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We Are Undefeatable TV ad

We Are Undefeatable TV ad

♪That’s life♪ ♪That’s what all the people say♪ ♪You’re riding high in April♪ ♪Shot down in May♪ ♪But I know I’m gonna
change that tune♪ ♪When I’m back on top,♪ ♪back on top in June♪ ♪I said, that’s life
(that’s life)♪ ♪and as funny as it may seem♪ ♪Some people get their kicks♪ ♪Stompin’ on a dream♪ ♪But I don’t let it,
let it get me down♪ ♪’Cause this fine old world
it keeps spinnin’ around♪

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