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“What Could Go Wrong?” | Santam 2017 TV Ad

“What Could Go Wrong?” | Santam 2017 TV Ad

These are interesting times. A time where cars drive themselves. What could go wrong? Companies are racing, and tech giants, they’re rushing to be first. Not everyone seems to be agreeing with the global climate agreement. What could go wrong? Your smart house is controlled by your smart device. What could go wrong? And deliveries? Well, they’re getting smarter too. What could go wrong? What we sent up there is starting to come down here. We’re building higher and higher, and even higher up. And we’re moving further out. It’s the age of invention. Of artificial intelligence. What could go wrong? When things go wrong, wouldn’t you want to be with the insurer that makes it right?

15 thoughts on ““What Could Go Wrong?” | Santam 2017 TV Ad

  1. Us: "Oryx has been defeated and an Age of Triumph ensues"
    Zavala: "What could go wrong?"
    Cue Cabal Invasion

  2. Hey this is a youtube ad I didn't skip. Bonus that it's my current insurer. Well done. Thank you for not forcing me to put up an adblocker.

  3. Followed the link to watch the video again
    perfectly on topic and well made.

    read an artical that says that in South Africa the average age for death for a male is 52
    im 51 probably dont need insurance 😉

  4. What did go wrong??? One of your directors and CEO of MiWay decided to openly and publicly discriminate and insult white afrikaner people. This will result in a mass boicott of both SANTAM and MiWay by the vast majority of afrikaner people in South Africa. The average afrikaner might not hold various university degrees but we do hold many bank accounts from which your monthly premiums are deducted.

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