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(upbeat music) – So, I’m tired of swiping on dating apps. And I’ve been wondering if
it’s possible to find a date by posting a video ad to Facebook and Instagram ads.
(notifications pinging) Well, this time I actually
decided to try it out, and here’s how that went down. What if we find out
everybody wants to date us? – Or, what if no one responds? – Oh, yeah. – At least one person.
– At least one. (laughing) Oh my god, 50 people
have seen our ad already. I have no idea what’s gonna happen. So, I’m the kinda guy who
likes to think outside the box. And after swiping and swiping
and swiping on dating apps, I wondered if there was a better way, a different way to find love? (popping notification) And coming from a tech and
social media background here in San Francisco, I though I just might have an idea. So I hit up my good friend
and fellow YouTuber, Alexa from the channel, “Hello I’m Alexa” to see if she wanted to do this with me. Because, yeah, me as a
guy, doing this on my own, would probably sketch out
every girl who saw the ad. – I mean, Kevin and I are both single. – Ayeee cheers, cheers.
– (laughing) Hey! And I’m honestly terrified. – Last week marked the anniversary of me quitting my cushy tech job to try to build this
YouTube channel full time, around helping make the
world a more empathetic, together kind of place, helping us see that we’ve all got our own struggles and we can grow by getting
out of our comfort zones. Not gonna lie, this is one of
the most uncomfortable videos that I’ve ever had to film, because it is such a
vulnerable area for me. Growing up, we just never
talked much about dating. I had and still have a lot
of insecurities around it. So, over the course of this experiment, let’s just say that we grew… a ton All right, so here’s the plan. So we’ve got to plan,
we’ve gotta make the video that we’re gonna put on
Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads. – Somehow, we have to
collect those responses and then go on the actual date. The date. Cool! (both laughing) – We’ve each got a budget of $150 each, spending $30 per day for five days. Here are the rules. We put out these ads and,
at the end of this process, we have to go on a date with someone. Or maybe, what if we find out like everybody wants to date us? – Or, what if no one responds? – Oh, yeah.
– Zero – At least one person.
– At least one. (laughing) – I get super scared and
nervous to ask anyone out. – Same, cheers. – Actually, I don’t know if
I’ve ever asked a stranger out. – I haven’t either, like
a complete stranger. I think it’s weird because
we have apps now that, because there’s a way to meet
people without saying hi, it’s weird to say hi now. That kinda sucks. – Yeah, I agree. Dating is hard. – Yeah. I’m so excited.
– It’s gonna be big. – So excited. (both laughing) – This was better. Hey friends, Kevin here. – We’re actually doing this. – I can’t believe we’re doing this. So. (both sighing) – I’m uncomfortable. – One more time. (laughing) You just blinked so many times. – I swear, I have like low-key Tourette’s. (laughing) Cut that out of the video. Hi, I’m Kevin and I’ve got Tourette’s. (film rolling)
(countdown beeping) – We really are not sure
how this is gonna turn out. – Hey, I’m Kevin.
– And I’m Alexa. – So, we both make YouTube videos and, over the course of the past year, we realized the importance of
putting yourself out there. – In this video, well, this ad, is a social experiment
where we’re wondering if it’s possible to find a date using Facebook and Instagram ads. – So here we are, putting
ourselves out there, to see if any of you would like to go
on a date with either of us. – Because, we’re single as (beep). – And to be clear, we are just friends. We’re each single and looking
for people to connect with. – I typically like girls
who are excited about life, quirky and not afraid to be themselves. – And I typically like
guys who play sports, are lifelong learners and
creators in their own way. – So, if you want to go on a
date with either one of us, message us on Facebook or Instagram with just a short selfie video to say hi, and let us know something that you’d like us to know about you. – That’s it. You message
us, we’ll plan the date and we’ll see how it goes. – We’ll put more details in the description and the text below. Honestly, we’re not entirely
sure how this is gonna pan out. It’s kinda weird, but that’s
kinda the whole point of this. And it’s an adventure that we’re hoping to have you join us on. – And if you’re at all curious about how this is gonna turn out, you should subscribe to
our YouTube channels, because we’re planning to
share videos about our story and experience of how
this all goes over there. – Check it out, and send us messages. Looking forward to seeing your videos. – We’re looking forward to talking to you. So, bye for now.
