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What Advertising Firms, Agencies and Agents Don’t Tell You (Social Media Marketing Secret Revealed)

What Advertising Firms, Agencies and Agents Don’t Tell You (Social Media Marketing Secret Revealed)

It’s no secret that YouTube marketing and
video marketing are rising in popularity. Want to know about a huge mistake that big
companies with big budgets are making all the time when it comes to using web video
as part of their Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, email marketing and other social
media marketing for business efforts? It’s a shame that you have to hear it from
a social media consultant, speaker or strategist instead of a traditional advertising agency,
but the reality is that advertising agents have a vested interest in a status quo that
isn’t working like it used to. They know the truth, but they don’t think you can
handle it. Look around. There are all kinds of cool services
on the Internet that you can get for free if you agree to let them put ads in front
of you. Many of those same services will allow you to skip ads or not see them at all if
you agree to pay a fee. Why do you think people are willing to pay
NOT to see ads? The answer is they don’t like them and don’t want them. There is
a lesson there. Why would you invest advertising dollars to
interact with potential clients in a manner that they are willing to PAY MONEY to AVOID? If given the choice, I encourage you to listen
more to your potential clients and pay attention to their actions than you may have in the
past. You do have other choices and plenty of additional options advertising firms may
not want you to know about. Most advertising firms mean well. Unfortunately,
many of them continue to profess loyalty to familiar methods that simply aren’t working
like they used to. The simple truth is that many of them simply don’t know any better. If they did, then they would have told you
what I’m going to tell you right now. Quit making commercials. Start solving problems
for your potential customers and use web video and video marketing as a way to explain how.

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