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What is Digital Marketing? Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. (click CC For Subtitle)

What is Digital Marketing? Step By Step Digital Marketing Tutorial. (click CC For Subtitle)

Hello everyone. Welcome to Digitoss. This is Manish. And today we are going to learn about the
basics of digital marketing. This tutorial is designed for, specially for
the beginners so that they can learn very easily. So, if you have any confusion please comment
below on the video so that I can reply your comments as soon as possible. OK. So, let’s start the video. These are the topics which we will cover in
this tutorial. First, we will cover the definition of digital
marketing then I will give you the live example of digital marketing then I will tell you
what are the types of digital marketing. Like search engine, social media, content. video, e-mail, SMS. These all are the types of digital marketing. Then i will show you the example, related
to each type of digital marketing so that you can find type of digital marketing like
what kind of or what type of digital marketing strategy has been used in that particular
digital activity. OK. And in the end of this tutorial i will show
you the benefits of marketing so that you will know the scope of digital marketing,
so let’s go to the definition. OK so this the definition. Guys, It’s very simple. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the promotion of products
or brands by online or more forms of electronic media. What are the types of electronic media? Electronic Media are Internet, mobile, sms,
email, so if you are promoting any product or service on these mediums like – Internet,
mobile, sms, email. This is called Digital Marketing. So, digital marketing is the promotion of
products or services via one or more forms of electronic media. or you can simply say digital marketing is
a process of promoting your product by online. So, if you are promoting a product or service
online that is called digital marketing, it’s so simple. Okay.. Now. this is the example of digital marketing. This is called search engine marketing. This is the Google search engine. This is the search box. Whenever you type anything on Google. The google shows a number of search results. So this is called, You see this the first
page. This called google search page and these results
are called search results. Right!. So whenever you type any keyword. what is keyword? This is the keyword, whatever you type on
Google search engine that is called keyword or it’s also called Search query. So as per your search query, google shows
a number of search results which are most relevant to your search query like you can
see I have typed buy car online. So Google showed me about the search specifically
to the car. For example by certified used car online,
by carandbike.com and by cardekho.com,carwale, droom.in so these all are the paid advertisements
on So this is the one way you can do digital marketing on google search engine.right?… now is another example. This is the banner and it’s called email marketing. This an example of e-mail marketing. If you’re promoting your product or service
through e-mail.So that would be called email marketing. If you have noticed many times in your email
account, whenever you see your e-mail sometimes you find some promotional messages on your
email and when you click on that particular e-mail you see this image banner. So this is e-mail marketing so you can also
use e-mail marketing for promoting your products. Next example of digital marketing is video
marketing.This is the YouTube. As you can see on the homepage of youtube,
this is the banner and this is the advertisement. This is a pure advertisement. You can see here in the corner close Ad and
this is the close button. All right. So it means this is a paid advertisement. Similarly, this is advertisement on youtube
homepage and this the advertisement of youtube search pages. Right… This Ad is presented by hostar. OK. Hostar and as you can see there is a yellow
icon by the name AD which means this is also a paid advertisement. So you can also do marketing through video
and this is called Video Marketing. Right… And I just wanna tell you guys about the YouTube
that is that YouTube is not only for entertainment or watching movies or funny videos or songs. But youtube is the second largest search engine
after Google. Google is a first search engine and then after
google YouTube comes, because people come to youtube not only for entertainment but
also for learning, for getting some knowledge, for some research part. So that’s why we can not ignore Youtube in
any digital strategy. So, it’s very important. Okay. So, what’s next. There’s also the example of video marketing
on your youtube watch page. This is called youtube watch page. Whenever you click on the video and what you
see before starting the video you’ll see some kind of advertisement. This is called skip able advertisement. You can skip here after four or five seconds. Right. And what is the form of this advertisement? This is called in stream video advertisement. I will cover in detail what is in-stream and
skippable advertisement in the next tutorial when we will reach to the video marketing
properly. Okay. There’s some example like how does marketing,