– Bye. (upbeat music) That’s so good, that’s so good! (laughing) – I’m so excited. – So we finished editing
the ad that you just saw, and now we have to post
this embarrassing video all around the internet. – I’m like, literally my
heart is beating so fast. – I’m finally calm. I was nervous as hell when we filmed. But right now I’m not that
nervous ’cause I’m like, we did all the work
already, it is what it is. – Yeah, the video is what it is. – Yeah. Message destination. We wanna
send people to Messenger. Yes, okay. So this is happening. – Okay, 17 is the lowest. Should we do–
– Talking about radius, not age.
– Oh, yeah. (laughing) Okay, I’m thinking about doing a 50-mile radius of San Francisco. And then, ages? – 24 to 29. – What’s yours again? 24 to 32?
– Yeah. Men, speaks English.
– Women. – Ooh, you can do English U.K. I like that. – Yeah, you can choose
which accent you want. – Oh, it says all, right? Oh, we have to do single. – Oh, yes. Single. – Most importantly. – Wow, my reach just went down by 75%. So only a quarter of all the people 24 to 29, women, are single. – Oh my god, my reach is still huge. – Maybe it’s ’cause there’s not enough women in the Bay Area.
– Oh, I have more ages. – So if I just did single
people in my range, I would have 53,000.
(notification popping) You have 87,000.
(notification pinging) Oh, you could target
– Oh, whoa. – Ivy League. Ivy League. (laughing)
(keyboard clicking) – That’s really nice.
– She has to be super smart. – Let’s look at this, go down.
(Kevin laughing) Oh. – No, but this is an interest. – Whoa, a 1,000 people. – But who likes Ivy League on Facebook? – That’s…
– No one… – That’s so targeted. – That’d probably be a bunch of moms. (both laughing) So we need to upload the ad.
– That’s the wrong one. – Okay, so while this is loading, let’s write up the ad copy. – Remaking. – [Kevin] This is us
getting super distracted. – Sup? Check this out. Oh.
– We’re making a Facebook ad. – Whoa.
– Hey, I’m Kevin. – And I’m Alexa. That’s cool. – All right, we’re gonna publish our ads. – [Alexa] How are you feeling? – Well, super nervous. It’s actually going out. Woo, this is stressful. – Ready?
– What’s gonna happen? – Three, two.
– What’s gonna happen? Oh my god.
– One. – (laughing) We just did it. – It’s done, that was it. (both laughing) – Oh my god. Huh? – Oh no. Wait, what? (soft farting noise) I just got a notification that
said your ad wasn’t approved. Oh, it asks a direct question or makes an assumption about
a user’s personal attributes. – Oh, we’re not allowed to call out – Like are you single?
– what we’re targeting, maybe? Come one, Facebook. – So we can’t say are you single? We could say, “Hello, I’m Alexa. “I’m single, aren’t you?” (both laughing) I’m worried, if we request a manual review that someone will be like,
“You guys can’t do this.” – Yeah, I kinda don’t
wanna do manual review. – Hopefully it will
get approved this time. – Not approved. – Yours wasn’t approved either? – So it’s 4:00 in the morning,
and I just checked my ad and it’s still in review. So, I’m kinda worried about it. I’m hoping Facebook doesn’t
block this ad for some reason. If the ad doesn’t go out
then I’m pretty screwed. This whole project could
basically just stop here. All that work for nothing. Only one way to find out. Go to bed, wait and see what happens. Check back in the morning. Woo-hoo! Oh my God, 50 people
have seen our ad already. 50 people think we’re super weird. Someone’s typing a comment. God, this is happening. Oh my God, got a video. I feel so naked. Quick update. Alexa was
sick for a little bit. – We couldn’t wonk on this for two weeks because I was like bedridden. – Yeah.
