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WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *HOT SAUCE & SKITTLES* Eating Funky & Gross DIY Foods Candy

WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *HOT SAUCE & SKITTLES* Eating Funky & Gross DIY Foods Candy

(screaming) – You challenged us to combine Skittles with crazy hot Sriracha sauce and let’s see how this taste. Woo hoo! – [Both] Oh! – Yo that’s not even enough bro. I can already smell the
spice but we’re going crazy. (screaming) All right spoons in let’s mix it up. Oh no. – I smelled lovely
Skittles and now I smell Sriracha sauce. – [Blonde] I think we put way
too much Sriracha sauce bro. – You put way too much Sriracha sauce. I had nothing to do with it. – It’s all Sriracha sauce. The weirdest thing bro is that number one it looks like a disgusting chili, and number two all the
food coloring has come off of the Skittles. – So there’s just weird white. – [Brunette] They look like beans bro. – Yeah they look like little beans. – Bean beans beans. Can I get a big spoonful right here. Oh no. And we are trying a whole bunch of weird food combinations
that people love. This is the Halloween slash Fall edition and after this one I might not be able to taste anything else. Three, two, one. – [Both] Oh! – Oh my god.
– Oh. – [Both] Oh. – God they’re like spicy. (mumbling) Wait.
– What? – Oh my god. Dude when the Skittles kick in. It’s a burst of flavors. – Wait really? – Yeah!
– Haven’t happened to me yet. – Here’s the thing, this right here is the bowl of doom. After each round we are
adding some of the food into the bowl of doom
and at the end of this we are going to have to eat a combination of all the weird foods
which is literally going to be the weirdest food
combination of all time. Sorry that’s enough that’s enough. We set it off over here to the side and right it’s on to the next round. You may have heard of the
weird food combination where you dip a french fry in a milkshake. Well today we’re taking
it to the next level. We’re doing the fall
edition and upping the ante ’cause we’re actually
adding the french fries into the milkshake. – Wait what?
– Let’s go. – Ugh.
– Yayt. Yeah we need this, yayt. – What? Dude where did the lid go? Oh I’ve got it. Dude you heeded too
soon you can’t do this. You needed this. Bro we have to do this other way around. – Oh okay. How we going to do this, first we’re going to make the milkshake, dump a french fry into it. Num num num see how it tastes. Second step then we’re
actually going to add the french fries in, blend it all around then dab dab. – Milk.
– Let’s make the milkshake. – Dude why? Dude. – I got thirsty. – Sometimes I just, I don’t understand. – Oh hot sauce on my lips. My lips need to be cleansed. – No no no, no. I saved the fries.
– All right we’re clean. Yayt.
– No. I held onto ’em. – I tried to eat ’em for you. – No.
– You should eat ’em Devin it feels good. – Calm down. – Eating, eating. – Settle down you eat monster. – Eating is good for the soul. – Is it? All right we’re going to
add this milk in here. – Yep and then next step we got to add the ice cream. – Dude how did I get milk on me? – I don’t know. (screaming) What is this? – What?
– Oh my gosh. It’s Snickerdoodle. – We were going to use that spoon. I’m just waiting for the
brain freeze to kick it. – Ow ow. So I think we need some more ice cream. No spoon this time, just my hands – Splash guard, splash guard, oh my god. – Oh.
– Uh oh that was nice work. And then we blend it. – Yep.
– With that button. (grinding) – I never made a milkshake before today. It’s exciting for me. (grinding) – I think we broke our last blender. – Yeah. Oh my god mine’s actually
smoking out the back. Can you see the smoke coming out of mine? – I can see it and I can smell it. And now I have a new one but it’s the same problem. – [Commentator] 20 minutes later. (grinding) Eventually. – All right well seems to be good. How’s that ice cream? – Oh dude. I’m making sure that the ice cream is of the quality we need. All right gah. – No, why? – I didn’t mean to do that. – All right we’re gonna need a big spoon to mix this up. – I got chu. – That’s a teeny spoon. How do we know. All right ready. (grinding) Oh that didn’t even do anything. (grinding) (screaming) – Oh my gosh sorry the tip of the blade hit the tip of my spoon. – Oh no.
– Oh it’s working. – Is it?
– I think so. – [Devin] Nice. – I can’t tell. (screaming) Sorry. (screaming) – It work.
