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What is CPA Advertising – Complete CPA Walk through with Examples

What is CPA Advertising – Complete CPA Walk through with Examples

what is going on YouTube it’s John here
with non-stop affiliate and in this video I’m going to be teaching you guys
exactly what is CPA marketing what a CPA advertising and what is a CPA affiliate
network now before we get into what exactly CPA marketing is we got to
understand what is a CPA affiliate network a CPA affiliate network is
basically a website a website like Mac’s bounty right here that has different
types of offers from all over the internet it can have offers from
different companies offers from different people it’s just one website
that has all the different offers that are on the internet that you can start
becoming an affiliate for and start promoting on your website or start
building a website so you can start promoting them and that’s all an
affiliate network really is so when you sign up for an affiliate network and you
do get access in your back-office you’re gonna see all the different offers you
could promote Yosi offers for example like auto insurance offers you’ll see
relationship offers you’ll see make money offers there are tons of different
offers that are on the internet that you could become an affiliate for and start
making money off of but the first thing you need to do is sign up to an
affiliate network like Mac’s bounty now there’s a couple of other ones out there
that you can sign up for for example peer fly Clickbank of jvzoo but we’re
all doing the same thing here guys it’s just basically signing up for an
affiliate network that way you have access to start promoting all the
products inside the affiliate network so let’s login to my max value account so I
can show you guys exactly what cpa marketing is and here we are guys as you
can see there are tons of different products inside of their cpa network
that we can start promoting we have CBD oils we have fat burners we have our
sweepstakes phone sweepstakes there’s also all pet pet offers on here so
there’s tons and tons of different offers online that come to these
affiliate networks so you can start from and start making a commission off of
them now when we’re promoting these offers right here that is CPA marketing
so what is CPA marketing CPA stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition
you’re promoting this offer right here the person that you are promoting it to
they’re either gonna sign up they’re gonna register or they’re gonna actually
buy something when they do one of those three that’s when you get commission
that is CPA marketing right there when you get somebody to do one of those
three right there you’re either gonna get them to register you’re gonna get
them to sign up or you’re actually going to get them to buy and that is exactly
CPA marketing now let me give you guys an example using one of these offers so
one of these right here so Christmas iPhone when you click on an offer to
check it out it tells you exactly what type of CPA you’re gonna be doing so
this one says right here converge on single opt-in so single opt-in means
that somebody all they have to do is type in their name and email that way
you could get paid $2 per lead now like I said this was one single way let me
give you guys another example here we have a CBD gummy as you can see this is
just the CBD product CBD gummies that are being sold and you can start
promoting them as soon as you get into max bounty now this one it says right
here converged on completed purchase so not until somebody actually signs up and
buys that’s when you actually make a commission so those are the three ways
right there guys you can have somebody register somebody opt in or somebody
actually buy to make the Commission of CPA marketing and for the most part all
CPA networks work basically the same way once you login to your back office and
start seeing the different offers you can start promoting you click on the
offer you want to choose and the offer will tell you exactly how you will make
money you’re either gonna convert on a purchase you’re going to convert on a
signup or on a registration where you’re also going to get is the type of
advertising you be doing not all offers could be put on
social media not all offers could be put on google it told you exactly right here
what type of advertising you can be using for the offer so social media
search display banner ads but it does not allow incentive advertising so if
you’re doing this one right here you can’t do incentive advertising what it
also tells you is the country that it’s allowed in so this one’s only allowed in
the United States so if you put up a Facebook ad or a Google ad of this
product right here you can’t put it in Australia Canada anywhere else in the
world except the United States those are a few things to look out for when taking
the offer make sure you’re able to advertise it on the platform that you
want to and make sure you’re advertising it on the country that you’re allowed to
now I always say this when it comes to picking a real good offer guys if you
want to pick a good offer always look at the EPC and that’s right over here
I always like to pick up EPC that’s at least at about $1 and above so if you
click on a PC right here it’s going to show you all the top offers they have
real good EPC s so what a PC stands for is earnings per click this is the
average earnings per click that other members are making every time somebody
clicks on an offer so for example this and they’re sent home window renewal
every time somebody clicks on this offer right here someone’s making an average
of $1 and sixty-seven cents so if they got a hundred clicks then they’re making
close to two hundred dollars for this offer right here you always want to make
sure that your offer has a real good EPC that way you know other people are
actually making money and the offer is actually selling online you don’t want
to pick an offer that’s not making any sales that nobody else is having success
with because obviously you’re likely not to have any success with it either so
make sure whatever offer you pick has a real good EPC behind it now to give you
guys an example of exactly how it works all you would do is pick an offer so for
example if we pick this offer right here you would click on this offer it’s a
weight loss offer we know we could do it on search we know
it were approved for it we know the countries we could start promoting it in
what you’re gonna do is go ahead and build your tracking ink when you build
your tracking ink you’re gonna click on exactly where you’re going to be
promoting it on so for this example will your search and we’ll keep it on search
right here it gives us our tracking link all we’re gonna do is copy that and add
that into our tracking link section when we’re creating our Google ad or being
add whichever one you’re using add that into your tracking link section and now
anytime somebody clicks on that ad they know max Bonnie’s gonna know that you’re
the one who sent them through this offer right here that way if they do purchase
you make a commission of sixty two dollars and so that’s basically it for
this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed it now like I always mentioned if you’re
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hope you guys enjoyed it and I’ll see you on the next video

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