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What if I Can’t Afford a Marketing Agency?

What if I Can’t Afford a Marketing Agency?

you’re watching duct tape and popsicle
sticks with Mike and Maria Keiser because sometimes you feel like your
business is being held together by duct tape and popsicle sticks on this show
you’re not gonna hear the latest business bag you’re gonna get useful
information that you can apply to your own business right now hello and thanks
for watching another breathtaking episode of duct tape and popsicle sticks
I’m Mike Keiser along with a woman who holds the world record for lifting the
most weight with her tongue Maria Keiser how how are you today this is what your
life has come to after all these skiers but not everybody
knows that so maybe we should just move on with the show we’re out exactly
welcome back and welcome everybody to you thank you so much for hanging out
with us watching the show responding telling other people about it I mean we
just appreciate it so much everything you need to know as always is in the
show notes below how to get to our other videos how to get to our old podcasts we
have a brand new website that we would love you to check out a tea circle
marketing.com so all that stuff is below but I wanted
to we hear a lot of things over and over which means for the people that aren’t
saying them there’s probably a whole lot more people thinking every 10 people are
yeah exactly right right so we’re gonna get into some of that today because one
of the things we hear quite a bit is somebody say I can’t afford a marketing
agency and or some derivation of it like I’m not getting to it or something I
don’t have the time but we’re going to talk today about the I can’t afford a
marketing agency and this isn’t even a solicitation of wealth yes you have to
afford a marketing agency so call us I mean there was a day left is it okay
very good so so it’s um there are sometimes no doubt when you literally
don’t have the money to hire a marketing agency and sometimes
like we had to learn you have to get very good at it yourself but those times
that you’ve heard people say I just can’t afford somebody to help me with my
marketing what now what what is it you would like people that are thinking that
to understand well what I would like folks to understand is whether you can
afford it or not marketing is crucial to growing your business runs down so it
must be done so if you can’t afford a marketing agency then there’s a couple
things that you can do one maybe find a group of people that could come together
and meet and and talk about your marketing and you know in the mastermind
mastermind kind of group that you dedicate time each month to help each
other with marketing that’s that’s a great way to do it but in addition to
that what I what I have found is even if you can’t afford all of your marketing
have one or two vendors on hand that can do those little extra things that can
maybe help you help you take it from here to there so for example you might
not be able to even afford a web designer okay but have a web designer
that will host your website and give you a couple hours so those things that
maybe you don’t know how to do so you keep your website you your website from
being hacked and things like that also finding a consultant or a marketing
company that can help you maybe put your marketing plan together so spend a few
dollars and have someone at least help you put your plan together I love that
one and didn’t mean to jump in on you there but had a conversation recently
about that because somebody was saying well I would be willing to do with
myself I truly have no idea what to do so to your point getting somebody that
doesn’t know what to do that can help you strategize plan create the right
kinds of content all the the right delivery places all of that sort of
stuff so that’s an important way and it and those
would be dollars that would be well spent because if you think of the cost
of not marketing or not being where your competition is or being there where your
potential customers are you’re going to continuously be in that loop so take a
little bit of that time and a little bit of your resources and invest it into
your marketing you’re right and I wasn’t one of the things I’m taking away from
that is it is kind of a mindset because we don’t want people to view marketing
as this expense that we’ll get to when we can afford it right because here’s
the obvious statement of the day right you’ll never be able to afford it
because the majority of the time when a business goes out of business it’s for
the number one reason being they don’t have enough sales they don’t have enough
customers so marketing just must be a built in budget item in your business
but that being said if you truly can’t do it you know you have to consciously
become good at it yourself so anything else I mean as we all be saved like this
feels like one of those things we could talk about forever but any other
important point you want to add today oh I think those those three solutions that
that you know we talked about just now are a good place to start and then
there’s a lot of little avenues and we don’t want to get lost in the weeds
sounds good well and as always if anybody has you know further up
questions comments a conversation you want to have we make it really easy for
you to get ahold of us so well I think that’s it for today so as always we
really appreciate you we appreciate you hanging out we hope you enjoyed the show
you’ve been watching duct tape and popsicle sticks where we make your
business better three minutes at a time you’re watching duct tape and popsicle
sticks with Mike and Maria Keiser

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