– Working. – All right we’re good. (lips smacking) Wow after that raving review I can’t wait to try it. – Muah muah. The moment. Wait wait no no. – So grab a bushel of fries. – A bush, why not just one? – Okay. – What? – This is gonna be awesome. – You’re not going to be able
to fit that in your mouth. – Watch me. All right you first. – All right, oh. – What? – Whoa. – Is it good? – Yes. – It’s going to be very
difficult to pull off. My hand’s going in. – Oh really?
– Yep. – You had to stick your hand in? – I did. I’m going for it okay here we go. Three.
– I wanted to eat this at one point. Whoa. I guess your mouth is too, no. No, I wanted to do that, why? I’m just going to let you
deal with this problem. How is it? – Okay uh. First impression, surprise. Can’t believe I fit that in my mouth. – Well technically you
didn’t fit all of it ’cause there’s a lot
of fries left in there. – Okay okay okay not all of it. I got 80% of it bro. That’s still pretty impressive. – More like 50. – Oh come on. – Okay so now we dump the
rest of these in there and we blend everything up. – Mmkay. – No that’s supposed to go in there. No.
– It’s okay let’s go. Pop the top on. – We’re just blending it. (grinding) – Yeah I don’t think the
blender’s going to make it bro. – Gonna push it down with a spoon. – Your elbow’s rather close to my face so I’m going to hang out, no. (scream) Okay cool there we go, it’s good to go. All right you ready? Let’s see how this tastes. – All right.
– Okay no one’s ever done this before. Key bros making history. – Probably going to
taste totally different than what we just tried. – It’s like this is the new
way to drink guys, you go. (slurping) – Mmm that’s delicious. It tastes exactly like the other thing which was delicious
and so, it’s delicious. – Dude this is so good. The milkshake is like (lips smacking) and then combined with the french fry that just (lips smacking) it’s just amazing. This is so good. This next part I do with
the utmost pleasure. It’s time to add the milk my, milk my, french fry. Milkshake french fry. – Milk my french fry. (laughing) – You can’t do that to a french fry. We’re going to add that to the big bowl. Here we go. – I’m actually really excited about this because I hope it
neutralizes the spiciness of the Sriracha sauce. (gibberish) – It’s a pizza. – What? – It’s a pizza. – Yeah well okay we got
some M and Ms as well and we’re going to combine these into a weird food combination, but I think it’s going to be delicious because who doesn’t love pizza and who doesn’t love M and Ms. I mean it’s going to be awesome. Oh bro, spin it on your fingers. – Oh that’s going to be awesome. Ready three two one. (laughing) – And not only are they M and Ms, they’re. (scream) again? – Ow. Ow okay.
– I was going to say they’re fall flavored so we got candy corn and whatever that was. – At least one of them made it on there. – Oh they smell good. – Hoo! – [Devin] All right you ready? – Yup; all of them? That’s like more M and Ms than pizza. – Overpowered by M and M flavor. – First we got to re-distribute
the M and Ms around, oh that didn’t work. You just kind of. – [Devin] Yeah you mean spread ’em out. – And then we’re going to go yeah. (laughing) Yeah; and then we get one more slice directly down the center. – You need to do more? I hope you never make my pizza. You get it everywhere. Well we had a nice pizza. – Yeah we have a nice pizza Devin. Be grateful for what we have, this is delicious here. Let’s give it a shot. – All right. Just like I thought, it’s amazing. – Yeah, yeah this is awesome. (mumbling) Love it. That is the choice slice. Pop it in. – Why?
– There and then I got to grab all of these. Yep there we go. This is probably the weirdest
food combination yet. It is cheese mixed with apple pie Oreos. – Wait they make those? – Yeah and so basically you got to melt the cheese first, we got
to add some avocado oil. We’ve never used a hot plate before but now is the first time ’cause we got to melt some cheese. – Wha no no no no. – Why? – You got to spread around
the oil with the cheese. – [Mr. Keys] What, is that even a thing? – I don’t know but I need
to spread the oil some how. There we go. – [Mr. Keys] Oh it’s heating up. Oh.