what are the channels and examples of digital marketing. So this the another example of video marketing. Now this the example of social media marketing
as you can see. This is a social media page. The Facebook page. You can see the sponsored. The sponsor advertisement by Book My Show
this kind of Advertisement comes in your news feed. So whenever you scroll down to read something
you see some promotions like. like this book my show is sponsored. So this kind of advertisement always comes
in the news feed and then you can see another advertisement on the right-hand side of your
facebook page. So It’s called RHS Ads. So this a way of doing promotion on social
media. Now, these are examples of SMS marketing. As we all know that most of the time you see
or you get a number of promotional messages on your mobile or on a mobile number. So this is… this is a part of SMS marketing
and it is also very important in digital marketing. So these are number ways with the help of
these activities you can promote your business Online. Now, we would cover the types of digital marketing. What other types of digital marketing?. So what we will cover? first, i will show
all types of marketing Okay. So guys, these are the marketing types. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing,
Video Marketing marketing, Content Marketing, Email marketing, SMS marketing and Affilaite
Marketing. These are the main Key parts of marketing
I would say. So in the search engine marketing Why it’s
called Search Engine Marketing? I tell you, see these other channels plus
just see the channels. This is search engine. So we are promoting our product. and we are doing a digital activity on search
engine so that why its called Search Engine Marketing. SEM – so SEM stands for search engine marketing. Similarly, If we are promoting our products
on social media so that would be called Social Media Marketing and the short form is SMM. If you are doing any video marketing, so that
would be video marketing. It’s simple as it is clear by its name and
then content marketing. In Content marketing, if you are promoting
your products through content then we are doing content outreach. We are creating a personal blog, WordPress
blog and then we are engaging people with those particular blogs so that will be the
content marketing because we are using the content part of our strategy. So that is called content marketing. Then if you are promoting or using email marketing
or using any emails to promote the service, this would be email marketing, then similarly,
the SMS marketing- if you are using any sms activities that would be SMS marketing and
then Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is quite different as
compared to other marketing. Let me just give you a brief about marketing
because it’s a very big topic so we can not cover the whole Affiliate marketing. So that’s why I will tell you the brief about
this Affiliate marketing. So what is Affiliate marketing guys? Affiliate Marketing its called the commission
base marketing. Its so simple like – let’s suppose you have
a shop. right…. You have a shop of shoes and you have 2-3
friends, so you said to your friends like-” listen guys I have started my new shop of
shoes and if you give me two or five customer in a week then I will give you 20 percent
discount on every shoe especially for you”. So it means you’re giving commission to your
friends or anybody. So this is called the commission based marketing. So in Affiliate marketing, basically you provide
some commissions and then on the basis of that particular commission, the person which
is promoting your product will use a different channel, will lose their own channel their
own audience to sell your product. And when the product is sold or converted
means product has been purchased, then he will get commission from you. Whichever, percentage you have mentioned in
your affilate marketing or commission marketing. So that’s called the Affiliate marketing. Now See, the search engine marketing. So what we do basically in search engine marketing. In search engine marketing we generally do
two activities. which are very important . First, is called
search engine optimization and then second is called PPC – Pay Per Click Ads. This is the paid advertisement by the way
and for doing PPC you must have an account of Google Adwords. It is a tool for running PPC advertisement. Right…. So these are the two that we do in the search
engine marketing which is SEO & PPC Ads. right.. Similarly, in social media marketing. We optimize our content, we optimize our campaign
first and then again we also do those advertisement part which is called paid Ads or sponsored
Ads. What are the channels? Most important channels are Facebook, Youtube,
Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Okay… so these social media activities. Now, video marketing. Video marketing- video promotion through paid
Ads. There’s one difference. Like- see if you have a website, where you
have created a video but you need some more audience so that you can get broad range of
audience. But you don’t have much resources. So what you will do? because recently created
a Web site and most of the user they don’t know about your website or your services but
you want to promote. So then you will do paid advertisement….
