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What are Google Hotel Ads?

What are Google Hotel Ads?

In this video, we’ll give you a high-level
overview of Google Hotel Ads which give future travelers the opportunity to book
a hotel room at various points throughout their research. Basically
anywhere a user could be making travel related decisions, Google surfaces Hotel Ads to help them evaluate the pricing and booking options available to them
and then actually execute on their decision. Let’s look at the process in
more detail. Let’s say Joe is planning a trip to
Paris and starts with a pretty general search on google.com. Joe sees something like this on the search results page, namely, a mix of paid ads and organic results. You’ll notice that a prominent feature of the search results page is the
hotel section. This section shows organic or unpaid hotel results and allows Joe
to refine with filters and sort functionality like specifying the dates
for his planned stay and refining the types of hotels he’s interested in with
filters like price, guest rating and hotel class. In addition Joe can select more
hotels to see a complete list of organic hotel results. Doing so brings Joe to a page full of hotel
results that also includes a map of these listings. Joe sees one that looks
interesting and clicks so he lands on the hotel details card for “My Hotel in
France Le Marais”. Here Joe can learn more about the hotel by exploring what’s
nearby, looking at photos, reading reviews and more. He can also compare prices
using Google Hotel Ads which you see in the highlighted section here. These
provide Joe with actual booking options and give hotel suppliers the opportunity
to reach customers at the moment of research and decision. In other words when
Joe sees a price and booking option he likes, he can click and complete his
reservation with the advertiser of his choice. Keep in mind that the experience we just
walked through is one of the many ways users see Hotel Ads. Learn more in the
next video “Where do Google Hotel Ads show”.

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