– What? – Bro it’s melting the cheese. So the cheese is melting,
it’s all in the oil and it’s looking like prime candidate for giving ya a stomach ache right now. Now it’s time to pop open the Oreos. – No no no no. No no let me do it, let me do it. – Okay. (scream) You know what since the cheese
is still very hot right now, chopstick me. Ow. (laughing) So we got some chop, (laughing) got some chopsticks. So we’re going to skewer our Oreos. – [Devin] In the middle. – Yeah stick it in the middle and we’re going to put it in the cheese. I’m going to try to get all sides of it. Oh my gosh that’s a lot of cheese okay. It already smells very interesting ’cause it’s very like sweet mixed with the tang of the cheese. So we have a fork so
I’m going to use a fork to get cheese on top. – [Both] Ooh. – [Devin] That’s nice. – That’s the way to go. All right let’s eat a
cheese covered Oreo man. Here we go three, two, one. Wait wait wait first
we’ve got a challenge. We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a
thumbs up in seven seconds. See if you can do it, you ready for this? Here we go. – [Both] Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done. – If you can do that comment down below. Keyper Squad right now and let’s see how this thing tastes man. I’m actually excited. Three two one go. Whoa. – This is so good. – Hands down my favorite
one we’ve ever done. – Best one so far. – This is hands down the most delicious weird food combination we’ve ever had. It’s the creaminess of the cheese mixed with just. – Nicely done. – Thanks; oh look at that, look at that, look it. Grab the bowl grab the bowl. Get it quick quick
quick quick quick quick. – I didn’t know you were doing this. – All right boom there we, oh come on it’s stuck it’s stuck
it’s stuck all right. And I want to get a little bit extra. Come on out (muttering) – Dude dude dude dude. – Oh no. – What? – Dude we’ve ruined mom’s sauce pan again. This is ruined. We’re definitely going to
be in trouble after this one and right now let’s go to the next. Devin, what’s better than a dozen eggs? – Uh, I don’t know. – Come on bro it’s scrambled eggs with candy in it. – Okay. – So I am a master egg cooker or cookered egg person. Please work with me. Uh okay. – Wait it requires 12? – 12 eggs. – 12?
– 12 eggs. – You don’t know how much 12 eggs is. – Yeah I do. – That’s a lot of egg. I don’t know if I support this motion. – [Collins] Yo we eggin’. – [Devin] Oh no. – Oh you dropped a shell,
get that out Devin, get that out. E. – [Both] E. – So Devin I actually
have a confession to make. – Okay. – This recipe only called for two eggs. – I knew it. This is gonna get messy real quick. – [Collins] That’s why
you got to kind of use a blade in this one, just kind of break up the yolks. – Really?
– Yep. – I’ll be right back. – Okay. – So whenever I’m making eggs I always get myself some good Montauk white pepper and some good ole dill. – Dill?
– Yes. Enjoy. Enjoy. – [Collins] Oh man it’s
got a bizarre odor to it. – Yeah just want to whiff it? – I don’t want to smell it. I don’t want to smell it. – Uh love me the smell of some dill. All right now for the
Montauk white pepper. – Bro I can already smell the heat. (laughing) It burns my nostrils,
my eyes are watering. This is starting to look
pretty saucy right now. Eggs are coming together man, the smell is terrible.
– All right gonna add.
– That’s way too much of ’em. – I disagree.
– What? Okay we’re not going to
have room for any of this. Now we’re just burning candy corn. Oh my gosh my day is ruined. – Adding these in. – You’re kidding me? That’s too many!
– No I’m not and I got to eat one at the same time. – What? There’s no way that last
one’s going in here. – Yes it is. – No! – The whole bag. – Dude it–
– It’s all going in. – Oh my gosh. All right this is looking
pretty interesting to say the least so if you ever want to get your morning off to a very sugary start,
this is the way to go. So you ready? – Yeah I’m ready. – Here we go three, don’t touch my spoon. – Well I cheers you. – Two, one. – This is weird. – The candy has become powder. All right so we’re going
to add it in right now. – And it’s crazy, like
you don’t even taste any of the egg. All the candy just overpowers everything. – [Collins] Oh my gosh
I can’t even hold it. – We got to get it out of here. – It’s the Montauk white powder and the dill bro. – Yeah. Do not knock the cup over. – I won’t knock the cup over. I promise. So apparently this is a very popular weird food combination
but basically you take a stick of butter and
put in a cup of coffee. (screaming) And today we don’t have have coffee, we actually have pumpkin spice lattes. – Which we’ve never had. So you want to just
give this a test first. – Yeah give you a little taste test. Mmm. – What bro it’s a latte. It’s not even like actual
coffee, it’s the latte. – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. I don’t know what’s wrong with me ’cause like apparently everyone
loves pumpkin spice latte but like… – Seriously what is wrong with you. Do we just, is it the whole stick of butt. I look away for one
second and you do that? How’s the butter though. Oh no is he gonna. (scream) – [Collins] How come
yours fit and mine didn’t? – ‘Cause I actually drank a lot of mine. – Oh.
