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What do you think marketers in ad agencies should be focusing on?

What do you think marketers in ad agencies should be focusing on?

Marketers need to understand in today’s
environment, is that it’s about marketing and not advertising. We grew up in the last
several decades in a world of advertising, which is we got a product, we figured out
what its single benefit was, and then we made a lot of messages about that attribute and
then we just sprayed ‘em everywhere in as synchronized a way as we could. In today’s
world, what social networking has taught us is that the first question to ask, should
my next dollar go towards customer service? Should it go through an improved experience?
Should it go to some fundamental change in my business as opposed to advertising what
I’m doing? Because I think what social networks have basically done is given the consumer
the power to spread good news fast and bad news fast. And if you have in fact changed
the way your care– your air carrier moves people around, or you’ve changed the way
your customer service is handled, then consumers will say good things about you faster. And
that’s marketing to me. So that means that those of us in the business have to move beyond
just messaging and think about the full experience.

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