right. So then you will use youtube and this is a
very important channel -YouTube. So then we create a simple video Advertisement
and then you will promote on YouTube. So once your campaign is created so then we’ll
will start performing on YouTube and then you will get a more audience and you will
get comments, shares, subscribers. So this is the way of video marketing. Now, content marketing- in content marketing
basically you write catchy content and very important content for specifically for your
products so that you get engaged right. So, very catch & engaging content is very
important in content marketing. right.. and then you will do the content outreach. Okay. Content outreach means doing any promotion
for that particular content so that you can increase the reach of that content. When you will have the more reach than you
would have a more audience. When you will have the more audience means
you can generate or you can drive your business or whatever is your business goal. Right… for that content marketing what you
do basically? You create a blog and then you write a particular
article or topic for that blogs. like if i just give you an example of content
marketing. So if you’ve seen scoop whoop website, so
scoop whoop is the best example of content marketing because everything is only about
content. They write the funny content, humor content
and then they do marketing for that content so that the user or the maximum user can read
that content… right. So this is the way and this is called content
marketing. These are the paid channels- Tabola, Gemine
and there are also other channels, which I will tell you later. Then Email Marketing – in email marketing
you simply create your subscriber list or say email list. And then once you have created your email
list then you promote your campaign or then push that campaign so that people can get
that offer through email, so it is called email marketing. Similarly, SMS Marketing. The Only difference between email and sms
is the channel. here you will have numbers of emails, which
is called email list. Here you will have numbers of SMS that is
called …oh sorry not sms the mobile numbers on which you will send those promotional or
branding SMS. So there you will have mobile numbers. Then Affiliate marketing as i have already
told you is a commission based marketing. Okay … so now in the next slide, i will
tell you the difference between SEO and PPC Ad. Okay. So let’s start the next one. The next one is Search engine optimization. So guys what is search engine optimization?
this is also called the SEO. The short form of search engine optimization
is SEO. So search engine optimization is a method
to promote your website in search engine page results by improving search ranking on a specific
keyword. That is Called the search engine Optimization. Now i will give you an example so that you
can, you can know about what is SEO and especially what is SEO and how we? …right . how we understand the basic of
SEO. So here we go. See as I told you it’s a google search engine. Now let’s type “buy shoes online” Right. I have typed buy shoes online. Now, i can see these are the search results
which I have got. There are numbers of search results and this
is the… this is the page like – See this is the first page, the first page of Google
search engine and then I can see a numbers of the results of the different Web sites. As per my query. What is my query? “buy shoe online” so I can
see a number of search results and numbers of websites. So what happens basically. These are the search results which I’m seeing
right now is called organic search. This is simple algorithm of google. Since the competition is very high especially
on the first page of search result. See, I had typed buy shoe online and i have
got numbers of search results. See, there are thousand of pages. but this is the first page, so if you need
your website on the particular product or keywords like this the keyword. If you need i want my website theon the first
page of the google on this keyword “buy shoe online” like if someone is typing buy shoe
online, so my website should be on the top of the organic search results. These are the organic search results. what is organic search result? where you are
not using any paid Ads. This is totally advertisement. Sorry, not advertisement these are purely
organic results. These are the Advertisement. See this is a sponsored. If you will click here. See ….based on your search query we think
you are trying to find a product. This is a paid advertisement & this is not
the paid advertisement. This is the purely real results for your search. So what happens, basically there is a simple
algorithm of google. Goolge says i will show you a website on the
particular keyword. The first page… first page off my Google
search engine, if you have the most relevant things in your website as per the user search
query.So in this way Google gives a page rank or that is called a page rank website rank
you can say. Google provides the page rank for the different
keywords as per search query and then and on the basis of the page rank Google shows
your website on the first page. So if you have a better page rank, if you
have a better content, if you have better backlinks then it means you will have a good
page rank. And if you’re on a higher page rank then there
is a much more possibility to be show on the first page of google on the search result. And how google decides? like which website should be on the first
page. And on the first. Like these are the positions first, second,
third, fourth, fifth. So these are the positions and this is the
google search result page. So page rank depends on a number of factors
like first google says whatever user is looking for in my search engine. Those things must be on your website. Then second Google shows that it’s not only
