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What are some key exciting trends in online advertising?

What are some key exciting trends in online advertising?

First there is the idea of what’s going
on on the creative side. How can this technology, that demand-side platforms, that ad networks,
that yield optimizers are using, how can that come to the creative agency. How can that
come to the creative. Second one would be attribution. So this is critical to advertisers
and publishers, quite frankly, but from the advertiser side, it’s like how do I understand
my buy. Across digital channels, how each one affects the final conversion. So attribution
is key. And then the third one that I see coming down the pike is look, publishers have
not really been in the exchange game – at least they don’t feel like they have been
to an extent that they feel like they can optimizer the opportunity, make more money. So I would expect more sell-side platforms.
Something more robust. Certainly Google is capable of this, as well as some of the yield
optimizers like AdMeld [?], Pubmatic [?], Rubicon projects [?]. So SSPs, if you will. I see
that coming.

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