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What is Pinterest Spam Block? Was Your Pinterest Account Suspended for Spam?

What is Pinterest Spam Block? Was Your Pinterest Account Suspended for Spam?

Have you ever been suspended on Pinterest
for “spam”? Have you ever received an email from Pinterest
that your pin was removed because of a copyright complaint? Do you know exactly what you shouldn’t do
on Pinterest do stay safe and sound, and sleep well? Like any other Internet platforms, Pinterest
has to constantly work on prevention of spammy behavior and do their best to create a better
experience for everyone. For regular users, for content creators and
for their advertisers. Hi! I’m Anastasia of anastasiablogger.com. I’m a Pinterest marketing expert and I publish
my Pinterest tips every Thursday. Subscribe and hit the Bell button to get notified
every time when I publish a new tutorial! We all like to find unique content relevant
to our interests and search queries. So, we have to assume that all the platforms
on the Internet have certain spam filters and systems to reduce the amount of spam. We have to also live with the fact that all
the platforms can only give us very little information in regards to their spam filters. If they gave us the exact numbers and limitations,
it would just make the life of black-hat spammers easier. They would continue spamming in a safe mode
knowing the exact limits they cannot approach. When you are just starting on Pinterest, you
have no idea what could put your account in trouble. So, I made this video to help you understand
better which behaviors on Pinterest are considered spammy. The best place where you can learn about Pinterest’s
Spam Policies Is Community Guidelines Page. I’ll give you a link to this page below the
video in the description. So, I will scroll down to the Spam and Quality Section of it. But there are some other things we can talk
about which were mentioned earlier. I’m not talking about the attempts to artificially
boost views and other metrics, I’m talking about what a regular blogger, or a website
owner who is just creating an account on Pinterest, and is not from this black-hat world of spammers. Someone who is a regular person, like you
and I, could make accidentally by mistake. So, what it could be? It could be for example, unsolicited commercial
messages. So you don’t want to go on Pinterest in the
comment section under the pin, and copy – paste the same message talk about your services
or about whatever products you are promoting on Pinterest. You definitely don’t want to do it because
you can get your account suspended really easy and quickly if you do that. Another way to get your account suspended
which actually got suspended a lot of bloggers, is when they were sending a message to be
accepted to a group board. And they would even use the same phrase and
they would send in a one way, to let’s say to 5 or 10 different group board owners. And even though those group board owners didn’t
flag their account, they didn’t reply, they completely ignored those messages, Pinterest
doesn’t ignore them. Pinterest some spam filters which can identify
this as repetitive behavior, or as unsolicited commercial messages. Because those bloggers would also include
a link to their blog. Because those bloggers were just asking the
group board owner to have a look at their blog, to evaluate the quality of the content. But they don’t realize that Pinterest spam
filters will see this as an unsolicited commercial message. Another way to get your account suspended
or even your domain blocked on Pinterest, is doing repetitive posts, or saving the same
pins linked to the same post, to the same boards on your account very frequently. Or multiple pins in the same day. I have actually on this channel another video
where I talk about how you can get your account unsuspended, what you need to do, what are
your actions on Pinterest, which teems you need to contact to do this. So, you can find the link to that video above
my head there will be a little Info icon. If you can’t see it, I will give you a link
in the description below this video as well. But under that video, since I published it
some time ago, I all the time keep getting messages from people who were suspended, and
of the reasons they are getting suspended is that they accidentally or on purpose, just
because they didn’t realize that it’s a spammy technique, they just save several pins linked
to the same blog post in the same day. And sometimes they are saving the same image
linked to the same page, to multiple boards. Like to 20 or more boards in the same day. And another case – they would use different
images. They would create let’s say 10 different images
and link them all to the same page on their site and save them all (sometimes even to
the same board) or even to several boards – it doesn’t matter. Just because you are saving multiple times
something linked to the same page on your site, Pinterest Spam filter can be triggered
and then your account will be suspended. Another unfortunate reason why some people
accidentally get their accounts suspended for repetitive pinning is when they are trying
to use Tailwind for the first time. Without taking any course. For example, they could take my course 🙂 And
avoid those mistakes but people are just trying out this scheduling tool. And they don’t realize that if they have a