should be a new website but it should be most relevant. like- If user types “buy shoe online” so it
means there should be some shoes in your website. So this is called search engine marketing. Sorry…search engine optimization. So basically you optimize your website for
the different keyword like this is the keyword buy shoe online. If I give you example buy shoe online. Now let’s type “cheap shoe online” ..right. See when I’ve typed by shoe online, then JABONG
was on the first page and on the first position. But when i have typed “buy cheap shoe online”
then Amazon is on first position on the first page. …Right. So it means Amazon is most relevant to those
searches and they have done the most work for the particular “buy cheap shoe online”
keyword to be on the top of the Google search page and why it is important to be on the
first page of Google because as per the research, mostly users don’t go to the second or third
per page for their search query. They simply just scroll down the page and
then they see only the last result on the first page. So that’s why the probability of getting any
order or leads from your website results is much more than on the other pages. because users don’t bother to go for the second
or third page. What he will do simply, if he’s if he’s looking
for a cheap online shoe. But if he is not able to find then he will
simply change that keyword to “buy Nike shoe”….right. And for Nike shoe Amazon is also on the first
page, on the first position. So this is the… that’s why it’s very important
to be on first page. And whenever user type on these keywords. Oh.. Sorry.. on these links, on these Web sites
then it’s free of cost. like you are not paying anything not even
a single penny if user clicking on that. That’s why called organic. A free results. So if you are on the first page for that particular,
for the keyword. For any keyword if you are on the first page
and on the first position. This is the page, the whole page and this
is the position. So if you’re on the first page on the first
position it means there is a lot of probability to get your conversion successfully, get your
order successfully and it’s very easy and most important it’s free. If i click thousand of times on this link
nothing gonna be paid from Amazon. So that’s why it’s very important because
you will get the orders. You’ll get the whole order free of cost. That’s very very important so this is called
SEO guys… Okay. So now let’s jump into the next topic. This is called PPC AD or Google Adwords. As i have given you an example here. I have coverd SEO, then PPC ADS. What is PPC Ads?. PPC ADs stands for Pay Per Click ADs. These Ads generally show on the search engine
like Google, Bing, Yahoo. PPC Ads appear along with the paid or natural
search result. See this is a paid one. This is called natural or organic results
as i have shown you in the previous slide in SEO part. So the search engine is then paid every time
when user click on the sponsor ads. Basically the PPC is only terminology. OK. So PPC ads stands for Pay Per Click means
whenever any user will click on that particular link or on that particular AD. You will have to pay. Thats why its called paid advertisement or
pay per click ad. Now what is google Adwords? Google Adwords simply online marketing tool. Or you can say an interface which is created
by Google to run promotional campaigns. Now, i will give you an example of PPC Ad. Okay.. we’ll just go over the same keyword
“Buy Shoe Online” This is the Advertisement which we are seeing
right now. This is called Paid Ad. So, if i will click on this ad, if i will
click any of these websites. This website will have to pay the amount to
the Google. So it’s called paid Ads. Now, let’s try with the another keyword “Buy
books online”…. Okay. On this keyword particularly. There is no, yes there are two paid advertisements. This is called paid advertisements. So when I clicked on the Snapdeal link “one
Indian girl” this is a book. So when I click on the one book link. Then it means some amount has been deducted
from snapdeal’s google Ad account or Adwords account to the Google. Now, let’s say another example “buy car online”. …okay Another here is a example –
“buy mobile online” These are the examples of paid advertisemetns
and these are natural. If i will click on this link then snapdeal
will not have to pay a single penny. But when I click on this, this is the same
link of snapdeal so then snapdeal will have to pay some amount to the Google. So this called the paid Advertisement…. Okay. there is another example buy television….Buy
TV online… Okay
See these are there the example. Actually right now you know why i am searching
with the different keyword. I just want to show you the advertisement
like this is also an Advertisement but i think right now no one is running any paid campaign
or search campaign or search advertisement. OK so let’s try with the another one. Buy Mobile online, Buy T-shirts online, sorry
Guys..Buy Tshirts Online. OK. right now i think on these keywords no. Search Ads are running. By the way, these ads are called shopping
ads like in this Ad you’ll see image, description and the price. These ads are called shopping Ad. It’s also part of Google ads these are called
shopping Ads. But what I want, i want you to show you search
Ads. like as i have given in the previous slide. Let me See. This kind of Ads. See- “buy car online”. These are the search Ads of Google. Right. This is also advertisement. So if i click on that particular link, car&bike
will have to pay some amount. so this is called PPC advertisement. but if i have typed, here.. So Myntra will not have to pay anything.. This is major difference between PPC and search
engine optimization. Right. So that’s why it’s called PPC Ad pay per click
