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What Is Kit & How To Install The App || Shopify Help Center 2019

What Is Kit & How To Install The App || Shopify Help Center 2019

Kit is a free app that helps you quickly create
and manage marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and through email. Kit acts as your virtual employee. If you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing
for the next video on how to create an ad with Kit. Check out the timestamps to navigate this
video. Kit communicates with you directly through
short, guided conversations and helps you to create: Facebook ads
Instagram ads Retargeting ads on Facebook
Free posts to your Facebook business page Email marketing campaigns
Thank you emails And Discount codes To install Kit you need: A Shopify account with the online store sales
channel A Facebook business page:
This is the representation of your business on Facebook, where you create posts, share
images, products, and engage with your brand’s customers and fans. A Facebook Business Manager account:
Facebook Business manager is an organizational tool under which you manage your different
pages, ad accounts, Instagram accounts and user access A Facebook ad account:
Where you pay for ad campaigns’ invoices. And a method of communicating with Kit like
SMS text message Facebook messenger
or Shopify Ping Kit also automates the process of targeting
your ads to groups of people who are likely to buy your products. Kit learns who your customers are based on
your page likes, your storefront traffic and your past customers. To install Kit, log in to your Shopify admin. If your store is password protected, then
you need to remove it before setting up Kit. . See the link in the description to learn
how to remove password protection. Once the password is removed, click Apps. Click Visit the Shopify app store. Type Kit in the search bar. Click on the Kit icon. Next, click Add app. You are redirected to a new page in your Shopify
admin. Review the details on the page and click Install
app. You are directed to Kit’s homepage to complete
the installation process. Click Connect to Facebook. If you aren’t logged in to your Facebook
account, you might be directed to a page asking you to confirm the Facebook account you’re
signing into. Click Continue if it’s the correct account,
or click Edit this to change accounts. Click Ok so your Facebook profile can connect
with Kit. Next you see all business pages associated
with this Facebook account. Choose a business page and click Confirm Facebook
Page. Decide which method of communication you’d
like to use. You can choose either Facebook Messenger or
SMS Text messaging if this option is available in your country. This example selects Facebook Messenger. Click Send to Messenger to move forward. Next you have to connect your Facebook Business
Manager account, and Ads account. If you don’t have a Business Manager account,
then you see a banner asking you to create one. Click either Create Facebook Manager, or the
Business Manager link. To learn how to create a Facebook Business
Manager account and Ads account, watch the video linked above. Once you’ve created the accounts, you can
move forward with Kit installation. Refresh the page. Your Facebook Business Manager is now connected
to Kit. Use the drop down menu to select your ad account. If you see any errors when selecting your
Ads account, you may need to update your payment details in Facebook business manager, or create
a new ads account. Watch the video on how to create an ads account,
to learn how to update payment details. View the Facebook terms of service for Custom
audience and then for Website audience. If you agree to the terms click accept. Select your target country for Facebook ads,
and click Done. To finish, click Go To Dashboard. If you have Ping installed, you can link Kit. Ping is a free iOS app that you can use to
manage messages from your customers. Open your Shopify Ping app and Kit is automatically
linked for you. You see a message that was sent by Kit prompting
you to get started. For videos on how to create ads with Kit,
subscribe now! If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team directly.

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    0:00 – What is Kit and app requirements
    1:27 – How to install Kit
    3:57 – Connecting Kit to Ping

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