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Welcome to Google Ad Grants

Welcome to Google Ad Grants

Welcome to Google’s Ad Grants program
social good is a core tenet at Google and we are grateful for the work
nonprofits such as you do to make the world a better place. We are pleased to
support you with Google’s advertising tools and services. Thousands of
organizations serving a variety of causes find benefit from our program,
from arts and culture such as museums, theater and film, zoos and botanical
gardens, humanitarian efforts such as providing access to clean water,
educating girls on computer programming, and so much more. AdWords is the tool
that enables your organization to appear on Google right at the moment it matters–
when someone’s searching for topics related to your mission. It’s a great
time to educate people on your cause, recruit volunteers, and attract donors to
support your organization. To help you get the most out of Ad Grants grants, and to
ensure users have great experiences with your ads, we ask you to follow some
principles of our program with respect for three core components. That your
campaigns are meant to support your mission, your website is well maintained,
and your account is set up to perform. So let’s get started. [ MISSION BASED KEYWORDS]. First, the keywords you
select for your campaign must be relevant to your nonprofit. For example,
this organization shows ads for a nonprofit that helps educate girls on
computer programming. [computer]
Here, the lack of context suggests users will generally
leave your site quickly. [computer coding classes] Now, the organization has the right idea.
Adding that extra context makes it much more relevant to their cause. Next, the message in your ad should be
relevant. Be creative with your ad to improve its relevance and drive the
valuable traffic you want. Tell the user in the ad what action you’d like them to
take…. which brings us to the topic of your website: [MAINTAINING YOUR WEBSITE] AdWords gauges the quality
of your site traffic partly by how long a user will stay on your site. It is
essential that your site content relate to the ad they clicked, as well as the
keyword they searched before seeing that ad. All three things need to be related
so AdWords can ensure a top-notch experience for every user. Keywords must
relate well to ads; and ads must relate well to your website; and that’s how
Google AdWords works. Now that you have [AD GRANTS REQUIRES A 5% CLICK THROUGH RATE] created an account, there are a few
requirements to participate in the program that will also ensure you’re set
up for success. Your account must meet the program’s minimum average
click-through rate to remain active, so taking these required steps should help
you achieve that goal. Here’s a list of to do’s: [Set Georgraphic Locations] Geo-target your campaign. Ad
Grants accounts need proper geo- targeting, so your ads show only to users
searching around locations where you provide services. Creating a new campaign
prompts you to select locations so be sure to make your selection. [Assign Negative Keywords] Negative
Keywords: Negative keywords can help focus your campaigns on what users are
actually searching for, or are interested in. It’s a good idea to exclude keywords
like this to help minimize the amount of users abandoning your site, which can
reduce the number of times your ads are shown. [Activate Ad Extensions] Ad Extensions: Activate ad
extensions which is the feature that highlights specific pages on your site
right in your ad. In particular, “Sitelinks” and “CallOut” extensions are the
most popular choices for nonprofits. Ad extensions help make your search ad
stand out, and can improve the number of clicks by 10 to 15%, as the user is more
informed before clicking and likely to take action on your site. [Add Conversion Goals] Conversion Goals: Enable conversion goals to track the activities you value most when people click to your website.
Determine the conversion actions you’d like to track, such as donations. This
might require your webmaster’s assistance to place conversion tags on your site. If
you already use Google Analytics, you can link it to your ad grants account and it
will do this automatically. Maximize Conversions: [Maximize Conversions] You can then set your bid
strategy to maximize conversions, which comes with a big bonus. While manual
bidding limits the cost per click bid to $2, this setting will use your account
history to ignore that limit on high performing keywords that result in more
actions on your site, so you’re getting more out of your budget. Remember to pay close attention to the alerts displayed in your account, where we communicate
with you about the program. We urge you to take time to monitor your account
often [Review Account Often], and pay attention to your ads and keywords to make refinement. Updated
your website? [Add Sitelinks] Add some new site links for your best pages. [Refine Keywords] Add negative keywords to improve the quality of your traffic. Set some new conversion goals. [Set Goals] The
organizations most active with their account tend to get the highest
performance. If your account should fall out of compliance, we are here to help
you address any fixes to stay in the program. We have an extensive online help
center that also offers ways to contact us. Thanks for tuning in. We wish you
great success with Google Ad Grants.

17 thoughts on “Welcome to Google Ad Grants

  1. Thank you for the great introductory video. As a note to those using this video as an example of how to structure your campaigns, I believe the examples are meant to be anecdotal only. At 1:19 some of the Keywords suggested are owned by other brands and would not fit within the program guidelines. Additionally at 1:46 "!" are not allowed in the headlines of ads throughout Google. https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/6021546?hl=en

  2. Always happy to be apart of Google's initiative to spread philanthropy to every corner of the world! Thanks for the great instructional video! Happy to answer any questions if someone needs help!

  3. Quick question. It appears that I can do NONE of the Adwords setups explained in this video, using the Adwords Express service, which we are limited to using for the Google Grants program. Am I missing something?

  4. For those of you who just got disconnected from our video chat, please follow-up on our Q&A community forum – we're there to answer questions: https://www.en.advertisercommunity.com/t5/Google-Ad-Grants/bd-p/adgrants

  5. I couldn't find the place to work on conversion goals and re maximizing conversions, when I tried to read about it, I kept having to click on other links to learn more about more. These are the 2 major problems I have with google ads. It takes a lot of time to do nothing and finding specific things isn't easy enough. Thank you.

  6. Check out www.WislyMarketing.com. Wisly Marketing is a lead generation agency that works with Non-Profits to get them the Google Grant, and they even guarantee it.

  7. Sadly, Google makes enrolling in Adgrants confusing and frustrating. Been working on it for several months without success. and there is no meaningful support or contact info. They apparently want the credit for supporting non-profits without actually giving the support hey claim to offer. Can't tell have how helpful the info available on using adwords is since I can't get Google to let me know where my enrollment is. And the comment at the end of this video about help center and contact info is bs.

  8. We have been approved for Google Ad Grants and our GNp profile lists a Customer ID. Must that customer ID be the same customer ID in Google Ads? Everytime I try to create an account in Google Ads I never have our same customer ID from GNp and have literally spend hours on the phone with no resolution. Please advise: [email protected] or 312-259-4125.

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