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What is an Ad Group In Google Ads / Adwords / PPC Training

What is an Ad Group In Google Ads / Adwords / PPC Training

Hi, Mike Mancini
with PPC VideoTraining.com. Today we’re talking about Google Adwords and what is an Ad group in Google Adwords? Stay tuned. We will hear the question or
we’ll see it popup quite a bit where people will ask; What is an Ad group inside of Google Adwords? Google Adwords is made up of campaigns. So for instance, we’ll
use this hierarchy here. The campaign might be an overall product, it might be a group of products, it might be a service
or group of services. But a campaign is a way of
keeping things organized. For this particular example,
we’ll be talking about PPC services or Pay-Per-Click services. So this campaign might be called something like PPC Services. Now, inside this campaign,
we have different Ad Groups. These Ad Groups could be described as a breakdown of those services. So for example, this Ad
Group here, we’re gonna say PPC Setup and the next one, we’ll call PPC Management. The next one, PPC Consulting and in this last one,
we’ll say PPC Training. Now those are four specific
services that we offer and as you can see, we’re breaking them up kind of into different
groups or an Ad Group. Now I’m not gonna type all of these out but I’ll give you a quick example of what the keywords might be. So under our PPC Setup Ad Group, we might have a keyword
called Adwords Setup. We might have another
keyword called PPC Setup. Another keyword, maybe might
be Pay-Per-Click Setup. You get the idea. In the next Ad Group,
under PPC Management, we might have a keyword saying, Pay-Per-Click Management, PPC Management, Google Adwords Management,
just Adwords Management, so on and so forth. And we would have specific keywords throughout each one of
these individual AD Groups. Now the keywords we would want to be closely identifiable with the Ad Group. For instance, we’re not gonna talk about PPC Management in the PPC Setup group. We would use those keywords
over in that specific Ad Group. And lastly, at the bottom
of the each Ad Group, we would have two identifiable
ads that would encompass all of those particular keywords. So we would have one Ad
that might talk about are you looking for someone to
setup your Adwords accounts? We can help you, contact us today. Whatever it might be. We would have a second
Ad that would talk about the same things but we would put it probably a little bit differently. Now why do we want two Ads per Ad Group? Because we always wanna be testing them. No matter what, one of those Ads, after so many clicks
will come out a winner. Once that happens, we
can take the losing Ad, throw it away and replace
it with another Ad to see which Ad performs better. And you would do that for
each individual Ad Group. You would come up with
the appropriate keywords, the appropriate Ads for each group. And that’s what an Ad
Group in Google Adwords is. Hope it helps. Thanks so much for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please like it and subscribe to our channel or share our video with someone else who may find it interesting. Or if you know someone who’s in need of PPC or Google Adwords services, please forward our information to them. We’d love to help. Thanks so much for watching.

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