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What I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk on The Power of Youtube Advertising

What I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk on The Power of Youtube Advertising

Hey Guys it’s me Greg Marshall I don’t know if you missed that but I’m here with Cameron and we’re gonna we’re gonna kind of go over a few questions about YouTube advertising first were you from so I’m from South Ogden, Utah and here dr Cameron Gerber the body smart physical therapy. All right, so What are some questions that you have by YouTube advertising? well So I have logged on In and tried to do some YouTube ads before or just looked at maybe how to set them up because I’ve done some Facebook ads and Thought oh you too Bad’s that’d be awesome. Honestly, I was a little intimidated and how did how to set it all up? I didn’t know the strategy in the scheme and so really what what’s the best way if you don’t know where to start to get started with that sure so The best way to start with YouTube ads is and a lot of people don’t do it because it’s a little bit confusing. Yeah Yeah, but you have to first have a Google Ads account, right? Okay, and Google Ads is actually connected to YouTube Alright, but where to start first know who you’re trying to target and why you’re trying to target them before you do anything Okay, right But the technical part create your video upload it to YouTube and then you’re going to save the URL, right? So you gonna copy the URL and you’re gonna use that when you go to design your YouTube ad? So if I’ve already got a big library of stuff, so I’ve probably got you know, at least 40 50 videos up already. Yeah But it’s that’s all fair game to start running ads with that stuff. Yep Okay, if you already have videos on YouTube You can go ahead and start using the old one and then there’s two different types of YouTube ads There’s a discovery app. Okay, okay, and then there’s an in-stream aha. All right. Do you know what the differences are? Um Let me guess so in-stream would be kind of the next video that plays Yeah, and then the discovery ad is those short little clips or things up in the corner that you know Try to get you to do that, you know So the discovery ads are the ones going to show to the side or to below the video, okay? I mean, it’s usually has a thumbnail usually want to have a thumb that causes people to click Yeah versus in-stream ads is going to play right before the video. Oh, okay So that’s the one that’s where you can click skip ad yeah, okay, okay, which is more effective Do you feel like or just different different purposes different purposes? So if you want people to watch longer? Versions of your video cuz use in-stream. Okay, and if you’re looking for more impressions and more people to reach we’re gonna use discovery analyst discovery is also a better way to Increase your your channel subscribers and also get interaction and comments on your videos So video discovery ads are better for that engagement. The in-stream ads are more like conversion and watching rates Okay, so if you’re trying to really hammer home your message To somebody and you want them to kind of to indoctrinate them for lack of a better term in kind of your brand of thinking You want more of that in-stream yet? Okay. Okay, perfect So is that something where you do more of a retargeting campaign as an in-stream? There’s multiple different ways to use it. Yeah Yeah, that’s that’s optimally what you want to do is first find people who actually want to watch your videos Yeah, and then once you identify who they are, then you retarget them with the videos that will add value to them. Perfect. Perfect Okay. So what do you recommend if I’m thinking of videos that I want to make as? Well, as ads are used for my ads Long for that so like longer videos are short videos, you know, very succinct. What what’s your recommendation there? Yeah, so Naturally, everyone thinks that you should make short videos because everyone claims no one has an attention span Right, but believe it or not actually one of your videos with been the average watch time is 7 minutes and 39 seconds yeah, and the video is a 2025 minute video. Yeah honestly my video that has the highest number of minutes watched and and I think by 18 thousand views is One that’s I think 16 or 18 minutes long. So not a short video by any stretch. So well look at in fine Look at YouTube more like it’s a version of TV, right? So people I mean YouTube has TV that right So people are watching YouTube with the intent of being there for longer than 10 seconds. Right? Right. That’s true yeah, it’s more of an entertainment platform and than just You know social media or like a quick story from one of your first. Yeah. Well, I think whatever think about it like this Yes, it’s like going to the movies. You’re already like set in your mind that you’re gonna sit there for an hour I have two hours. Yeah, right So that’s kind of like with YouTube is you and your mind already set to like I’m gonna stay here And my tent is to watch right. It’s not to just scroll. Yeah. No, that’s true. And It’s funny and you wind up getting caught up in it. And the next thing you know, you’ve watched you go down a rabbit I have no idea why I watch it this Happens all the time, but hopefully that’s with your videos. Yeah, exactly So one of the things I do want to point out that is really so I’ve been writing a lot of tests with a YouTube Especially has a recent. Yeah, and there’s some really cool stuff you can do on it. So number one I do believe that if you’re using video, you’ve got to use YouTube ads because the targeting that you’re able to do on YouTube is extremely powerful so