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Welcome to the Zimmerman Advertising Program Living Learning Community

Welcome to the Zimmerman Advertising Program Living Learning Community

Our LLC is the Zimmerman Advertising Program and I am the advisor for the Zimmerman Advertising Program. The LLC is available
for anyone who is majoring in business advertising in fact it is the
requirement for all business advertising majors to live in the LLC in their first
year. Residents of the LLC will definitely gain friendship, support, and a new inspiration and knowledge about what advertising and marketing really is. Joining an LLC gives you a more personal and intrinsic experience in a sense of
you are going to be surrounded by so many like-minded individuals that are
gonna help you and shape you in ways that you would have never imagined. You have an advisor like Carrington who’s always looking out for you.
He doesn’t have a million people. He knows you individually and everyone in
the program is very close even with the head of the program, Carol. She’s
wonderful I can reach out to her whatever I need and she always keeps me
updated and is always pushing me a little bit further. Because our LLC offers a lot of opportunities to engage with professionals and ad agencies, the
students really come out of the program feeling more confident and prepared to
enter the advertising world The Improv Night does a really good job of helping
equip students with the confidence and the fun that they need to interact
and engage with these professionals. My favorite thing about living in the LLC
was the people that it introduced me to. I can full heartedly say that I am 200%
the person I am today because I lived in that living learning community on campus. I feel like they’re definitely missing out if you’re not living in a LLC. There’s so much opportunity it’s just going one step further and gaining so
much more than you’ve actually put in. Go Bulls!

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