– I’m healthy again. – So, pretty much what happened was we got a whole bunch of confused messages. It seemed like people
just didn’t understand what we were asking them to do. – One person who messaged
me said something like, “I don’t like Asian men.” And I was like– – They messaged Alexa saying that. – And I was like, “I’m not Asian or a man. “So what do you mean?” And he was like, “Oh, sorry, I was drunk.” – So we’re creating an
ad version two right now, we’re scripting it to figure
out how we can make it simpler. We’re gonna do an Instagram Story ad. – And we’ll play it for you, like now. – Hello, I’m Alexa. – And hey, I’m Kevin. So we both make YouTube
videos, and have found that amazing things happen when
you put yourself out there. – So we were wondering how we could apply this to our
dating lives, and then boom. – We created this social experiment to see if it’s possible to find
a date using Instagram ads. – That’s right, we
created this targeted ad to ask you out on a date. And to be clear, we are just friends. – We’re each single and looking
for people to connect with right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. – I typically like girls
who are excited about life, quirky and not afraid to be themselves. – And I typically like
guys who play sports, are lifelong learners and
creators in their own way. – If you wanna go on a date, all you need to do is
send a message to say hi. – There’s nothing to lose, right? – We’re excited and can’t
wait to hear from you. – All you gotta do is swipe up. – How do we end this? – That’s it. They swipe up. – I think that’s the ending. Bye-bye.
– Bye. – So, to help us look
through all of these videos we brought in two special people. This is Aalap, one of my best
friends from high school. – And this is Luba, Luba and
I are really good friends. – She’s also a YouTuber,
go check out her channel. So yeah, let’s dive in. – So you haven’t it?
– I haven’t watched this. – We haven’t seen any of these videos yet. – Oh, wow. – Okay, ready?
– Yeah. – I’m really nervous. – Yeah?
– You pick it. (uplifting music) – Hello, Alexa. My name is Sola. – Hi, Kevin and Alexa, my name’s Tracy. – Hey, Alexa, my name is Yajur. – Hey, Kevin, my name’s Alexis. – Hi, I’m Shardul. – I am a product designer that is coming to San
Francisco this summer. – I’m currently a student
who’s studying speech therapy, and I really like music. – [Man] I’m an avid runner,
a die-hard basketball fan, and I love to make things. – I’m definitely a foodie,
and then work with a nonprofit that teaches low-income students at night. – I like to make and watch short
movies online or in person. – I came across your YouTube
channel couple of weeks ago, and I saw your Instagram
story earlier this week. – I saw your video and I thought
it was really interesting. It’s a way to meet new people and kind of step out
from that comfort zone. – Pretty cool stuff. – [Man] So I decided, why
not respond to this ad and see what happens? – And I would like to be a part of it. – Not a lot of people,
when they get a idea, go through with that idea. So kudos to you guys. I hope, if I get the chance,
to meet guys soon. Thank you. – Give me a chat back, thanks. – Talk to you soon. – Oh, that was great. – That was very well done. – Interesting that the two
videos that you’ve gotten so far, they both said hi to both of us. – Yeah, I also noticed.
– Yeah. – Maybe they wanna meet you
more than they wanna meet me. – I wonder if it has more to do with… we’ve talked about this too. Is it less intimidating
for guys to message? – Reach out directly?
– Yeah. – I think that’s part of it. – It’s, I think, a lot
more sketchy for a woman to reach out to this random
stranger on the internet. Versus guys, I don’t feel like we experience that level of sketchiness. (calm uplifting music) – Okay, I think you should
go on a date with (beep) and you should go on a date with (beep). – I think I would agree with that. – Yeah? Okay.
– Yeah. – Everybody who submitted,
thank you so much. That seriously means a lot that
you took the time and effort to go put yourself out
there in such a public way, and do something that joined
us outside of our comfort zone. Mad respect. – And I think it just helps to talk more about all of this in general. Us coming together and to
be able to talk about dating has helped me get a lot
clearer about so many things. This project has been such
an interesting experience and definitely different than
anything I’ve tried before. – So we recorded these
videos three-weeks-ago-ish. – Man, I’m struggling right now. – Strugs. All right, so here’s what
I think we should do. What we gotta do is we have to send a little message explaining
what the next steps are. – I have four to send.
Bye. – [Kevin] I’ve got three. – Alexa and Kevin here. – Yeah, we just wanted to
let you know that we finished watching all of the video
submissions, finally. I wanted to let you know that I picked you and that I would love to
ask you out on a date, say, coffee, tea, slash-whatevs
on Saturday in SF. – Okay, so. – This is happening. What if they’re like, “Oh,
we’re no longer single?” – Yikes. It’s possible. Yeah, so hopefully next weekend. – We did it.
– We did it. – Next part’s the fun part. – Me too, I’m really proud of us. – Yeah.
– Proud of you. All right, cool. Have a good night and we’ll talk tomorrow. – See you. Yeah, it sounds good. – Okay.