You can target other people’s channels directly Wow so let’s say you wanted to Make sure your videos show up on Kim Kardashian’s YouTube channel on even though she has Let’s just say you wanted some I’m sure she does you could do that. So you can actually put your videos on her channel You could show up right for someone watches that so really you could say You know as a business you could say who’s my biggest competitor. Correct there I’m gonna show all my videos, but give her their channel. Yeah, so you can put your videos right in front of Any person’s Channel and it shows so that so it’s more relevant, right? Because you know if someone’s searching a certain item or type of certain type of video, then that means they’re most likely interested You know the intent is to watch it. Yeah, so that’s why you get how you watch that Yeah, that makes a lot of sense if you’re yeah If you’re advertising a video that it directly answers the question they’re asking that’s huge The other thing that I found that works really well is to use YouTube ads With keyword search so you can actually type in keywords just like the Google ads on the on the Display Network right now and you could essentially how to lose weight Mm-hmm and you can target that key phrase or those keywords right there videos and that’s something that Facebook won’t let you address certain topics like Weight loss or things like that if you tried to do an ad that says lose weight and Facebook Bale bhujette, right? Yeah, they won’t they won’t allow it. YouTube is a lot more lenient Yeah well Because those are real search terms that people actually search And so how do you find out what the best? Search terms are is there a way to look that up and see what are the most searched things? So yeah, I can use those keywords. Yeah, you can so I always mess this up but it’s keyword planner or keyword tool It’s a product by Google Okay And you can type in based on the last 90 days the last day the last year And you can just see kind of what’s trending, you know the competition that nature. That’s awesome and so using keywords is great because obviously To me the most powerful way to do marketing would be to show up right in front of right. Someone is looking for right? Yeah, if they’re if they’re actively searching out that topic and you’ve got the answer for them. That’s beautiful. Yep So I won’t mention their name maybe a certain advertising company that runs a search app. Yeah Was hounding me hard about, you know advertising with them and I was like, yeah But I want to advertise to people that don’t even know that they need that necessarily Because as a physical therapist people don’t search out physical therapy until they’ve decided that they want physical therapy but what people do search for is knee pain back pain and shoulder pain of weight loss, you know, all those things and with that certain platform You can’t really Do that because people don’t go on to that to search for knee pain they search for You know Physical therapists or chiropractors or physicians in their area? Sure and so to me, it didn’t make a lot of sense because most of the time in their early searches I Want to be able to influence them to choose me? Exactly. So YouTube really is more powerful that way Yeah, YouTube would definitely be a much Stronger platform for that. Yeah because of the Keyboard capabilities they can put it the other thing you can target on there, which is pretty cool is you can build retargeting audiences Mm-hmm. You can build look-alike audiences You can build you can target people who are in market. So in market meaning they’ve recently they’ve recently Displayed behavior that would show that they may be in in the mindset of buying binding now So those are called in market audio that have probably looked stuff up on Amazon or some other purchasing sites You can look up affinity audiences. So people that are interested in running or weightlifting You can target sports teams like you I’ve tested Iran. That’s a bunch of different ads to see the capabilities and really You know, it depends on how creative you’re so if you’re so one phrase I’d like to say and I say it a lot which is great marketing always starts a great research So having good research and planning what you’re actually trying to do right first will be huge when you’re using a platform like YouTube That’s right Yeah They they use the phrase a lot in a lot of marketing books market media message match or something like that having that The right message on the right the right market is a huge huge component of that at the right time. And so yeah, so basically YouTube advertising I think is a huge opportunity for small businesses No one talks about it I think because it is if you don’t know how to advertise As far as like the technical clicks and CPM the CPC’s and awesome, right? It will intimidate you Yeah, it’s a little bit more intimidating than then just boosting a post, right? And there’s a lot more moving parts But that’s the benefit of the platform is there’s a lot more moving parts and you can customize To whatever it is that you need. Yeah, so So yeah, so we’ll go ahead this video thing camera. Yeah, absolutely. No hopping on once again Where you located? So South Ogden, Utah body smart Physical therapy and metabolic testing. Dr. Cameron Garber and thanks so much All right, and leave a comment below if you have any questions, like comment share subscribe to all that. I’ll tell you guys later

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  1. Awesome stuff! Thanks for letting me ask my questions! Greg is the best. If you're not working with him, you're leaving money on the table.

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