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What is Google Ads? [Difference between AdWords & SEO]

What is Google Ads? [Difference between AdWords & SEO]

what is Google Ads it’s not like SEO
this is one of the first questions I get from customers who want to have a brand
appear on Google but aren’t really sure how to do it so if you go to your
desktop and type in a search on Google what you’ll notice there’s about the
first three positions are ads then there’s a few map listings then 10 or so
organic listings what if you ads at the bottom so how do you get there so in the
organic listings that’s done through SEO and what that is is basically trying to
reverse engineer the algorithm so showing that your website has the
content that searchers are looking for that it has a good user experience and
basically signalling signalling to Google that hey my websites trustworthy
please rank my site it takes a bit of time though it takes probably about
three months moooom to kind of get things going and starting to see results
so it’s good to have as part of a longer-term strategy in your marketing
mix Google Ads on the other hand can be you know short term it can get your
results right away so you’re still doing keyword research and you’re still you
still have to have good content on your website like SEO they overlap quite a
bit but instead of taking time to rank up you can pay to bid on those keywords
that people are typing in so you would basically compete with other advertisers
in an auction to have your attic here in those top positions also on Google Ads
you have the advantage of working with Display Network and YouTube and other
things like that so if you’ve ever been to like a blog and you’ll see like a
little visual ad on the side relevant to that content that would probably be a
display on or if you’ve been to a website and you haven’t quite made the
decision to purchase or inquire and you leave and you notice ads following you
around that would be display remarketing which
you can also do in facebook by the way but so that’s kind of the benefit of
display ads you can do a little bit more variety of different advertising on
Google ads and you can kind of get quick results hopefully that helps explain
just the basic difference between the two I’m Kelsey
from Kaiza Media a Google partner company and I’ll let you get back to it

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