list of boards, and they are trying to save their pin to a list of boards, they can choose
the list of boards. And then they just go and click “Schedule”
without checking what is the interval between their pins. You have to make sure that after you selected
the list of Boards, you need to scroll down until you see this Use Interval Button. You click on it. You need to make sure that you selected at
least one day interval between your pins. And then you can also select the time when
you want to start saving your pins. I usually start about 9 or 10 PM EST. So, that’s what you are choosing. And Only after you selected the interval,
you need to click on this Green button Set Interval. And only now you are safe to schedule your
pins. If you are going to save these pins in the
same day, there is a high probability that Pinterest will suspend your account. At the time when someone goes to check your
account manually, if you make an appeal if you want to get your account reinstated, at
the time when the person comes to your account and they see that you actually did it. That you actually saved 10 or 20 pins in the
same day. And you’ve done it multiple times, then chances
are that they are not going to decide this case in your favor. And your account can remain suspended. Another way to get your account suspended
for repetitive actions on the platform is doing follow for follow activity on Pinterest. If you watched my video that I published last
week, it was about the recent updates that happened in the last year on Pinterest, one
of the changes was that Pinterest made it clear that the quality of your followers is
more important than the quantity. So there is not any reason for doing this
follow for follow activity anyways, but if you want to do it, at least make sure that
you are not following way too many people. in a short period of time. Something might never expect to be considered
a spammy activity I wanted to make sure you know about this in this video, is that Pinterest
doesn’t allow link shorteners. Probably they believe that this way you can
use some misleading links and do some redirects. And redirects or redirects 🙂 Anyway, Pinterest
is trying to see that there is consistency between your pin and where your pin is going. So, link shorteners, like bit.ly, which you
can easily use on other social media, you can not use them on Pinterest. Don’t take a risk, and don’t try to save your
pins using these link shorteners. Another type of repetitive pinning on Pinterest
is called Duplicate pins. So by duplicate pins Pinterest considers when
you are saving the same pin to the same board multiple times. So, you don’t even have to do this in the
same day. It’s enough to do this several time let’s
say in a month. You don’t want to do this more than once in
3 months. This is the bare minimum. And how do we know it? It’s because in Tailwind Smartloop. Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest,
it’s an authorized partner. It’s a scheduler. And I talk about it in my course, you will
find the link below the video. So, in Tailwind you can save the same pin
using the SmartLoop feature to the same board, not more often than once in 3 months. This is the default setting. And Pinterest actually talked about duplicate
pins and said that the only reason why you would want to save the same pin to the same
board on Pinterest is because you want to show it to your new followers. So imagine that over the course of 4 or 6
months you’ve got another 2 or 3 or 5000 followers on your Pinterest account. So, all of those new people haven’t seen your
pins, so this is the only reason why Pinterest thinks you might want to save the same pin
to the same board again. Another way you can get your account suspended
maybe accidentally without realizing you are doing anything wrong is saving stolen pins
on Pinterest. You might not realize that when you are using
an image taken from anywhere on the Internet, especially as a newbie, as a beginner, you
might not realize if you just go to Google and just search and search for an image and
it matches your content, it doesn’t mean that you can upload to your site without permission. It doesn’t mean that you can save it as a
pin on Pinterest. There is always a chance that if you do so,
the copyright owner will file a DMCA complaint on Pinterest and if you have too many of those,
then your Pinterest account will be suspended. So whenever you are looking for a new image
for a pin, you have to search for free images in stock sites. Or maybe if you can afford it, you have to
pay for a paid stock site. I just opened a site that has a big collection
of free photos. It’s called Pexels. But there are many. You just need to Google “free stock image
sites”. So what is important though when you are using
even the free images, you always want to be logged in on this site and make sure that
inside your account you have a history of downloads. So you always want to have a proof, just in
case, in your account, on one of these free stock sites that you downloaded for free there. And if you’ve been on Pinterest for a while
now, you probably received at least once an email from Pinterest team that said “Sorry. We have to delete one of your pins” it was
a repin, something that you repinned inside Pinterest platform. And the copyright owner complained about it. But don’t worry it’s not against your account,
we are just informing you that we are going to delete this pin. So let me show you how you can easily get
