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What Is A False Advertising Claim? Injury Lawyer Behram Parekh | Kirtland & Packard LLP

What Is A False Advertising Claim? Injury Lawyer Behram Parekh | Kirtland & Packard LLP

I’m attorney Behram Parekh. People often wonder, “what exactly is a false
advertising claim?” False advertising can take many forms, such
as claiming a product does something when it actually doesn’t; claiming that a supplement,
vitamin or food has certain health benefits when it doesn’t; claiming that a product is
all-natural or organic when it really isn’t; claiming that a product’s claims are supported
by scientific studies when they aren’t; claiming to sell something at a discount when it was
never sold at the original price; bait and switch tactics; and other things. These are just some examples of false advertising
claims. There are many others. There are numerous laws that protect consumers
from false advertising claims, but you will need an experienced lawyer to help you actually
bring one of those claims. Most times, the false advertising relates
to a relatively inexpensive item, where it would not make sense for you to hire a lawyer
to get your money back. In those cases, consumer protection laws allow
for the filing of a class action that puts together your claim with those of the hundreds
or thousands of other people who were similarly deceived by the false advertising. This makes it possible not only to get your
money back, but to stop the company from continuing to make such claims. If you believe you’ve been misled by a false
advertising claim, please call or email us today for a free consultation on your case. Our phone number is 310-536-1000, or you can
visit us at our website, at www.courtroomwarrior.com.

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