Ad, then now next is Google adverts. You know sometimes you heard that. OKay. I’m google adwords expert or sometimes you
i am ppc expert. what is the difference? What’s the difference?. There’s there’s not a single difference. That is same. Basically, Google Adwords is a tool. right? To run your PPC Ad. here you can see google
adwords is an online marketing tool or you can say an interface which is created by Google
to run the promotional campaigns. These are the campaigns. So PPC Ads, Google advertisements both are
same. And guys as I have given you an example of
PPC Ad or Google search engine. Similarly, You can also do in Bing & Yahoo. Okay… Because they are also Search engine. On bing, same PPC ads you can run on another
search engine which is Bing or Yahoo. So, if you’re running your’s advertisement
or Ads on Google search engine that would be called or that would be Google Adwords
Ads. Same campaigns or Ads, if you’re running on
Bing then it would be Bing Ads. If running your ads on Yahoo search engine. That would be Yahoo Ads. concept and terminology,
methods all are same. So this is called PPC Ads. what next. Social Media Marketing. OK. Social Media Marketing refers to the process
of gaining websites traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media marketing programs usually center
on efforts to creates content that attracts attention and great readers, who share it
with their social network. It is so simple. Don’t get confused. If you are promoting any product or service
through social media as I’ve already told you. It’s called Social Media Marketing and what
kind of social media marketing? you can see. Or you can do that see here.. this is social
media marketing. This was an example of media marketing right… So this is social media marketing. So this is the single example of social media
marketing in Facebook. Similarly, you can create this kind of advertisement
on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on different channels. Right… So that would be a social media marketing. Now content marketing. Similarly, content marketing… content marketing
is a marketing process of creating and distributing relevant & valuable content to attract or
acquire an engage the clearly defined & understood target audience. So in content marketing you’d simply play
with or i would say you simply play with the content part of your website or your strategy. So you create those kind of content which
are very attractive and engaging. So it’s called the content marketing. So it’s so simple. And video marketing as I have already told
you about video marketing. And let me just give you the live example. Okay… Let’s go to the YouTube. See I simply login to the youtube and what
I’ve seen and what I’m seeing here. This is the advertisement. right..this the banner Advertisement Guys.This
is called Masthead Ads. See I’ve clicked on that. Okay…. So this is the youtube marketing. Another example, if you will search. This is the youtube search box. So you can run your ads either on home page
or on the search engine. I will have to see if any Ad is running on
the search engine. Lets say, “Buy Geo Sim Online” because it’s
very trending in India. Right. But these are not the paid ads. These are the pure organic as well as it was
in the Google search page. Similarly, these are the organic results which
are in the YouTube search page. But we can check with more keywords. Okay…”learn English” …Okay. See… here you can see. language learning online. This is Youtube Advertisement on the YouTube
search box. See…. And these are organic result. Pure Organic result. So
this is called Video Marketing. Now Email marketing. email marketing. I’ve already given you an example of email
marketing. So every email sent to potential or current
customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using e-mail to send ads,
requests business, sales or donation and is meant to bring your loyalty, trust or brand
Awareness. right… I can give you the best example of email marketing. Like if you purchase anything from flipkart
or any e-commerce site like Jabong, Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon. Once you’ve created that subscription… right. once you have created your account in that
particular e-commerce site. And once you have allowed the subscription
part that once you have subscribed to that particular e-mail or newsletter. Then generally you get a lot of promotion
because then you have given permission to that particular Web site that yes I need promotional
activity, promotional material from you in the future, if you have. So in those kinds of strategies email marketing
works very well. because then you have may trust on those websites
and now they will use the the brand awareness, because you are loyal. Right you are very loyal to them and now they
just want to show some loyalty towards you. So they will give you a number of promotions
on your email. So this is called email marketing guys and
in detail definitely i will tell you in the next tutorial, whenever we will have the tutorial
for email marketing. Similarly guys.. the SMS marketing and Affiliate
marketing. This is Affiliate marketing Guys. Affiliate Marketing is a process of marketing
wherein you refer somebody to an online product and when that person buys a product based
on your recommendation, you receive a commission. Simple… as i have told you. This is called Affilaite marketing. Okay… Now I’ll give you an example of Affiliate
marketing. Just wait. Let me open snapdeal.com. Okay Oh… sorry .. it’s called the snapdeal
dot com….. generally most of the e-commerce sites or any big brands they must have that
Affiliate marketing model in their website. So let me see where is that Affiliate program. This is also called the affiliate program. So let me find Affiliate. See this called the affiliate marketing..
