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What Did the Toy Master Leave in our Attic?

What Did the Toy Master Leave in our Attic?

(pen scratching) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy! – Mom, are you okay up there? – Mom? – Should we go in the attic
and see if she needs help? What if the Toy Master’s back? – I’m coming, I’m coming girls. Just a minute. – What in the world is that? – I don’t know, it must be
something the Toy Master left behind when he was
hiding out in our attic. – Do you think it’s safe to open? – Well, we’re about to find out. – Zoops, Wacky Zooming Animals. These sound amazing. – It does look like something fun but we have to remember that the Toy Master hid this in our attic. – Exactly Addy. So we do need to be
cautious when opening this. Why don’t you girls back
up and let me open the box. (screams) – OMG what is it Mom? – (laughing) I’m just being silly. It looks like amazingness. (all giggling) Whoa this is packed
with awesomeness inside. (laughing) – These Zoops must be some new toy that the Toy Master got his hands on. – I bet you’re right. – I think we could do
a little more research and get these toys opened. – I think that’s a great idea. – Woo hoo! – And clear the table. (giggling) – I think we need to connect the coil to booth ends of our Zoops. – All right, I’ve got mine. – And I’ve got mine. (upbeat music) – Should we turn them on now? – I think we should. (toys rattling) (gasps) (toys rattling) (giggling) – [Maya] Wow, they take their balls with them wherever they go! – [Mom] They’re eating all the treats. (laughing) – [Maya] Don’t let them
fall off the table. – [Addy] They’re so fast. – All right turn them
all off, turn ’em off. (laughing) Okay, contest time. Let’s scatter all their treats and we’ll see which one
can collect the most. (upbeat music) On your mark, get set, go! Whoa! Oh, this one has a lot,
this one has a lot! (laughing) – [Mom] Oh, go, go, go, go! Oh, this one’s got a ton! (toys rattling) – Ah, go over there! I think Party Cockatoo won. Look at all the treats she collected. – Wow, that is a lot. I think she’s the winner (laughing). (dramatic music)
(beeps) – Shh! Was that my CTIA walkie-talkie? (beeps) – But I thought they disconnected you when they suspected you
were the Toy Master? – I did too.
(beeps) Shh! (dramatic music) – [Walkie-Talkie]
Attention all CTIA agents. A valuable Zoops package
has been reported stolen and we believe they Toy Master is behind its disappearance. A sizable reward is being
offered to any agent who provides information that leads to the discovery of Zoops toys and the capture of the Toy Master. (beeps) – Wow, this can even climb your arm. This is awesome. (laughing) It tickles. – Mom this is awesome news. Give the CTIA a call. We found a Zoops package
so we get a reward. – Oh, but hold on just a minute. Remember the CTIA is suspicious
that I’m the Toy Master. If we tell them that we have
the Zoops here in our house, that could be really bad. – Oh you’re right. That might make them think that you really are the Toy Master. So what do we do then? – Look there’s two Zoops
climbing up my arms. This is so crazy! – We have to get them out of the house. What if we take them to the TMA’s main hideaway in the woods, we leave them there, and then we phone in an anonymous tip to the CTIA tip-line and tell them they’re there? – Good idea Mom. – Wait a minute. They’re not gonna take
my Zoops away are they? This is so not cool. (dramatic music) Don’t worry, you guys
aren’t going anywhere. – That just might work Mom. Then the CTIA will find the Zoops in the hideaway and not in our house. – Yeah, and if we’re super lucky maybe the Toy Master will
even be in the hideaway. – Yeah, and then they’d arrest him. – And if they arrest him, they’ll know I’m not the Toy Master and my name will be cleared. If we could pull this
off it would be amazing and we’d probably be
reinstated as CTIA agents. – Yeah, this just has to work Mom! – This should fool them. (upbeat music) The Zoops package is all ready to go! – Oh that’s great Maya. I didn’t even realize you were listening to our conversation. Thanks. – Oh yeah, I sure was. You can take all these Zoops
back to the hideaway now. – Perfect, we’ll take them there. Anyone want to come with me? It’s going to be a risky mission. We have to get to the hideaway
and back without being seen. – I’m down Mom. – Oh yeah, I still have
some homework to do. I better stay here and get it done. – Okay, well that’s very
responsible of you Maya. Ready to head out Addy?
– Yeah. – All right let’s go. We’ll be back Maya. – Bye! Time to get my Zoops now. – Why are we going down
the back stairs Mom? – Well, for all I know, the CTIA could have surveillance
cameras on our house and I can’t risk anybody seeing me with the Zoops package and
thinking I’m the Toy Master. – Good thinking. – Yeah, and just to be extra safe, I think I’m gonna take us to the hideaway using an alternate route. – You’re not gonna get
us lost are you Mom? – I hope not. Come on. (upbeat music) – Okay so I have Rainbow
Unicorn and Twisty Turtle. Disco Sloth and Party Unicorn. Luau Koala and Party Cockatoo. There’s 10 to collect, so I just need four more. (giggles) – Are you sure you know
where you’re going Mom? – Well, not positive. I haven’t taken this route before. – Do you think we should
check the compass? – That’s probably a good idea. We need to be headed north. – Uh, we’re headed east. – Huh, well if this is
east, then that’s north. – Well then I guess we’ll
start heading that way. – Yup, okay. – Ha, it’s one giant Zoop group. Let’s see what happens
once I turn them on. (giggling) They’re all tingling. This is crazy! (laughs) Whoa! They’re all rolling around. Too bad Addy’s not here to see this. – All right Addy, we
made it to the hideaway and I don’t see any signs of
the CTIA or the TMA thankfully. – Well let’s get the package
up there and get out of here. – Okay tell you what. You man the lookout,
I’ll deliver the Zoops. If you see anything suspicious, blow the whistle softly. – Okay Mom, be careful. – Okay will do. (dramatic upbeat music) – Good work Mom. Let’s get home and call in that tip. – Good idea. Let’s go. (dramatic upbeat music) – Woo! (giggling) Oh you’re doing back flips. Let’s see if you can do it too. You do it fast. Whoa! You two look like best buds. Whoa! This is so fun! – Okay Addy, let’s call that anonymous tip to the CTIA tip-line and
hopefully clear my name. (beeps)
– This is gonna work Mom! – I sure hope so. (phone ringing) – [Man] Hello, CTIA tip-line. – Don’t forget to disguise your voice. – Oh hello, yes, um I
need to report a sighting of the Zoops package at
a hideaway in the woods. I can give you the exact
coordinates if you like. – Perfect. – [Man] Thank you for the tip. However, we just learned that each Zoops was marked with a tracking device. Our agents are already
pinpointing their exact location and are on their way
to confiscate them now. – Oh well great. You’ll find them in the hideaway then. – What did they say? – Apparently the Zoops all had tracking devices placed on them. Thank goodness we got them
to the hideaway when we did. Could you imagine what would happen if they tracked them to our house. – That would have been a disaster. – No kidding. Come on, let’s head inside. – (laughing) you guys are going so fast! And they go the same way. Best toy ever! Yee haw! You’re with your BFFs. Oh! Surprise! I kept all the Zoops. (screaming) (dramatic music)

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