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We Re-Created Superhero Movie Posters

We Re-Created Superhero Movie Posters

– Now does the Batmobile come with this? Because that’s what I really want. (intense music) – Today we are recreating
superhero posters. – I remember when I was a kid, Spider-Man was like my
always choice costume. – I really love Captain
America, he’s not gritty, he’s a kind person, he’s
always striving to be happy and good. – Batman is a total badass,
he is multi-multi-billionaire and he chooses to take that money to become this crazy vigilante. – Superman’s been my favorite superhero because he stands for
good morals, he’s brave, and he also has all of
the best superpowers. – I recognize something
really dark and deep in Logan that made me feel like,
oh my god, I get you. – I love Thor ’cause he was
born into all this power and abilities that he
had but at the same time he had to give them all
up in order to learn what it meant to be a good
person and ultimately a hero. – Thinking about being
transformed into Spider-Man, it kind of made me realize
that there weren’t really a lot of female superheroes
that I looked up to and I know that there were
some but all I can really think of that were popular was Wonder-Woman. – [Kelsey] I always wanted to be the hero, I wanted to be Harry Potter,
I wanted to be Spider-Man, I wanted to be Captain America. – They have the coolest
abilities or the coolest outfits or like the coolest
weapons, it was hard because you didn’t really have that
many female superheroes to relate to, usually they were too sexy or just too out there
and you’re kinda like, not as cool as the guy character. – [Briana] I didn’t really
realize how much we were missing female superheroes until we
started seeing them more. – I cried during Wonder
Woman and I didn’t cry at my grandmother’s funeral. I’m so excited for Captain Marvel, I’m so excited for Batgirl,
and it shows girls kick ass. (laughing) – I just saw my reflection. – [Briana] I feel fabulous, oooh. (screams) – Oh my god, the armor! – [Kelsey] I’ve never
seen myself as powerful, I’ve never seen myself as
strong until very recently and those are things I
really admire in women. – I feel like I’m
getting powers right now, on the poster he looks
like he’s just so ready to go out there and fight
and ready to protect the city and so I kind of had to imitate that and it felt really cool. – I feel like Batman, it’s so
cool to actually see myself in this, never in my
wildest dreams did I think I’d get to wear a legit Batman costume. – This is definitely an
upgrade from my childhood cape which was a baby blanket. – [] The body armor on,
the hammer in my hand, I feel powerful. – I’m feeling very glam too,
I know I’ll never be as pretty as Hugh Jackman, but I’m
getting pretty damn close, it’s hard not to feel pretty badass when you got blades
coming out of your hands. – I hope it turned out alright. – The photos have been photoshopped. – I know my butt’s gonna look really good. It better look good. – Will I pull it off? Will I actually look like a badass Thor? – Wait, it’s like a legit poster. – Oh my gosh.
– Wait. – I thought it was gonna
be like on a computer. – Me too! – Holy shit! This is not what I expected
at all, it’s so intense. I’m gonna show this to anyone
who wants to fuck with me, just be like, really, you’re
gonna try to fuck with me? – Oh wow. Holy what! What! I’ve never seen my face look like that. It’s so cool because I’m not
American dream in this photo, which is the female
Captain America version where she’s in that tight fitted outfit, I’m Captain America. – Ooh, girl, what! (squealing) My butt looks great,
my butt looks so cool! What the hell! It looks so cool. I look strong too. – Dude!
– That’s insane. I look cool and strong,
I’ve never seen myself really as strong, I’ve
always been pretty weak. – Oh my god! What the, holy crap. I look amazing. Who is this? That doesn’t even look like me! It’s strange to see
myself look this powerful especially because normally
when you take photos with your friends or whatever,
you’re just being goofy and silly and being yourself. – I don’t have the words to
explain what it feels like to have a childhood dream just
become real in front of you. – If I were younger and
I saw a movie poster of a hero like this, it’d be so inspiring because there’s a feeling
of, I could be that person. – Representation is not just important just so people feel represented
but because those stories are of interest to everyone. It wasn’t just women
watching Wonder Woman, it was like, everybody loved Wonder Woman, if you didn’t, you’re lying. – Trying to be this intense superhero but as soon as they’re not taking photos, immediately I’m the giddiest
fangirl that ever was.

