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What exactly do advertisers think we are?!

What exactly do advertisers think we are?!

– Hello, I’m Sam from Silver Magazine, and I just want to say good
morning, hope you’re all well. I am going to have a little rant today about the advertising industry. I was really lucky yesterday
to be able to go to the ABTA Conference in London, which was put on together with
the Mature Marketing Association. Lots of presentations by some extraordinary tour providers
and holiday companies, and all The Caravan Club and Titan, and loads and loads of
interesting speakers. And actually one of the biggest takeouts from across the board is how badly advertisers are missing
the mark when it comes to speaking to the 50 plus market. Now this is a drum I have been
banging for about three years every since really, that I came up with the
idea for Silver Magazine and we’ve been starting to talk
to that generation is that, A, they feel really patronised about the advertising that’s out there, and B, nobody seems to
really understand the value of the market. There is another issue,
which is that 50 plus, could be 85 and someone who’s 52, it’s very different from someone who’s 85. So there’s a need, perhaps, to advertise and engage with your
audience by their interests, rather than just their age bracket. But the biggest issue is, is this huge gap, there’s
just this massive gap, so you’ve got the
millennials stuff over here, everyone’s looking in at
hip and young and funky, and then suddenly, it’s up to oldie wonks, there’s nothing in-between. And it’s particularly bad around women, you know, you quite often
will see an older or grey man, who looks kind of hot in his sixties, but he’ll probably have
a younger woman with him, this is not unusual. And we know, we know this because
of the research we’ve done we also know because of the research that other people have presented, that our audience find this patronising, and I don’t blame them. At Silver Magazine, we’ve been
approached by advertisers, there’s a place for these
things, of course there is, but this shows where
people are positioning us, or positioning anybody who’s
working in this industry. We’re getting advertisers
who would like to put retirement care homes, or stair-lifts, you know, there is a
place for those things, but I think people are buying those, perhaps or looking at
those for their parents. People are living longer and
they’re not using those things, and there’s nothing against anybody, there’s loads of people younger
who are using those things, so you know, don’t be
taking offence anyone. I’m talking in a very generalised way about the 50 plus market and
how it’s been approached, and it’s just not good enough. Advertisers, you need to wake up. 80%, and I’m gonna nick some, and one of the best
presentations yesterday was Lara, Lara Crisp, from Gransnet,
she’s the editor, and she pointed out that there are 14 million grandparents in the UK, and that something like 80%
of the UK’s disposable income is controlled by the over 50s. That’s 80%, and yet if you
look at the advertising across the board, whether
you’re looking at magazines, or whether you’re seeing
it in your Facebook feed, doesn’t really appeal to
the over 50s, does it? These are all young people
I’m seeing in advertising, and it’s, you know, I’m 50. I think my takeout from this is definitely we need to keep banging this drum, we need to make advertisers
really aware that their target audience are feeling patronised by the soft, silly, oldie
wonk, kind of approach, and wake the hell up, raise your game. So if you’d to talk to us about that, you can obviously, if you’re
watching this on YouTube, you can see our details below, I think, or just come to SilverMagazine.co.uk and get in touch with us,
and we’ll help you out. All right, bye.

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