mancini with PPC Video Training.com. In this video we are talking about Google Quality Score. What is it? How does it work? And how does it affect my campaign? We’re gonna go through all that right here in just a minute… stay tuned. Alright, so when we’re looking at Google
quality scores, what it is, is the score from one to ten. One being the worst and ten being the best. You can see it if you go into your campaign and click all the
way down to the keyword level. So you would click on the campaign that you’re
working on and then click on keywords. These are the headings that we have
highlighted. If you don’t see these go up to columns,
modify columns, and you can go down to quality score and click on that and then
just makes sure quality score is checked and click on apply. As you can see here are
our quality scores now these top four, top five keywords all have a ten out of
ten quality score which is obviously what we’re going for now this is once
below that have nines and those are fine as well so let’s look at why that is and
what that has to do with our campaign as a whole so your quality score is a
rating of the quality and the relevance of your keywords as well as your ads and
there are a number of factors that go in to this quality score one is your
click-through rate how often are your ads getting clicked on when somebody
types in a keyword the higher the better obviously
number two the relevance of each keyword to its ad group so as you can see we
have this keyword hottub moving company in an ad group titled hot tub moving all
of the keywords in this ad group have to do with hot tub moving down below that a
spa repair all of the keywords in this ad group have to do a spa repair thirdly
the ads in this ad group how relevant are they to our keyword so in the hot
tub moving ad group are we talking about spa repair are we talking about moving
are we talking about hot tub repair Jacuzzi repair what are we talking about
all of our ads are very tightly knit to the group that there
in let’s take a look at the NAD in this hot tub moving category hot tub moving
service need to move your hot tub expert hot tub movers so you can see our
keyword is in their hot tub moving hot tub moving again and both of these ads
are very very relevant to people who are searching for that keyword these ads are
speaking right to them also where when somebody clicks on one of those ads
where are we sending those people if they’re looking for a hot tub mover and
we send them to spa repair that’s probably not very targeted and they’re
gonna click the back button very quickly google measures that and they’re taking
a look at all right if a lot of people are clicking that back button then
obviously this landing page is not very relevant but the spiders at Google sends
out also will scan that page and find out how relevant it is based on the
keywords so if somebody clicks on an ad for hot tub moving is that text
somewhere in that landing page is the text on that landing page relevant to
our ad and relevant to our keywords so all of those will go into your quality
score now what is the benefit of having a great quality score it’s right here
the cost per click google loves it when your ads are relevant when your keywords
are bringing the right traffic they want people to find what they’re looking for
the more relevant it is the more conversions your ads get the more
traffic that you pull in and turn into conversions Google’s going to give you a
higher quality score what that does is then it’s gonna drive your cost per
click down so I want you to take a look this is a cost per click of 3:48 we have
it set at we’re paying an average of two dollars and ninety two cents here’s
another one sixty-seven cents we’re paying an
average of thirty three cents here’s a good one three dollars and 53
cents we have bid up to we’re paying an average of a dollar eighty five because
our quality scores are very good but I want you to keep one thing in mind these
quality scores are strictly a guideline here’s a good example
hot tub service we’re paying an average of $1 75 a click here but we have 15
conversions for a cost of $1 87 a conversion the Quality Score on this one
is only a seven so it’s used as a guideline
I don’t know how much we can get much better than dollar 87 a conversion
we are always still trying to work that down but we have a great click-through
rate our conversion rate is through the roof so once again this is a guideline
another thing to keep an eye on is you see this one is rarely shown due to a
low quality score because it is 2 out of 10 that could mean that the ad isn’t
very relevant it could be mean that we’re sending the ads to a landing page
it’s not really relevant what I will usually do when I see this is I will go
in I will pause that keyword or I will fix it immediately now some people will
say well what’s a quality score that you absolutely have to fix if I usually see
anything under 6 I will go in and I will either pause it for the time being and
change it later or change it right away anything under a 5 will automatically
take and pause right then and then fix it as we go because what that will do is
these low quality scores will bring the overall score of your campaign down so
we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna pause that now how do these quality
scores affect your cost this is a little graphic provided by word stream comm and
it shows you right here the Google benchmark is a 5 but if you get into 6
you’re decreasing your cost per click by an average of 16% if you get it up to a
10 you’re decreasing your cost per click by 50% but below that number five mark
you start increasing it up to 400% so it’s always worth it to take some time
take a look here your quality score see where you’re at because in the end the
better scores you have the cheaper it’s gonna be and we’ve had it to the point
where we have literally increased our clicks by more than a hundred percent
using the same budget because we have either weeded the bad
Quality Score keywords out or we have fixed the lower performing ones to bring
those scores up and remember you don’t always have to get it up to a ten to
make sure it’s the absolute best some people will get really stuck on that and
try to get the best quality score possible which is great but once again
when we’re getting conversions for a dollar eighty seven we’re quite okay
with that now are we always trying to improve this sure but I’m not gonna let
this worry me too much when I’m seeing numbers like this in conversion rates of
93 percent all right hope that helps we’ll see you in the
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