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We Are America ft. John Cena | Love Has No Labels | Ad Council

We Are America ft. John Cena | Love Has No Labels | Ad Council

There’s a word thrown around a lot. It inspires passionate debate and is worn
like a badge of honor. And with good reason.
Because it means love and devotion for one’s country.
Love. For a word designed to unite, it can also
be pretty divisive. You see, there’s more to patriotism than
flag sequined onesies, and rodeos, and quadruple cheeseburgers.
Patriotism is love for a country, not just pride in it. But what really makes up this country of ours?
What is it we love? It’s more than a huge rock full of animals like cougars and eagles,
right? It’s the people.
Do me a favor and close your eyes for a second. I want to try something out.
Picture the average U.S. citizen. Think about it.
How old are they? What’s their hair like? How much can they bench?
Got one? Ok. So, the chances are the person you’re picturing
right now looks a little different to the real average American. There are 319 million U.S. citizens.
51% are female. So, first off, the average American is a woman.
Cool huh. Is that what you pictured? 54 million are Latino.
40 million are senior citizens. 27 million are disabled.
18 million are Asian (that’s more people in the U.S. than play football and baseball
combined) 9 million are lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender.
More than the entire amount of people that live in the state of Virginia.
Around 10 million are redheaded. 5.1 million play Ultimate Frisbee.
And 3 and a half million are Muslim. Triple the number of people currently serving
in the United States military. Almost half the country belongs to minority
groups. People who are lesbian. African American.
And bi. And transgender. And Native American. And proud of it!
We know that labels don’t devalue us, they help define us:
keeping us dialed in to our cultures, and our beliefs, and who we are. As Americans.
After all, what’s more American than the freedom to celebrate the things that make
us us? I mean, it’s stitched into the stars and
stripes of this country, from the Constitution, to Gettysburg, to our motto, “E Pluribus
Unum”, from many, one. It’s even in our country’s name – the UNITED States. This year patriotism shouldn’t just be about
pride of country. It should be about love.
Love beyond age, disability, sexuality, race, religion, and any other labels.
Because the second any of us judge people based on those labels, we’re not really
being patriotic, are we? So let’s try this one more time.
Close your eyes, picture that average Joe, or Joan, or Juan, or Jean-Luc.
The real people who make America America. And this year, whenever you feel the urge to don star spangled shorts, or set off fireworks the size of my biceps, to show love for our co untry, remember that to love America is to love all Americans. Because love has no labels.

100 thoughts on “We Are America ft. John Cena | Love Has No Labels | Ad Council


  2. What makes the United States isn't diversity of people, but the diversity of Ideas and the adhesion to the core ideals of the constitution and the bill of rights. Diversity of people doesn't matter, because you can have a 100 people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and all 100 can also be stupid. Every country and culture has lazy, idiots. What makes America Great is everyone who is willing to work hard to achieve the American dream, not sit on their ass and expect hand-outs.

  3. My eyes are open! Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ is my Savior! And according to the Bible there are only 3 types of people. The saved, the unsaved who can be saved, and the reporbates (those whom God hates) that are condemned to hell. The reprobates: Sodomites, trans, pedophiles, rapests, cannibals, God-haters! Interesting that Mr. Cena and the ADD COUNCIL didn't mention how many God-fearing, Jesus-loving , Bible-believing people live in America. Oh, it's because they hate the God of the Holy Scriptures, and they hate Christians who actually BELIEVE and love the word of God.

  4. Biceps and no brains. If you want to love all cultures then live in “the hood” or in “the barrio”. I prefer to be and associate with my Caucasian European culture.

  5. How do you define love, how far should this love extend.. What should be done to express said “love” that this video implies is missing, and should this love extend also to white men.. Comment below your thoughts.

  6. 6,000 racist Authoritarians who demand uniformity are triggered. Real freedom-loving Americans liked the video.

  7. So perhaps maybe you guys should stop insulting one another and tearing each other apart based on opinions, races and who you like to sleep with…

  8. Who are the 10% if prior that have watched and rated this video's simple message and thought it was bad?

  9. At one point we’re eventually going to have to stop pretending like everyone is on the verge of being a bigot, sometime’s pandering is just pandering

  10. Lol, unless you are the straight white male, then you are the enemy. Obviously.

    John Cena excepted…

  11. He said Love ALL Americans . and for this people below have Lost respect for him . LMAO . can't change small minds and dark hearts

  12. The so called hard core Americans are the worst Americans. To be American in this day and age is to be racist and talk big talk about being American while actions show different kinda like Christianity

  13. We see no color, religion , culture, gender or race……WE SEE GREATNESS IN EVERYONE!!! Mexican Americans for Trump 2020!!!

    Thanks ….please make more videos like this.

  14. The average American is not a woman because slightly half are women 🙄
    Who is denying that America is not a variety of colors and creeds.

  15. Bunch of bending to the butt hur millenial era here. Yes you can love all folks and patriotism is just that, but enough of pushing an agenda! I support LGBT and the community but so tired of the constant reminders that "im just like you, i exist, heres a commercial that represents me, and a month, im leading change" movement. Your not special so stop acting like you deserve special treatment. Same for any illegals here in the USA.

  16. I Love You John Cena, But we need too stop pushing " LGBTQCVS" on Our Children or other's, No I'm Not Homophobic But We Need to stop Pushing things on other's, Like a Young Trans boys,Girls Dancing in Front of Adults, That's called pedophilia and sickening, disgusting!!

