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What are Search Ads? – Google Ads Tutorial in 2019

What are Search Ads? – Google Ads Tutorial in 2019

Hi everyone then I’m gonna take a step
back from all the high-level stuff that we’re doing and just answer a simple
question what is a search ad and how does it work
this might sound simple but I guarantee if you watch this video to the end
you’ll walk away with a better understanding and maybe even some tips
for your next Google ads so the basic premise of running an ad on Google is
simple everyday people have problems and wants in their life and a lot of the time
people search online to find solutions to these problems and ones and that’s
really important just remember that so let’s use a specific explanation for
this hypothetical you and I now run a business as plumbers in Brisbane
congratulations I look forward to working with you using some quick
research I know that around 14,000 people are searching plumber near me in
Google monthly but this is a bit wide and could consider all of Australia so
let’s break it down to plumber Brisbane which is still 3,600 monthly searches
which is good so if we put that into the equation we talked about earlier the
problem 3600 people have is they need a plumber in the Brisbane area and the
solution is you and I are plumbers a quick and effective way for beginners to
see how many people are searching is to use a google chrome plug-in called
keywords everywhere not only does it tell me 3,600 people are searching
monthly for plumbers in Brisbane but it roughly estimates that someone clicking
on your ad will cost you between fifteen dollars and forty-five cents to seventy
four cents depending on your quality score which for now you just need to
think of Quality Score as Google grading how well your ad fits there best
practice guidelines the better the quality score the less it cost per click
we’ll be doing a proper in-depth video about Quality Score very soon so
subscribe if you want to see that so how can we appeal to these 3600 people when
you search plumber Brisbane our company and I mean you and I as plumbers
not Matter solutions appears third on the organic search results thanks to some
clever search engine optimization which is good but we know it can be better
because not only are there two organic results above us there’s also a few paid
ads we know this because we can see the little ad tag next to these ads but
what’s actually concerning is we can also tell that some of these
paid ads are from a direct competitors so that’s it you and I decided to run a
search ad and that’s great remember people need something and we
want to be the one to help so next time someone searches for a plumber in
Brisbane our plumbing business will be up there in the paid ads that of course
means that every time someone clicks our ad we’ll pay a proportionate amount of
money to Google for advertising us there now that we have our search ad running
our business is getting noticed we’re solving more customers problems and
we’ve been able to take on a third plumber and grow there are a few other
things in Google ads that we’ve noticed though what’s a display campaign how do
you choose the right keywords what’s the location targeting if you want to know
the answer any of these questions the video is on the screen now we’ll help
you with that if you want to know about quality score or anything coming up in
the future click subscribe like the video but most importantly leave a
comment asking a question because that goal it’s create a conversation and grow
together I look forward to seeing you next time

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