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What are YouTube TrueView Ads?

What are YouTube TrueView Ads?

In this video we’ll look at what YouTube
TrueView ads are and why they’re called True View in the first place, but before we
begin be sure to hit that thumbs up, subscribe, and ring that bell so you’re the first to
get all the hottest video marketing tips, tricks, and tutorials. Let’s do this! TrueView is the name for YouTube’s advertising
platform, and it’s called TrueView because you only pay when someone chooses to view
your video. You’re not charged for impressions or video
starts, so you know that every view you get is from a real person. The TrueView ad system is setup to be a triple
win. It’s a win for advertisers because you can
laser target viewers and only be charged for the ones that watch or interact with your
video. It’s a win for the viewer, because they
see more relevant ads that don’t completely interrupt their viewing session. And it’s clearly a win for YouTube because…money. Just like how Facebook has sidebar and feed
ads, YouTube has two different ad formats you can use. Each format has its own pros and cons depending
on what you’d like to achieve with your ad campaign, and we’ll cover each one in
depth, so don’t worry about that. TrueView ads are billed on a cost per view
basis or CPV as the pros say and all your TrueView campaigns are managed right in Adwords
the same place you run Google search and display ads. To start planning your YouTube ad campaign
click here and download my free YouTube advertising checklist. You can learn about the different TrueView
ad formats here or if you’re on the fence learn why you should run a YouTube TrueView
campaign in the first place. If you have any questions, just leave me a
comment on this video and I’ll respond right away.

6 thoughts on “What are YouTube TrueView Ads?

  1. Hello, are there instructions on how to create the true view/instream video itself? Not the process of setting up a channel or campaign or any of that stuff. But what should be said in the first 5 seconds and everything else within the video to engage with the audience. Everything I am seeing is about setting up everything but the video?

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