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What is a Marketing Tripwire? How to Make a Tripwire Product Strategy

What is a Marketing Tripwire? How to Make a Tripwire Product Strategy

In this video you’re going to discover what
a marketing trip wire is. Before I get into that, if you’d like to know some advanced
insider tactics that people are using right now to get 248% ROI on their ads, I’ve got
a special video for you, just click the link that’s below right now. Marketing trip wire
is basically a low ticket product offering that solves a specific problem in your prospects
life, and you put it at such a low price and you add such high value to it, that it becomes
an irresistible offer. And really what it’s meant to do is just take people that are prospects
that have just opted in on your email list and haven’t bought anything, and turn them
into buyers as quickly as possible. Because once somebody has opened up their wallet and
bought from you, then you have a much higher chance of selling them other things on the
backend. So that’s why you’ll see a lot of funnels these days will start with like
a $7-$17 product and then they move people up the chain to higher products because once
they’ve bought from you, they’ve gotten to experience the value that you can provide
to them, with very low resistance, then they’ll develop that trust with you and their willing
to buy some of your higher end products from you down the road. One thing that you need
to understand is that online advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to pull off
successfully using the traditional methods because people are simply becoming blind to
them. The most effective way to combat this is using native advertisements which is just
a fancy term for ads that look similar to the content around them. It sounds counter-intuitive,
but the best way to get noticed is to actually blend in. Think of soap operas and infomercials.
They are the original native ads and have been running successfully for decades, selling
billions of dollars of products. Now if you want to start leveraging native ads, there’s
two choices you can make. You can go out and spend all the time and money trying to figure
them out on your own. Or you can just click the image on the right. That will take you
to a page where you can get free, instant access to a special video I put together just
for you. It’s called 17 Advanced Native Advertising Secret Insiders Use to Get 248%
ROI Right Now. These are all techniques that have been proven to work through multiple
tests across the 22 accounts I manage for clients and myself. You can use them to drive
sales of products or to generate leads for selling high ticket products and services
over the phone. It will literally save you massive amounts of time and money. So go ahead
and click that image right now to get this video while it’s fresh on your mind.

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