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What is Google AdWords AND How Exactly Does it Work?

What is Google AdWords AND How Exactly Does it Work?

AdWords is an auction like system that enables
advertisements on google.com and other Google properties. Businesses bid to place their ads in the search
engine results for relevant keyword searches. It all starts with a search. For example, a user searches for “pet medicine”. If more than one advertiser is bidding on
a keyword that Google deems relevant to the search query, an auction is triggered. Google then looks at two key factors to determine
where the ads rank. The best combined bid and score will get the
best position. To determine how much advertisers pay for
each click, Google uses a quality score system. The higher your quality score, the less you
pay for a higher position. With Google AdWords, advertisers can create
optimized campaigns that drive high-quality, relevant traffic to their websites and landing
pages. Visit wordstream dot-com to learn more about
online advertising.

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