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What is Interest vs. Behavior Targeting on Facebook (EXPLAINED)

What is Interest vs. Behavior Targeting on Facebook (EXPLAINED)

In this video We clarify the difference between interests and behavior targeting on Facebook so that you guys can save money and get the best results possible from your Facebook Ads Hey, what’s up everyone? welcome back to Marketing hustle or we simplify marketing so that you guys can grow your digital influence and your business if you haven’t subscribed yet Make sure to do so as we pump out weekly videos where we break down marketing fundamentals and cover the steps that you need to take to apply the strategies that we cover now whether you’re a first-time advertiser on Facebook or you’ve done this a couple of times you’re probably Wondering what is the best way to set up your targeting on facebook? So stick around to the end of this video and you will understand how they work And what are the best ways to use them to maximize the impact of your ads on Facebook? Although they are both fundamentally different interests and behavior targeting are really effective ways of getting your ads in front of the right Consumers and with so many targeting options on the platform It is no surprise that many people get confused between interests and behavior targeting so what is it you’re starting basically an interest on Facebook is something that the platform believes that you have an affinity with – it’s Machine learning capabilities and it’s algorithms. It looks at what pages you follow? what type of content you tend to engage with it determines essentially what you like also as you continue to use Facebook over time the platform gets better at understanding your tastes and this helps the ads to deliver more effectively to the right users Which saves you money as in advertising on the other hand behavior targeting has a lot more to do with your behavior So if you’re a small business owner who? Graduated from college and creates a lot of Facebook events Then advertisers like yourself can use those three behaviors To target against on my experience running hundreds of campaigns on Facebook over the last seven years I have seen that behavioural targeting tends to be a lot more relevant to users But it’s also a lot more expensive an interest targeting tends to be a little bit less relevant But it’s usually able to deliver against larger audiences Now I think in a perfect world you want to test both targeting options? Separately and then try mixing them both to see what gets you the best Results if you guys liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe If you found the information useful as I post weekly videos on marketing fundamentals And even break down the steps that you need to take to apply the strategies that we cover Also drop me a comment below and let me know if you would like to see more videos on this topic And I’ll do my best to put out a video for you guys in the future till the next time peace

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