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What is Mobile Advertising?

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile technology is more common and
smarter, than ever before. People are using their mobile devices for much more than making calls and texting. Approximately seventy percent of the
bandwidth used across all networks is video – with forty percent
of that being from YouTube. Spent some time looking at what people
use their mobile devices for work and you’ll likely see that they’re
watching TV, watching a video, conducting a search or perhaps using an
app. Keeping this in mind, why are you marketing the same way you did 10 or even five years ago? — While traditional marketing campaigns
have their place, the new methods are more effective in
today’s mobile marketplace. To remain on the cutting edge of mobile
advertising requires a different strategy. It’s not
about “yelling” your message louder than the competition. It’s about finding your target customer
as he or she is facing a dilemma and providing a solution to their
problems —– your solution. The search algorithms today provide all
the information you need to know about your target customer group. You can achieve success by putting
technology and people together. However, there is more than just statistics and algorithms to consider. Think about emotion. Understand where
people are, and what they’re doing —- who is with them and what their mood
maybe. When you know this, you’ll know how your message can reach
them and cost them to choose your product or service. The key is not to think it as selling.
You are informing, communicating and sharing your message with your
customers. Begin by communicating with your target
audience then build a relationship and reward them for interacting or
accomplishing something. Thinking of this as “moment” advertising.
You are connecting with your customers at a moment of need. When someone reaches for their
smartphone to search for a pizza restaurant because they are hungry or he logs onto a fitness app to
record his run time — you need to be there. Provide YOUR solution at the time that fits best. Mobile advertising is not about putting up banners and hoping the right customer sees it
and clicks. It is about presenting your message to the right people at the right
time in the right way. Combine this “moment” advertising approach with your website, email marketing and other tools and then
the result will amaze you! Find out how Webociti mobile
advertising services can boost your ad results today — call us now (888) 685-4910 www.webociti.com

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