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Webinar Registrations (Webinar Facebook Ads)

Webinar Registrations (Webinar Facebook Ads)

Are you wanting to get more webinar registrations
for your course launch or membership launch? Using Facebook ads can be one of the most
effective ways to fill your Webinar, but are they right for you? I’m going to answer the three questions that
you need to consider before running Facebook ads to fill your webinar. Hi there. My name is Brandi and I’m a Facebook ad strategist
and I’m on a mission to help online service providers and creative entrepreneurs serve,
scale and soar in the online world. So thanks for tuning in and in this video
I’m diving down into, are Facebook ads right for you when it comes to a Webinar launch? And so, I get asked three main questions all
the time. I see them happening all the time and I wanted
to dive in and address, should you be running Facebook ads? And so, I know this space so well. Webinar launches are kind of my jam. That is where I help my clients the most,
is for those who are launching a product, they’re launching a course, they’re launching
a membership and they’re doing it through a webinar. And so, I’ve worked with so many creative
entrepreneurs and I’ve seen ones that succeed. I’ve seen ones that didn’t quite reach their
goals. And who were ready for Facebook ads and who
weren’t ready for Facebook ads. So I’m going to answer those three things
that you need to consider, in this video. Okay. Number one, the first thing you have to take
into account before we get to anything else is, is this a tested funnel? Have you tested your webinar before? Have you done a Beta? Has How many people have actually went through
that Webinar and your sales page and your complete sales funnel and is it converting? Now, if you’ve never done a webinar before
and you have never tested out your sales funnel, then Facebook ads may not be where I jump
in at first. And I’m going to generalize this because you
may run Facebook ads and they may go amazing, but they may not. Cause if you don’t have a converting funnel,
it doesn’t matter how many people we get to it. If they don’t get your message, if your offer
isn’t valid, then it’s not going to convert. So we need to make sure you have a converting
sales funnel first. And so maybe you haven’t done a Webinar, but
people have went through your sales funnel, they have purchased and now this is your first
time doing the Webinar. I think that’s fine. We’ve had great success with that, but the
places that we usually see where there’s a disconnect is when no one has ever went through
the funnel, ever. And so the number one thing to consider before
hiring someone or running them yourself or putting any money into Facebook ads is, have
you tested this funnel? Is it converting? Two. This one is like the first question that’s
always asked. How much money do I need for a Webinar? And so there’s a few things you have to consider. There’s Webinar calculators out there, and
I’ll actually link one in the description that you can check out, and that’s going to
calculate your ad spend. But going back to point one is, you have to
know your numbers in order to punch them into a calculator. So if you’ve never run a Webinar, you’re not
going to have those numbers to punch in. Or if you don’t know, like what is the cost
to, for me to get a client, it’s not going to be accurate. So, and sometimes these calculators, they’re
a calculator, it’s an algorithm, it’s a calculation. Sometimes they’re not always spot on. So I don’t say jump straight into it. Here’s what you need to consider is, how many
people do you need on the Webinar to get a sale? So, and you need to know how many, which are
averages for show up and everything. So I like to say you need 500. 400 to 600 is ideal and then your show up
rate needs to be there. So how many people are going to show up and
then what converts from your Webinar. And so if you never ran a Webinar, you don’t
have these numbers, but a good place to start is saying, okay, I need 500 people, 400 to
600 people, to 500 people on this Webinar, to give it a shot. Cause then you have enough people that come
through where you know if your offer is valid, you know if your Webinar is success. And so then if you’re hiring an ad manager,
ask them, what is your typical? Now, it’s going to be different for everyone,
so ask them and say, what is your typical and they should tell you, they can’t make
any promises, but if they’re running webinar ads, they should have an idea of like where
they’re falling. And so when someone comes to me with a $300
budget for a Webinar, I’m honest with them, we’re probably not going to be able to get
you 500 people registered. And so what I think a good healthy budget,
a healthy budget for a Webinar launch, is $1,000 in ad spend. Now I have clients that we’ve done $21,000
in sales and we only spent $800. They had done Betas, they had run ads, just
not to the point where it was great. And I’ve worked with clients who we’ve never,
they never had done a Webinar, they did have a Beta and this was their first webinar. And we spent a little less than $900 and they
did $15,000. So, it’s one of those things where you just
have to come in with realistic expectations, but I think $1,000 is a good healthy number. Now, if you want to have 1,000 people on your
Webinar and then you better come with a bigger budget. And so just understanding the budget. What I’m saying is, you really need to have
at least $800 to $1,000 to see like really good results and registrations and we want
those to be really good registrations. We don’t want to just target anyone and everyone. We want your ideal client showing up for these
webinars. So knowing your budget is really important. Now along with that, that’s if you have a
face, like you’re running them on your own, $1,000. Now, if you’re going to hire this out, which
if you don’t know what you’re doing with Facebook, you probably should, but if you are going
to hire that out, you need to a lot for an ads manager and so ads managers between $1,000
to $2,000 so just know you need to budget for that as well. If you’re going to outsource this. Your ad spend is separate than your ad manager. So those are the things you need to consider
when it comes to budget on how much to spend on a webinar. Okay, so the third question is, are you going
to hire this out? Are you going to run the ads yourself or are
you going to hire it out? Here’s my suggestion. If you’ve never ran Facebook ads before, you
should probably hire it out. If you have a good, good, good grasp on how
Facebook ads work, you could probably totally do it yourself and get great results. One thing I know is a Webinar launch is intense. There’s a lot of moving pieces and Facebook
ads are a lot of moving pieces on their own. So one thing that I’ve seen, and one thing
that’s great and you’ll you can read in my testimonials from my clients is, from their
standpoint is, wow, this just freed me up time. I didn’t have to worry about the craziness
of Facebook ads, the craziness of the Webinar, the craziness of the followup emails, all
the questions that are coming in and hire that out. But I know that’s not an option for everyone
and that’s okay. But before you go put $1,000 into Facebook
ads, make sure you have a really good understanding of how they work and all the moving parts. Because what I see is people say Facebook
ads aren’t working. And when I say Facebook ads, I mean Instagram
ads too, they’re saying they’re not working, but I’m getting amazing results for clients
with webinars. The problem is we jump into things not knowing
how they work and then when we don’t get the results we want, we say it’s the algorithm,
it’s not working, but it is. So that’s one of the things, you could have
a really successful launch with doing the Facebook ads yourself, as long as you know
what you’re doing. So those are the big three things to consider
when going into a webinar launch. And if you’re going to run ads to them, and
if webinar registrations are important, then how are you going to get the traffic there? So those are the three things you should consider
is, do you have a converting funnel, do you have the budget, and are you going to do it
yourself or are you going to hire it out? Okay, so question of the day. What are you launching? I want to know in the comments below, what
is your product? What is your course? What is your members area? Thanks so much for checking out my video today. If you are interested in learning more about
Facebook ads and growing your online business, make sure you hit subscribe and hit the little
bell. Until next time, I’m committed to helping
online service providers and creative entrepreneurs serve, scale and soar into successful online
businesses. Thanks so much and we’ll chat soon.

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  2. Brandi I may have to talk to you about this. We are doing webinars for our course and are having a really hard time with this. Please let me know the best way to contact you.

  3. I am hoping to do a Webinar by the end of the year. How do you know it's the "right time" for you to do one?

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