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Francis versus bra and today we heard about this abandoned house in another city and it’s abandoned and there’s a bad in Kitty’s in it And there’s this lady who lives next door who’s like feeding them be nice to them But you’re still really lonely inside the house and People around or like calling the police calling the shelter to take away the kitties which is really really sad So we’re gonna go there and see if you take one home. We could rescue one, and I think it’s gonna be super duper awesome I’m super duper excited because I’ve always wanted a kitty, but it’s also really sad at the same time kill u Hey Guys But no further ado, let’s get in the car So guys we were finally here. This looks like a million years Ronald was sleeping. He just woke up Yeah, I was awake for the entire time. I was like Are we there yet? Are we there yet, but finally we’re here. I’m gonna climb out in the back. Which is really difficult There we go, I’m out from the back right there climbed over can ronald make it oh No, he’s going crews the easy way We got a box ready for the kitty we came prepared and we’re gonna go let’s go everyone So Ronald Ronald McDonald you can hold the lovely box where we have our lovely kitties and Which way I’m not quite sure where we have to go wrong. Do you know no all right lead the way Let’s go, where is it? This way that way all right so guys we’re here, and we’re just walking up these magical orange steps Where the kitties kitties When the kidneys there’s a plastic ball here, maybe the kitties ate here oh Look there’s a black cat right there. I’ve seen it. It’s a black cat right there Um. Where are the uppers? There’s like a bunch more see a black one That’s The white one I think they want food Grey one Bookies here And out a white one Jordan will be go ahead. Happy limited one good happy The white one is just going through the bars, it’s like a ninja. Oh here comes a black one What’s the black one doing I know what a black one once you swap food I Really want both of these didn’t I think they’re prettiest they look like your sister I really want to get those two those two are like the best ones But my cuts are sometimes bad look Oh Look gonna make you look at home Here comes a black one Just going through the bars. Oh, there’s a two black ones Oh my god What what just happened I don’t know she’s just like punched her in the face oh My god that was scary Nutty laughs here comes the black one Wait one’s coming back. Oh wow goodbye. White was right. Where are those kiddies TVs There’s a kitty the white one over there. He’s just hiding just the black one there and the black one is Timmy over there, but there’s like three black ones and Then there’s a the one we want oh My god. She’s just jumping over look at a black one. She’s like a ninja. I have a black one Oh Right kiddies coming back mando put those growth kiddies scared of her Like there’s three back one. Oh, he’s just following me. Do you just? Duplicate they’re just duplicating we got him we got him we got him Well It’s our target Coming but we don’t want us you want the Magnificent white Guys we’ve been waiting for so long we’ve been away in 20 minutes We have one cat, but we want the second one the white one to white be lying We’ve been waiting so long, but I think soon. It’s gonna be cut So guys we’re finally back home, it’s so light. We just had pizza which was delicious Yeah, we think if the second hack is meeting catch him. He was like a spot on the flash, but we got a Great cat and we decided to name him. It’s a girl, so I wouldn’t decided to name her wait I forget the name I forgot the name too. I was located. It’s a complicated name, but she isn’t this marvelous box We should name her super, Orenda. No no we have it we had a name It was Ching ah I think I think Yahoo’s chena now. I don’t know Something I think I ultimate attack I feel like opening the box, but she might scratch my feet and while we’re waiting for the cat to come out of the box We’re gonna make it a little it’s a scratchy thingy majiggy climb on it It’s pretty cool, and there’s a little picture of it right here It’s pretty cool actually like there’s like a bunch of layers on it Here’s like the house, and he’s gonna like sleep in hopefully you scratch on these things And I think it’s really cool because before we had a slime named cookie Just like her and she always scratched on these things and I was a terrible owner And I taught her to climb up these things so it sounded terrible So so now we’re gonna get out of these so I could teach you to climb up these not the chairs All right, so let’s go on to making this thing So guys this is our marvelous cat house right here So that is our final cat house we got this little cubby here, which I think is really awesome It’s quite dark in there, but maybe the cat will sleep there did cat will jump up here And I think this paw is really really cool as asleep I would sleep here if I was a cat mm-hmm And then the cat could jump up here play a bit with these mouse I think these masses are really cool cats a pink ears And they’re white you’re super cute and here is where the cat will sit once she wants to feel like Queen So this is the final look let’s take the cat out and see if you like it Wait Ravi got me super super quiet, okay Me too, and we also got a bunch of things for the cat We got a pooper scooper upper and I got a potty um for him. We got food balls and drinking balls We also got these little Toys with bells inside though. This is an oval soccer. I know it’s weird Take a literary mouse with blue ears. It’s pretty cheeks. I don’t know those no those are the ears oh and Right here. He has no nose guys see that no nose, but I think it’s still really really cute We all of these have bells inside them every single one down so I think you’ll love all of them So let’s just get this cat out of the box Yep, so guys. It’s finally time to get the cat out of the box. All right you may do the honors I’m scared Look at this cutie you want to get out of box into your awesome new playground Feel like she’s made you jump you’re special He’s looking around she’s licking her lips she she isn’t that scared Tap to buy two packs The world look better I Think she’s pretty scared. No look. She’s just can I hit her okay, baby? Did it slow you okay? Okay? You may be letters nephew Look at this cutie, so sir how long she can stay in there maybe for a while Last night our cat was really really scared she hid underneath everything she had and underneath this table She was so scared, but today. She’s super duper playful, and I think she’s hungry, so we’re gonna beat her hello And we decided to name her TB yo TB good movie No all right no stop Stay stay no stay TB TB no stay cheapy. Oh Don’t put your head in no TV. Just do it really quick. It’s very hard to go There you why would you give her more we her head big head is in the way And I mean no no no So guys if you want to have a pet please adopt one do not buy one because there’s so many animals in the world that do not have our home and This time this guy’s with us

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