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sup peepswhat’s up my lads and ladys Oh, this does not look good! (Of course it doesn’t) – Ugh; are you ready? – Three, two, one. (Collins and Devan trying Flaming Hot Cheetos and Milk because they need the ad revenue) (moaning in pain) I thought the milk was
supposed to make it not spicy. It’s still spicy. (It’s flaming hot cheetos what do you expect?) – Why would anyone do this? (because they do) That tastes so, ugh. – You guys challenged us to a whole bunch of crazy weird food
combinations that people actually seemed to love and
so today, we are going to be trying all of them, right now, let’s go. Time to find out what the
next food combination is, here we go, three, two– – Oh wait I think we’re forgetting
something I think we’re– – Oh yeah yeah yeah,
sorry, at the end of this, we’re mixing all the foods together into the weirdest food
combination of all time. (ew) (slo mo)So this is the bowl of
doom, we’re going to leave it over to the side. – Alright now that we
got that out of the way, three, two, one, oh, wait what? Doritos, marshmallows and nacho cheese. – Oh my gosh. – Alright, that looks good.
– I think that’s enough right? – Oh, I have an idea! – Ooh, what? – I think we should dip the
marshmallows in the cheese. – But first, we juggle. Oh no!
– That’s not even juggling. – I completely failed, hey. – Four ball juggling fam, yeah that’s lit. Back to three balls. – Distractions. – Suh dude. Alright I’m ready, going to dip it in, wait, stop stop stop. – That actually looks pretty cool. – I’m just gonna just plop it in. – [Devon] Nice. – So let’s do this, actually I think we should just pop the
marshmallows on here because we’ve got to melt them as well. – [Devon] And now we’re going to drizzle. The final step; I have no idea how this is going to taste though. (ragtime music) – [Boy] Dude this actually looks amazing! It smells phenomenal. – Oh it smells 10 times better
than this other Cheeto thing. – Like the chips mix with the marshmallows and then the nacho cheese, heavenly bro. – Oh, oh oh oh, cheers. – This is gonna be so good bro. Wait wait wait wait wait but first we got a challenge, I want
to see can you subscribe to the channel turn on the
channel post notifications and give this video a
thumbs up in seven seconds, here we go, are you ready for this, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one, done. – If you can do that comment
down below Keyper squad, right now.
– I can’t wait any longer. – Let’s go for it. Mmm, oh my gosh. – Wow. – This may be my new
favorite meal of all time, like I thought this would be disgusting but all the flavors actually
came together perfectly. – Ended up all over my face and I just didn’t care because it was a
second meal, just, you know. – So whoever came up with
this, shouts out to you because I would’ve
never put this together. – [Devon] Alright here we go. – Just going to spoon it in, ew. Alright here we go, three, two, one. – What, what, grapes and ranch? People like this? – Grapes? Want to crack them open?
– Sure. – Oh dude this is cool I can
like spin the top off, pew. – Sounds like you broke something. Here is your bushel of grapes. – Is it called a bushel? – I don’t know. – [Boy] Alright, just
kind of dump them in? – [Devon] Yeah. Alright, my turn. – Ew. – Alright here we go. – This is not how you’re
supposed to do this. Three, two, one. – Eugh, mm. – I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t. Uh uh, uh uh, no no no no. Dude wait hold on I’ve got an idea, we have to mix them all together, so let’s do this, put all the grapes in the Ziploc bag right now and then we’re going to dump all the ranch in here. – Wait what? You better not pop it bro,
you better not pop it. – This looks disgusting dude.
– Oh, I’m not ready to add this in here. – Alright so you have to open it up bro, I don’t want to smell
what this smells like. – How does it smell? – Mm, just ranch. Eugh, oh my gosh. – Hmm, I wonder what’s under here? – Now this was actually
suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the week, if
you want to be shouted out as the Instagram Keyper of the week, check the description down below to find out how but right now I guess
we’re going to find out what you suggested, three, two, one. Bread and peanut butter and pickles. – Wait what? – Like a sandwich? Oops. – I think we should do something where we each make our own sandwiches and see who can make the best sandwich possible. – This is some thick peanut butter bro. Woah. I know that Devon has
a master plan strategy going on, I don’t but I’m going
to try to beat him anyway, so there we go, boom,
you’ve been peanut buttered. – [Devon] Now I’m making
a skyscraper sandwich. – What?
