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Welcome to Academy for Ads

Welcome to Academy for Ads

to Academy for Ads. In this video, you’ll be
guided through the Academy for Ads interface. To begin, enter an email
associated with your Google account and choose your
preferred language. Before you get started,
let’s check out your profile by clicking the icon
in the upper right. Select Edit Profile and
fill out your information, making sure to add your recovery
email so you can stay connected no matter where you work. Also be sure to include
your company email and that you opt in to
sharing your learning information with your company. Once you’re set up, let’s
return to the home page. You can either click the
Home icon on the left toolbar or click the menu
in the top left. This menu is your
navigational hub, giving you quick and simple
access to all Academy for Ads has to offer. On the home page,
you can easily find courses and recommendations
to start your education. Use the search bar to find
training for a specific product or select Browse to see the
full collection of courses. Each product has a
learning path that includes multiple
bite-sized courses with an assessment at the end. Pass the assessment,
and you’ll earn an achievement or a
professionally accredited certification. You can print and view your
achievements and certifications anytime from your profile. Go to My Library to see
your current, favorite, and past taken courses. Got a question or need
to troubleshoot an issue? Visit our help center
for answers and support. If you’d like to share
feedback on what you’ve learned or have suggestions,
you can take our surveys either within each
path or directly from the tab in the menu. Now you’re all set to get
started with Academy for Ads.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Academy for Ads

  1. please watch out for these spend £25 get £75 there not all valid and Adwords will set up a automatic payment plan behind your back the voucher dosent work all tho itl say its been applied you end up with a heafty bank statement, the woman i spoke to Vasundra advised me to up the CPV to make it kick in it never did, i found out twice when my landlord tx me and my car insurance rang me, ive asked to speak to a manager not allowed, do you know what they said "should of read the small print" oldest SCAM in the book!!!

  2. Google adwords and its problems after trying to load there billing page for about 3 hours. I called there specialist who told me I had to use google chrome or I could not upload my billing info so BYE BYE GOOGLE ADWORDS

  3. So people who claim to be experts that they can teach you how to do this in a short period of time are basically doing this. Google Ad Words? There are some out here on the internet who want to charge you 5k to become one of their students and make you believe that in a short period of time you will have many clients who will pay you to do this for their business. Interesting when you can get this training for free from Google. The only difference that they are doing is adding a Facebook page that is called a private support group. Well, that is what it seems to me.

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