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What Are Google Paid Ad Options?

What Are Google Paid Ad Options?

– What are Google paid ad options? Well, most people know that
you can run ads on Google. And there’s a couple of different
ways that you can do that. Hi, my name’s Chad Nelson with
Champion Online Marketing. The first way I wanna discuss
for Google advertisements that we call pay per click. What that really literally
means is you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. So these ads typically show up
when you do a Google search. For example, if you went and searched for a local dentist right now, there’s gonna be some advertisements at the top and the bottom of the page. Those are only paid,
the dentist, excuse me, would only pay on that is if
somebody clicked on the ad. So it’s a great way to show up on Google when somebody’s searching
for your product or service to show up in front of them, but that yet, you only pay
when somebody clicks on it. The other way to advertise on Google is what we call display advertising. Now they have a display network. These are gonna be what
we call display ads that are gonna show up on websites. So for example, if you
were a veterinarian, you could show up on
websites that were about cat lovers or dog lovers or
animal trainers or pet trainers. If you were in the fitness industry you could show up on websites
that talked about fitness like fitness magazines,
their online websites. You can get very targeted on the places that you place those ads. But those ads, you’re gonna pay for every thousand ad views that you get. It’s also referred to as CPM. So that is the two ways that
you can advertise on Google. If you’d like to learn more contact us or get our free checklist on the top ways that local businesses can
drive more business online, visit championonlinemarketing/local.

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