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What is Google Hotel Ads Center?

What is Google Hotel Ads Center?

In this video we will walk you through the
Google Hotel Ads Center which is one option for managing your Hotel Ads
campaigns. Google Hotel Ads campaigns have a couple of critical components: how you
choose to break down your property portfolio into biddable hotel groups, how you assign bids to each of those groups and the spending limit you set
for your program, and finally how you get insight into your campaign performance.
One of the easiest to use options for managing campaigns is the Hotel Ads Center, a platform built by Google specifically for Hotel Ads advertisers. Every partner
using Hotel Ads automatically has a Hotel Ads Center account created for them. To get access to your account simply contact your Google team. Or if someone
in your company already has access, they can add you as a user directly in the
settings. Let’s do a quick walkthrough of some of the key pieces of your account.
First, let’s talk about how you’ll get around. At the top you have two options:
first you can use the search bar to find a specific property or property group, or
you can use the navigation bar to access different views of your account information. We’ll be talking about many of these in subsequent videos, but in
brief, to start you have the Home tab which is your landing page when you open your Hotel Ads Center. It surfaces an overview of your account health as well
as opportunities for improving your performance. The Dashboard is where you can customize your view to show at-a-glance information that’s most important to you. The Group Editor page allows you to view
and manage your hotel groups. In Tools, you can get insight into any errors or issues with your data feeds. On the Intelligence tab you can download
daily performance reports as .CSV files. And hopefully self-explanatory the Budget tab is where you’ll set your
spending limit and monitor your daily spend against your cap. In the rest of
this playlist, we’ll be walking through these tabs in more detail, so keep watching for
more information.

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