  17. The camera is just filming a busy avenue while I hear a voice telling me about diversity being a strength.

  18. pa·tri·ot


    1.a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

    "a true patriot"

    synonyms: nationalist (1861) (huge no no ) , loyalist; 

    chauvinist,jingoist, jingo, flag-waver,isolationist, xenophobe

    "a great patriot who had died for his country"

  19. Amazing Leftist video. Don't mention whites or Christians or men or Jews right? And yet we are supposed to believe we are supposed to love everyone? Then you go on to list all kinds of people but then I say we should leave labels out. What a joke of a video.

  20. Amen….. Every decision is based off of Love or Fear…..Love unites us, Fear destroys us. The only non immigrant people are the Native Americans.

  21. Mira mi querido amigo todos somos parte de todos y de fierro es y de sierto será ni toda tu fama ni tu ideología me impresiona porque tu fama no te dejará ala gratis de Jesucristo rey de reyes y ni ala de Dios todo poderoso y ni toda tu mosculatura te asen más fuerte ni más grande para mí en lo personal me da mucho gusto todo lo que as logrado pero todas las naciones todos los países son y serán parte fundamental de la existencia de la raza humana y el tenerle ammor ala bandera de tu país es perfecto pero tu país no estaría donde está si no fueran por lo que le aportan ala economía y al crecimiento económico de estados unidos lo que deben Aser como país es Aser buenas alianzas y no estar aventando amenazas a diestra y siniestra porque de sierto les digo y desierto les diré que con amenasas no conseguirán estar donde están y por esa vía ya nada les funcionará porque el poder divino del padre y la grandísima justicia divina del hijo están y estarán en la tierra con la firme convicción de que la paz y la Ramonita siga fortalesiendose y lo más importante que si tú crees en tu ideología bien pero no quieras darme sicología barata del no saber y del no entender lo se todo entiendo todo y mi bandera es la de la paz y la armonía el amor por la vida y por todo lo que encierra en ella y aquí estaré por todo el tiempo que la graduación de Jesucristo rey de reyes y de Dios padre todo poderoso que nadie ni tu mismo está por encima de su ley y mucho menos de su justicia divina y así es y así será por los siglos de los siglos amen

  22. What do I love about America?
    How it hasn't gone off the deep end like Western Europe…

    Yet anyways……

  23. Omg you god damn right John cena!! To all my American COLOR BLIND, see all as equal ppl… I love and Cherish each and everyone of you!! To all of our spawn, make this planet something we are just now trying to when we are gone. Love and peace to the entire planet 🌎 💙♾♾♾♾🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  24. John Cena knows how to deliver a message very well. He ain't no poster boy, he just has the common sense that makes him the Man that he is now. Not like Seth Rollins, nor Becky Linch in Professional Wrestling, I mean in life. In fact he carries the same legacy as Dwayne Johnson does also. They both have the knowledge, the wisdom, and the courage to do what's right. Back then it was Stone Cold Steve Autsin, who later passed it on to CM Punk, who are the rebellious types, and have the balls to stand against people who abuse their power of authority.

  25. Always remember people who use labels (skin color, status, class) are the one's who want us divided.

  26. America is for everyone no matter color faith gender or beliefs. Being an American means standing for what's right no matter how hard the decision. America supposed to be the ultimate example of unity in diversity. What happened?

  27. I was five years old when I looked prejudice in the face. A divided Country of fear, hate, and prejudice.1959. I grew from there and felt that prejudice was ugly and shallow, and did not serve humanity well…I spent my life helping to change things by the way I looked and lived at every facet of prejudice and I responded to it with the way I behaved towards it. It was not acceptable.
    America, America,God shed his grace on thee,
    And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.
    Children are taught prejudice by society and homelife, they are not born with it. I raised five children, two steps and many adopted- by- loves to rise above the wrong thinking and living of prejudice, fear, and hate. I believe that this Country is going thru a necessary period of fear, hate, and division- a winnowing- that we have been drawn into with a few who would try to stop America from being who and what she truly is and has always been meant to be and keep her in a vacuum that serves only them. We will rise above this challenge, and grow from the lessons we will get from this as a Country -and it will serve to make us even better and stronger… Their wrong thinking cannot last and will not strip our great Country of anything because we will rise and we will meet this challenge just like we've always done. America is not for sale and we were already great. Thank you for the wonderful video of hope and courage. WE ARE AMERICA…

  28. John Cena love may have no labels but when it comes to you it seems to come with a list of really long rules and requirements. You know like the one you made your girlfriend sign when she moved in with you.

  29. What……your telling me fact…..sorry I'll stay with the ALTERNATIVE facts. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. God BLESS AMERICA.

  30. We HAVE to accept everyone (or we don't love America), he says while shoving identity politics down your throat. Hoooooookay dude. Whatever you say.

  31. John Cena is talking out of his asshole mouth.He's just bullshiting everybody's mind even he's a racist too just like every body else he's no different because he's John Cena a star of wrestling and movies.

  32. To love does not entail that one agrees with every lifestyle or belief system held by another citizen. This is basic logic. This country is about unity in diversity, not uniformity. That is to say, I may not agree with another's belief system of lifestyle, but one has a right to those beliefs and lifestyle, as long as one does not force it upon others. THAT is the USA!

  33. 3 years later: "Send her back".

    The damage incurred to this nation by this presidency and its supporters will take years, if not decades, to fix.

  34. Keep lying to yourself. You made good money on this one, didn't you.? You make me sick. Wr will always have lables.,untill the end of time.

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