yourself into this trouble. And it’s not like you really have done anything
wrong. You haven’t stolen an image, you haven’t uploaded
it on Pinterest you just went to Pinterest, and you tried to search for some keyword. And then you were just scrolling down the
feed and some of the images will be definitely stolen pins. For example, this is my pin. I know it for sure. It’s one of the first pins I created long
time ago. And I think that I had somewhere at the bottom
of this pin my logo as well. But anyway, what they done they just cut away
my domain name from the bottom of the pin. And this is one of the oldest pins, when it
was still allowed to make those tall pins. So it’s a little bit tall pin. Anyway, they knew that the pin was popular,
pin image. So they stole it and linked to their site. And there are lots of sites that are doing
the same thing. So you might be just looking for pins you
want to save to a specific board, and you are going through search results. And if you are not looking at the combination
of the pin URL and what is written at the bottom of the pin. Or sometimes it can be in the middle. So you have to look for the match between
the URL where this pin is going and whatever logo or domain is written on the pin. There are a lot of spammy sites. They are automatically scraping all the popular
pins from the niche that they are targeting. And then they are uploading all those pins
to Pinterest and linking to their spammy pages. So it’s easy to accidentally save those. Then it’s easy to start getting those emails
from Pinterest “Sorry. We had to delete your pin”. So if you want to avoid this, you have to
actually open every pin before saving it. I know it’s a lot of trouble. But it can keep your account safe. You need to check where the pin is going. And what is the domain on the pin image. And Pinterest, as any other company, is trying
to provide a safe environment for their users. So there are certain kinds of niches and topics
that will not have good distribution on Pinterest. And probably if you want to work in those
niches, you have to filter your content really well. So you have to understand that certain types
of content might lead to account being suspended. It can be any kind of porn, any images that
glorify violence. Any images that encourage suicide, etc. Well, all of those things that we don’t want
our children to see. And we ourselves don’t want to see on any
platform. Hate speech and discrimination. And of course, impersonation is when you are
stealing someone’s image or someone’s name and using it on your Pinterest account. Then you have to be prepared that your Pinterest
account might be suspended at some point. There is something interesting that Pinterest
recently added to their community guidelines. It’s related to medical advice. So now you don’t want to have any content
that includes promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses and anti-vaccination
advice. So I know that there was a lot of buzz about
it because there are lots of mommy bloggers who give this anti-vaccination advice. And they didn’t expect their accounts to be
suspended on Pinterest for a couple of posts related to this topic. So you might look at this if it’s your niche. All in all, in encourage you not just to rely
on my video here. But actually to read all these Community Guidelines
in detail and also check them from time to time. If you rely on Pinterest for your online income. You have to be always in control of the situation,
and you need to know what’s going on on the platform. What are the new types of content that Pinterest
doesn’t want to see on the platform. What are some of the new safety of spam policies. And another way to always stay updated with
this information is to join my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course. I’ll give you the link to the course below
the video, in the description. Because you pay for my program one time but
then you get access to all the updates of the course. And you get access to me. You can ask me questions in the private Facebook
group, where I support the members of the program. So you don’t have to do all this work, and
stay in multiple Facebook groups to just gather the information from different sources. And to know everything that’s going on in
the Pinterest world. Because I do this for you and I share it in
the Facebook group. Or even in the new lessons of my course. And my the way, if you want to learn how I’m
driving over 300,000 monthly pageviews to my site from Pinterest, then you should definitely
sign up for my free Pinterest masterclass. I’ll give you a link in your top right corner
to that Masterclass. If you can not find the icon over there, then
you can always go in the description under this video and I’ll definitely give a link
there as well. If you don’t want to miss any of my Pinterest
tips, and new tutorials, then Subscribe and click that Bell button to get notifications. Also, you can check out my other Pinterest
tips here and there. And I’ll see you in the next videos!

14 thoughts on “What is Pinterest Spam Block? Was Your Pinterest Account Suspended for Spam?

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    Oh and I have another question, what does it mean when you try to repin a pin and they say it's blocked because the link is spammy?
    Thank you for your time, Anastasia.

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