guys. Sell on… advertise on….sorry this is not…
hmm… this is for the merchant. This is not Affiliate marketing. But yes we can find. we can find here guys…let me pull out. yes here you can see. See can you see that guys? Ops sorry…. here we go…be an Affiliate. See this is the link. Be an affiliate. So this is the Affiliate program of Flipkart
oh sorry Snapdeal. So what is this affiliate? As I told, make money advertising on our products
earn up to 15 percent commission on every product. So this is the program this is called the
Affilaite marketing and snapdeal is giving 15 percent of commission. If you sell, if you sell snapdeal products
on your platform, you will get flat 15 percent off. Simply then you can join that program by providing
some important details like e-mail, password and all that. So there were some example affiliate marketing
guys. Okay guys, so now we will cover the benefits
of digital marketing. First its very cost effective, its very simple
to measure, real-time results, easy performance tracking, broad audience and highest ROI. So what is the meaning of cost effective? Cost effective means, it’s very cheap as compare
to other marketing channels. So if you compare any other marketing activities
or I would say traditional marketing.. right. Like if you want to sell a single book I would
say if you want to sell single book how you will sell? You have two options first the digital second
is traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, you will hire a
person as marketing executive. You will pay him salary of minimum ten thousand
rupees. This is the first way. Second, you can do some newspaper advertisement
but newspapers Ads is very costly. You know the front page of a big newspaper
like Times of India, Hindustan Times the minimum amount you pay around 1 to 2 Lacs rupees for
the full screen oh..for the full page sorry not screen. And if we just want to give any small advertisement
inside of the pages of newspapers, then the minimum cost is from 20000 to 15000 rs minimum
cost. Right. But if you just want to sell your book online. You will simply create a campaign of Google
Adwords. Then you will put a daily budget of 500 to
1000 rs. as per your capacity and you can sell those products without any executive,
marketing executive or any newspaper holdings. Right. So that’swhy it very cost effective. And secondly it is very simple to measure. Let’s suppose you have hired a guy for doing
door to door marketing for selling those books. But you can not measure exactly how many times
he went to a different doors, how many times he has approached to different clients and
how many books he has sold to different customers. Similary in the newspaper. You have given Ad but you can’t you can’t
see and you can’t track how many user have seen that on the newspaper. Right. But if I talk about the digital marketing. If you create a campaign, you can check from
which area or say from which geography user has come. Then wheather he has clicked or not, when
he has clicked on your advertisement, has he purchased or not?, why he has not purchased,
how many times he has purchased the book, what is the cost to the book, what is the
actual cost to you. You paid for selling those books. So it’s very simple to measure because it’s
all in a systematic & programatic. It’s all systematic way that’s why its very
simple to measure. Third is real time result. And this is also an important benefit. Like again i will use the same example of
the digital marketing. You have simply sent those guys to sell those
books for different companies, for different area, or different door to door activities. But at that time you can’t see what he’s doing,
where he is going. what is the result? Similarly newspapers, holdings. Right. But when you created any activity on digital
channel then you can see right time, if the user has simply clicked on your advertisement,
you can see the click. If he has purchased something you can on the
real time you can check this X user has purchased the Y book.. right. That’s the Real Time in a digital marketing
you can see. Which is very good benefit of digital maketing. An easy performance tracking like as i have
earlier told that you can check why your campaign is not working and which product is selling
more, which book is selling more, in which category, in which age group. So it’s very easy to perform your tracking. Then you have a broad audience at less price
as compare to the tradiditonal marketing.As i said, you simply create a campaign of rupees
500 on Google for selling books. so then you can reach at least thousand to
five thousand people. It depends how you create you campaign, how
you manage and how you optimize campaign. which is way cheaper as compared to traditional
marketing. And then highest ROI. ROI stands for return on investment. Means how much you have paid for the whole
marketing activity and how much you have earned and what was the return, which you have got
after deducting the whole marketing spend. So it is very high as compared to the other
channel, the other traditional marketing like – selling by door to door activity, holdings,
newspaper. And then there is a TVC. But TVC is much more costly. So that’s why digital marketing is the best
option and its in trend right now. So lots of companies, lots of big brands are
using digtial marketing right now. And as per the research which has been done
from last one year. Most of the big brands they have shifted the
budget. Which they used to put on the traditional
marketing. Now they have shifted that budget into digital
marketing. like how the budget how they do budgeting
for their marketing campaigns. 40 percent for traditional & 60 percent for
digtial marketing and the best example of digital marketing you can see right now is
that especially for bollywood, i would say. you can see lots of trailors, views, subscriptions,
new movie’s promotions are going on Digital. and this is the power of digital marketing. It’s very easy to manage, easy to track, you
will have broad audience and you will get the good return as compared to other channels
or activities. So thats why digital marketing is a best solution
for doing any marketing activity and these are the benefits guys. I hope I’ve cleared the basic concept of marketing
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