100 thoughts on “We Re-Created Superhero Movie Posters

  1. Selorm, I agree with you, I love spider-man because he is funny and my favorite part about spider-man is that he trash talks during fight 😂

  2. If this was me I would freak out and Twitter it to the actors with the caption “oh my gosh look I’m you!!”

  3. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr This is really really weird it’s so inderect and offensive I don’t think they really like the hero’s I mean this is the ipedimy of feminism and how cringe it is….

  4. None of these work. And you don’t have to act like there are no female super hero’s there is captain marvel, black widow, batgirl, super girl. And quite a lot more. So stop this fake sexist bull crap. I don’t have to feel bad because Superman is a man. Or that Batman is a man. So stop playing the victim. You’re not.

  5. Superman is a horrible hero if you read the comics he tries to kill the good hero’s like Batman he even tries to kill his cousin so Supergirl ain’t no good hero

  6. I LOVE WONDER WOMAN SHE IS MINE 💚💚💚🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙂👍🏻💚💚 my idol……

  7. Why are they tryna pretend like this ain’t just been transformed into feminist garbage and if they were actual fans they would know female superheroes not maybe watch one Spider-Man film and go no there ain’t any female superheroes in this

  8. Thor poster and captain America look bada**. No need for negative comments even though they didn’t acknowledge any girl superheroes that are as awesome. But they are trying to show that women can pull it off too.

  9. This is awesome, but this is also why we need a black widow movie , and even more female superhero movies ! So we can recreate powerful women .

  10. Black widow, scarlet witch, gamora,Captain marvel/carol danvers and wonder women are all examples of female characters in superhero movies

  11. Okay I LOVE superheroes right I don't even know these girls but when they squealed I fucking squealed they look SO GOOD

  12. There are millions are women super hero’s idk what the hell yeah are talking about. Let’s not forget that’s Phoenix or rogue could probably kill every hero in the video

  13. No female superheroes?

    Wanda Maximoff (literally one of the most powerful avengers)
    Captain marvel (the most powerful avenger)
    Black widow (whom without her all the avengers would 100% be dead)
    Peggy Carter (badass who’s founded a secret service)
    Pepper Potts
    Jane Foster
    Darcy Lewis
    Lady Sif
    Shuri (like, the smartest person in the mcu)
    Okoye (The personal bodyguard of a king)
    Sharon Carter

  14. The Batman and Superman one looks horrible no offence. The poster and editing is great but the person that is representing the character doesn’t fit.

  15. I'm not trying to be sexist or anything. Just somewhat annoyed as a nerd. Not really that many female Superheroes to relate to? Yeah, that's because you don't read the comics. In comics, there's Silk, Spider-Gwen, Sharon Rogers(female Capt. America), Jane Foster Thor, Iron Heart, Batgirl and Supergirl. And for female Wolverine, didn't we just had X-23, and in the live action movies too? And also, why Amazing Spider-man? And why the Dark World? Those two are pretty much, the worst ones you could have picked.

  16. An African American female Spiderwoman, now that is a great idea, I would never stop watching a Spiderwoman movie series with a African American female as SPIDERWOMAN!

  17. Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Wonderwoman, Catwoman 1, Catwoman 2, Catwoman 3, Catwoman 4, Supergirl, Ms. Martian, Killer Frost, XS, Harley Quinn, Katana, Mera, Atlanna, Batgirl, Black Canary 1. Black Canary 2, Black Canary 3, Black Canary 4, Huntress, Speedy, Overwatch, Batgirl, Batwoman, Zari, Vixen 1, Vixen 2, Hawkgirl, Artemis, Wondergirl, Powergirl, Raven, Terra, Starfire, Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue, Shadowcat, Mystique, X-23, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Yukio, Domino…………and that’s just the heroes…………

  18. This video is So inspirational to many females! Including me. As a female, I get that it feels weird to look at yourself as strong when you know that your weak.

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