– Yep. All right well let’s see
if it tastes any different. – Ready?
– Yeah. Bro, it’s so good. Dude just go, you can spit it out. Bro are you good? – I’m not good. Can we please not like add this to the main bowl because I do not want to experience this again. – No, no we have to. – No come on.
– This is what they want. – Okay that’s it that’s enough that’s, no stop stop stop stop stop. – Oh almost forgot the butter. – No no no no no dude what you put my whole thing in there! – No why is the Sriracha back? – Because we’re putting
it on caramel apples. – No! – And here’s my theory. I don’t think the Sriracha’s
going to taste bad at all because on the caramel apples and caramel apples are
(lips smacking) delicious. Dude oh I love caramel apples so much. – There you go. What is that, what are you doing? What, it’s not part of it. That was a little piece. – Uh Devin I need to borrow
your box for a second. – Go for it. – Ye!
– No! – Ye-yah. There’s like a little
hole in the top of mine. – Oh it’s perfect for some Sriracha sauce. – Some Sriracha sauce. Oh man my beautiful caramel apple. – Oh that’s a lot. You making a huge mistake. That’s not good. (laughing) Dude I’m going for a very honest amount. There we go. – You wanna go for that much? – Well yeah. – Mine’s intense. Three, two, one. (laughing) Is it not working? (laughing) You got Sriracha all
around your mouth bro. How is it? (mumbling) – Oh it’s hot. – It’s hot?
– Mmhmm. – Oh no. Oh man here we go. I’ve procrastinated as
long as I possible can bro. No ah. (muffled scream) – It doesn’t even get better. The Sriracha is just overpowering. – Dude it’s like around
my lips are burning. My lips are like on fire brother. – I know my lips on the side here hurt. (muffled talking) – Why would you suggest this? – Who likes this? – It was a terrible suggestion. As the reward for the complete devastation our mouths just went through, this one is awesome. Pumpkin spice Cheerios mixed, you ready for it, with chocolate. – Hey, and oh don’t forget milk. – Yeah and milk. – What, that’s not even necessary. That’s not even how anybody, no. – I opened it. – You opened it with your teeth. – So maybe like a couple
of Cheerios will fall out. – Oh yeah there you go. Nice. I don’t recommend this to anybody. – Oh it smells so good. Some Cheerios. – [Devin] Oh give me some. – Devin.
– What? – Do you know what I’m about to do this box? – No idea. No. – Fleet. It’s a forward yeet. Next step we got to add the chocolate. So.
– What? Dude I need some. – There you go. All yourS Devin. Awesome. – That’s it? – Yeah that’s it. – Really?
– Fling. (multiple talking) What you’re takIng some of my chocolates. – Oh of course I am. – What, I like my chocolate. Okay I need a bigger bowl and a bigger spoon, look
how small this thing is. Okay how do we mix this around. Give me one moment. Some reason I’ve always wanted to eat cereal out of a blender. And also I couldn’t find any bigger bowls. Not a goal it’s just been a dream. Oh, wait I’ve got another idea. – What?
– All right, here we go. Gonna pop the top on.
– Oh. – You got to properly mix all your chocolate chips into the cereal so what better way to do it. – Like a maraca. (shaking) I say it’s about mixed. (gibberish) All right milk time. – All right. How much milk? – That’s good stop stop stop stop stop. Yeah.
– No, no no. No, no! I don’t support this motion. Really all of that to just
put it back in the bowl? – Living on the edge. – Mmm. How can someone not like this. – [Both] Mmm mmm. – Whoa bro slow down there. Slow down dude. It is really good though. All of what he is saying I’m translating. Mmm Mmm Mmm so good. Add it into the bowl. And add mine too because it’s so good. – Mmmhmm. That was incredible.
– So good. – Like I want to have
that every single morning. Not very healthy but
still absolutely delicious and right now we are onto the final round and then after that we’re
going to eat all of this which is literally the
weirdest food combination in the entire world. If there’s one thing you notice about this bread Devin what is it? – Uh crusty? – No it’s flat. (laughing) So guys apparently this
combination we take flat bread and put yogurt on it. It’s pumpkin spice yogurt that we’re going to be putting that on it. – It’s spice? – It’s spicy. – Oh it’s got a funky smell. Ready?