– Bye. – Put me in, coach. (both laughing) (record track slipping) – All right, so we’ve got
an update for you all. – Yeah, so I messaged (beep) to ask him out on the date, and it just so happens
that he has found someone he’s interested in
right now and is seeing. So yeah, we’re not gonna
be able to do the date. – What if they’re like,
“We’re no longer single?” – Yikes. It’s possible. – So moving forward, I’m gonna
still be going on my date, and we’ll check back
and see how that goes. – Yeah. – Bye. So, it’s finally happening. Weeks and weeks of prep
have led to this moment. Just a month and a half ago I was still wondering if
this would even be possible, and seeing the support from you all was one of the coolest
things in the world. Thank God too for Alexa
for doing it with me. Otherwise, I would’ve
never actually done this. And all that has led up to this moment. (taking a deep breath) Let’s go. I still can’t believe we’re doing this. This is so surreal. Okay, I finally found a parking spot. Time to go in. It’s happening. – Hey, nice to meet you. (people chattering) – So is this the weirdest
thing you’ve ever done? (Kevin laughing) Way to get out of your comfort zone. – Thank you. – Alexa and I were like,
“What the hell are we doing?” This is so weird. – [Date] Dude, that’s kinda weird. – I know. That’s why I wanted
Alexa to do it with me. ‘Cause it’d be even weirder
if it was just me, right? It’s like, who’s this super sketch dude? What’s good here? What do you want? – [Date] I have no idea,
everything looks so good. I was actually gonna ask the
cashier when he came back. Woo! Huge! – [Kevin] Oh yeah. – [Date] I forgot, lemme. – I’m that dude with a selfie stick. – Oh my god, are you serious?
– Yeah. Cheers.
– Cheers. – So I’m curious, what were the thoughts going through your mind when you saw this ad
that we out out there? Was that weird? – I mean, it’s always weird, right? Whether you’re reaching
out to someone on the app, whether you’re going up to
someone for the first time who you don’t know in a situation. I figure that the amount of risk is the same in any situation. And I had nothing to
lose, so why not just try and be a little more
spontaneous in my life. And honestly, it’s such
an interesting story and, in the meetup of coming to meet you, my friends were like,
“No way, is this real? “Are you serious? Do you
need us to come with you? “‘Cause this is like super fishy.” But having that story and
then being able to say, these are the different, weird. Not weird, but just interesting ways of meeting new people and connecting, which is something that I
as a human really value. It’s fun. I don’t know. Does that make sense? – [Kevin] Right on for doing that. You are awesome. What a cool way to meet new folks. There’s so many ways
to connect with folks, if you’re willing to get creative. And that stepping
outside your comfort zone is one of the biggest ways to grow, and you’ll meet people
there right there with you. So, quick recap. We spent a total of
this much money on ads, got this many responses, and that comes out to a total
of this much per response. Not too bad. And what’s more, the coolest
part of this whole journey was watching as other
people came and joined us. When we put ourselves out there, other people were inspired by that and decided to come on
this journey with us. Total strangers who were willing
to put themselves out there and connect in a really cool way. So a massive thank you
to every single person who was involved, who messaged
us, who sent us a video putting themselves out there
in such a vulnerable way. You have my utmost respect. And for all you watching, consider this an opportunity
to try something new. Until you do, you never
know what’s gonna happen. As for me and Alexa, we’re still single. So, if you’re in the
San Francisco Bay Area, you know where to find us on Instagram. Just saying. 😉 (uplifting music) – We’re single. We’re super single. – Super-duper single. – We’ve been single.
– We’re so single. – We’re single and ready to mingle. – Hey, on the internet. – Super creepy. (both laughing) – This is so uncomfortable.
– Because, because. – [Kevin] Hey, still here? Thanks so much for watching. This project took over six months of work for us to put together, and
it would mean the world to us if you could consider
sharing this with somebody. You know, maybe that super
single friend you have who’s seriously struggling right now. You know exactly who I’m talking about. Thanks, friends. Much love. (calm uplifting music)

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  1. UPDATE! This project took us a reeeally long time to put together and since we filmed this video, Alexa has found someone! So that means she is no longer single… haha sorry to get your hopes up, fellas! 😄 But still go send her and Luba some love for being such a major part of making this project become a reality :)) Love you all, fam!

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