– Yep. – Ah, stop dripping
your pickle juice on me. I could leave it like this
which is kind of basic, but I think simplicity might
be the goal in this one. – Maybe. (air horns) What, what, you’re never
going to be able to get that– – Yep yep yep haters gonna hate Devon, and then for the win,
pickle mania, yeah boy, woo. It’s been pickle-ified. I got to make an X with it, it’s like, this is the X Games of pickle sandwiches. Alright there we go, bam,
masterpiece completed. Now the moment has come
to taste the sandwiches. – Alright mine’s going
to be pretty easy to eat. – [Boy] You taking a
bite out of it already? – Mm, this is actually really good. – Mine’s like real heavy bro, oh it’s dripping pickle juice. I don’t know how I can make this work. – Enough stalling. – I can’t, I can’t do it. My mouth is stuck. – Too much peanut butter? – Way too much peanut butter. – Really? – Oh my gosh it just fell
apart, okay quickly, put it, okay boom, there we go. – I’m going to take another bite, this is actually really good. – Add your sandwich to it. (groans) Let’s see what you got in
store for us this time, three two one. Honey Nut Cheerios and what, cream cheese? – Is that right? – That’s a thing? As you guys know I’m the
best at opening cereal because you got to make
sure when you open it that you can reuse it next time. – Uh huh? – The family loves me. – Wait what? – Yeet, yeet yeet. – Bro I wanna pour it, I wanna pour this. – Okay fine and we want
to let you guys know that every single
Saturday at one PM Pacific Standard Time, we’re doing
a whole bunch of crazy challenges, DIYs,
experiment, live on Live.Me, and we’re partnering with
Live.Me all summer long, so every single Saturday we’re doing it, the free download link, it is
down in the description below that way you can come join us and also, comment down below and let
me know what should we do on these live streams because
whatever you want us to do, that’s what we do, like
literally anything, so right now Devon do we have it going? – We got it going. – We just going to stick a spoonful in, just kind of carry the lot out. Three two one. (loud crunching) I actually like it a lot, 10 out of 10. – It tastes like popcorn,
this tastes like popcorn. – You’re so right. Going to put a big, um. That’s looking pretty gross man. Alright here we go three, two, one. I love Oreos, and I love orange juice. – Bro you can’t eat the filling, dude we have to dunk it first. – Okay hold on wait wait, if I. – No way what, seriously? – We good, okay wait, can I dunk it? – Dude go for it. – Alright let’s go, alright
I want to try it, here we go. – And he can actually eat it, what? I got to try this. Mmhmm, that’s so good. I wonder what could be under here? – Can I take a guess? – Sure. – It’s a banana. Let’s find out. Eh it’s Pringles, and
some, Nutella on chips? Game changing bro. – Nailed it. Alright, I’m going to try these Pringles, you try the Ruffles. Ah, no, I hate it when that happens; why? – [Boy] Your Pringles are
just way too thin for this. – Oh no it’s breaking again, okay. I got half a chip and a lot of Nutella. – Three, two, one. Yo. – I think I’ve found my true love. – This is the greatest thing
I have ever experienced, ever. – The crunch of the chip,
mm, mixed with the creaminess of the Nutella. – Mm we’re adding this weird
food combination with pleasure. First some chips. – Then some Pringles
which are chips I guess. – [Boy] And then last but
not least, some Nutella. – [Devon] It’s not, there
we go, ugh, that was a mess. – This is the final weird
food combination before we try the world’s weirdest food combination. – Not excited.
– Who knows, it might be delicious, three, two, one. Doritos.
– Hey Mountain Dew! (fizzing) – Alright there we go, alright cool so then I guess just dump it in here? Yeah just go for it, alright,
here we go, dump it in. I can feel like, oh, this
feels so weird, second bottle. Ooh. It makes like, it makes all the chips look like regular chips because it takes off whatever the Dorito coating is on them. – Eugh! – Oh it smells toxic guys. I guess we kind of crunch it up a bit. (overlapping talking) Alright here we go. – Don’t pop– – What? – I thought I saw the bag pop. – [Boy] You got to crunch the
top of it a little bit more. Ugh, oh, oh that looks so gross. – [Devon] Splash guards
splash guards splash guards. – [Boy] Oh no it’s about
to get chunky, ugh. – I’m sorry but that does not look good. – There’s no way this can be good. – No.
– No way. Are you ready to take a bite of it? – Yeah. – If you want to be
featured in the next video comment down below and let
us know what are some gross foods we should combine
together or what are your favorite weird food
combinations but right now. Let’s try this. – It dripped on me. – Three, two, one, oh I
can’t, there we go, one. Oh, I can’t do it bro. – Not good. Did you, did you just spit back in there? – [Boy] So here we go, going
to dump the Doritos now in, ugh, not looking forward to this. No that’s enough, that’s enough. The Cheetos turned into
pudding, literally bro. – [Devon] They’re so soggy. – And the grapes with the, ugh. – Oh I forgot about the grapes. – Eugh, I don’t want to do this anymore. – [Devon] Dude I completely
forgot about the grapes. – Oh man the cream
cheese and the cheerios. The worst is the bottom
feels like a flippin’ sponge. I got a full bushel of grapes, Devon. Ready? – Yeah I’m so ready. – Alright Devon the moment
of truth, you’re going to go first, go for it,
alright, three, two, one. Oh my gosh, if you guys
want to see us battle and see who can make the best pancakes click right here and if you
want to see the gummy food versus real food challenge
click right over here, and now it’s time for my bite, is it good? – I almost threw up. Ugh. – Oh my God, mine tastes awesome dude. – Dude I literally almost threw up. – Mine was really good, alright goodbye. – Bye.

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