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What are the best travel shoes? Vivobarefoot Gobi 2 Review (Gobi II)

What are the best travel shoes? Vivobarefoot Gobi 2 Review (Gobi II)

– Hey it’s Tom from Pack Hacker. And today we’re gonna
be taking a look at the Gobi Twos from Vivobarefoot, a minimalistic desert boot
with an ultra thin sole. Let’s get into the review. (thumping music) So, a lot of travelers
when they’re traveling end up filling up their suitcase
with many different shoes. Now, I personally try to avoid this. And the good thing about this boot here is that you can use it on the trail hiking and you can wear it to a semiformal dinner that same evening. So it’s gonna work in a
lot of different contexts. These shoes come in at 20.5 ounces for the pair as a whole. That’s about 1.3 pounds. Now, that’s quite a bit lighter than most shoes on the market. If you’re not used to a
minimalistic style shoe you’re definitely gonna wanna get used to the thinner sole before you
have these on at all times. Again, you can really
kinda feel the ground, the sole is very, very thin. So, no surprises there. On the shoes I’ve been
wearing for the last year you can actually see that
the tab has broken off. They were a little bit small for me and I kinda ended up
pulling them on pretty hard every time I threw them on, so that broke after about
six to seven months of use. So when you do order these make sure to order a couple to make
sure to get your size right. Now, Vivobarefoot, I love this, they do a very classy move: They give you a pre-paid return
label in the shoebox itself, so you can grab a couple different pairs, a couple different sizes, see what style and fit works for you, and then just send everything back that you don’t end up using. Now, I don’t take super
great care of these things. I don’t use any shoe polish, I don’t treat the leather at all. I think I’ve washed them off in the sink maybe a couple times just
to get some of the dirt off. You’re gonna see here
there’s a bunch of salt here because we’re in the
middle of a cold, cold Minnesota winter and those snow plows are just out salting everything. So other than that, these
have held up pretty well. I even did a couple kick flips with them. There is a little bit of wear on the side, you can see that the stitching
is starting to come out. But they’re fine. I wouldn’t necessarily
skate in them all day, but they can hold up to some decent amount of wear and tear. And they still look nice; they’re leather. All right, thanks for checking out the Vivobarefoot Gobi Two Desert Boot review. There’s gonna be a link below
if you’d like to purchase. And thanks for checking this out. We’ll see you in the next one. (beep) Thanks for letting me
walk you through this shoe review. (beep) Nailed it! (thumping music)

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