– Yeah. So we’re going to kind of lather it on. – I’m going to do a little drizzle. – Oh. Again the difference between Devin and I, he just does a little drizzle and I was like (groan). Oh no no no no it’s coming off the side, it’s coming off the side. No mayday mayday mayday no no no. – [Devin] This drizzle is not turning out. – So we both have very
approaches to this flat bread. – I think mine is gonna be great ’cause it has less yogurt on it. – [Collins] All that matters
is that the bread’s flat and the yogurt is yogurt. – Exactly. – All right you ready for the bite? – I’m ready for the bite. – And this one here was suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the week so shout out to you and if you want to be featured as the
Instagram Keyper of the week, check the description down
below to find out how. That way you can make us
eat some really crazy stuff. All right here we go. Three, two one. I want to break my flat bread first. I’m going to crack my flat bread in half. – I’m just going to eat it. – My bread’s been cracked. I broke the bread. Oh no. Oh no no no no. – That is weird. – I can’t even swallow. This is officially the
weirdest combination I have ever tried bro. That was just oh gosh. – I don’t know if it’s the weirdest. We’ve tried some pretty weird ones. No why, yours no no no. – Yeah no.
– Yours has so much. – [Collins] Dude it’s so gross. – Uh I think it’s the pumpkin that throws this whole thing off. – Yeah I think it’s the pumpkin that just takes it and just like, it’s the pumpkin was like fiboof. So I got to say like individually they all probably would
have been pretty good but these, which are
really good on their own, together are horrible. Like horrible. But right now let’s go to the final round. With this final one I don’t even know what we’re doing. Apparently it’s a nacho cheese apple pie and pumpkin pie. – Yeah but I only see one problem. Apple pie’s my favorite.
– No, no no no. It’s my apple pie. Why don’t we do this, why don’t we get rid of the pumpkin pie, just use the apple so we’re both happy.
– Let’s do it. – Pop open the nacho cheese. Oh.
– Wait no. Bro we got to save some. If I know you was going
to be gone in no time. All right here we go. Whoops. Can we go for this side to side motion. – Okay.
– Well I’m going to try to pick it up from the side. Oh this is actually kind of working. And then I’m going to get some cheese. – That’s a good idea. – I’m ready, are you ready? – [Collins] So I think
I’m going to dip my chip. – [Devin] Dip your chip. – I got to dip my chip yip. I will never crack my chip. – Yes you will.
– Before I make the dip. Oh I cracked my chip
before I made the dip. – It was during the dip but sure. – So I think how this
works we’re going to pop it in here. I’m going to remove part of the apple pie and then oh, mmm.
– Got to hold the crust. What, what? – Ideas are everywhere. Oh it’s a little sandwich. All right here we go apple pie nachos. Never thought I would eat this. All right here we go three two one. – That is weird. – I like it. – Not bad. – This one here’s like a surprise winner. It was last place all along and then at the last moment of chewing it there’s like weird combination
of flavors takes place that just takes it and
makes it incredible. It’s awesome. – Yeah it’s pretty good. – So now we’re going to add it in here. Time to eat the weirdest
food combination ever. Just go for the whole
pie man ’cause why not. Let’s oh. – Wait I wanted some of the pie. – I’m going to use my
apple as like a plunger. On the bright side this is the most fall slash Halloween looking food combination. – That is very true.
– You could, it’s like all orange.
– I know. – On the down side. – We have to eat it. – So I’ll take my spoon – There you go. – [Collins] Let’s mix
it around a little bit. – [Both] Uh. – Oh man this got Sriracha sauce in, it’s got coffee in it. – What is that?
– It’s got chocolate. – [Devin] What is that dangling? – [Both] Uh. – I don’t even want to eat this. And comment down below right now. What are some other really
weird food combinations you would love to see
us eat in another video. The scariest part of this is that the reason this thing’s all orange is because it’s Sriracha sauce. – Oh I forgot. – Cheers, here we go. Three, oh I’m not excited about this. – [Both] Two, one. – Scu, mine, okay wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Mine is awesome. And I dare you right now,
you have five seconds. Look right over here you have five. – [Both] Four, three, two, one, done bye. – Love you guys, woo hoo. This is so delicious. – [Devin] Oh gross, ugh.

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