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What does sustainability have to do with the advertising materials field?

What does sustainability have to do with the advertising materials field?

How now? Come on, that’s such a stereotype! Hello, my name is Sarah Bo Jacob from Cybergroup Sustainability is not only for ecos and tree huggers That is a cliché and long outdated “Green thinking” is becoming more and more revalent C & A is the largest consumer of organic cotton Pellet heaters warm in low-energy homes On the roads driving e-bikes and hybrid cars Sustainability is not simply ecological, but actually a duty With regard to a livable future and is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor for companies Cybergroup has asked its partners what sustainability means to suppliers With a strategy that incorporates environmental friendliness and social standards Customer confidence can be won and maintained Conversely, this confidence is quickly lost When cheaply produced, poorly thought-out advertising products offend critical consumers The “Lohas” of today are a sought-after target group They make good money, often have children themselves, are well informed And are sensitive regarding waste prevention Advertising materials are always a reflection of current trends and social issues So that the advertising material industry is also dealing more and more intensively with sustainable products and processes A few years ago, the terms sustainability and advertising were still in conflict But much has changed since then Above all, it is important to get away from the disposable article to the real advertising “gift” Less people prefer to sprinkle with higher-quality products that last longer Are happily used by the consumer for a long time and thus are seen more frequently Some of these ideas should be critically questionised But they are certainly a signal and a step in the right direction Sustainability does not have to be at the expense of design At the same time, these materials often result in completely new product ideas Since the topic runs through the value chain Social and ecological criteria must also be observed during production Which can be controlled, confirmed and proven by means of various seals, standards and initiatives These include membership in the BSCI, which also includes the Cybergroup Consumers are familiar with names such as the Fair Trade Label The Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS And of course the organic seal The final decision for a product falls in the purchasing But many customers now realize A lower number of pieces for a higher unit price can pay off Because the higher quality items develop their advertising effect longer and more intense Comprehensive information can be found on specialized websites Cybergroup will also present product ideas on the topic in July, the month of sustainability

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