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Wayne’s World (6/10) Movie CLIP – I Will Not Bow to Any Sponsor (1992) HD

Wayne’s World (6/10) Movie CLIP – I Will Not Bow to Any Sponsor (1992) HD

The fact is,
he’s the sponsor And you signed a contract
guaranteeing him
certain concessions, One of them being
a spot on the show. That’s where I see things
just a little differently. Contract or no, I will
not bow to any sponsor. I’m sorry
you feel that way, But basically,
it’s the nature
of the beast. Maybe I’m wrong
on this one, But for me, the beast
doesn’t include selling out. Garth, you know what
I’m talking about,
right? It’s, like, people
only do things
because they get paid, And that’s
just really sad. I can’t talk about it
anymore. It’s giving me
a headache. Here.
Take two of these. Ah. Nuprin. Little. Yellow.
Different. You can stay here
in the big leagues And play by the rules Or go back to
the farm club in aurora. It’s your choice. Yes. And
it’s the choice
of a new generation.

100 thoughts on “Wayne’s World (6/10) Movie CLIP – I Will Not Bow to Any Sponsor (1992) HD

  1. After about 5 years after watching this movie I finally got the joke it took me years but in the end it was all worth it

  2. Y'know this actually makes sense, life is too short to sell out, you gotta make the best of it, Live Mas and Do the Dew! (Eats a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and drinks a Mountain Dew)

  3. Pepsi owns like every food item they showed here lmao. Including Pizza Hut. They had to of gotten a massive cut from Pepsi for this scene.

  4. 0:54–0:56 Is this part of the clip shot in black-and-white? Is it because the black-and-white format helps make more of a reference to real product commercials, or anything?

  5. I never seen the movie but Mike Myers
    screws with my Prosopagnosia issue (Face Blindness)

    Since i seen all the Austin Powers movies his voice makes me think of that so it mess with my mind

  6. "Pepsi" is Mexican/Spanish Sabotage, so, the "Endorsement"/"Spokespersonship"/"Rock Tour"/… would possibly sabotage other Nations with <coordinated> "Public Actions".

  7. I'm surprised that many actors did not think of adding more brands to sponsor for more money. I'm sure you can ad all brands in one movie.

  8. I have the strangest funny feeling that they were sponsoring products all while suggesting they would never sell out in that fashion.
    Idk but all this thinking has given me a sudden headache that I need to calm it down with two small pills of Nuprin.
    Then I know after relaxing I will get hungry so I will put on all my best Reebok gear, drive down to Pizza Hut for something to eat then on my way home grab a bag of Doritos and a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi to go along with my meal.
    That all sounds very nice 🙂

  9. Best parody and actual product placement at the same time ever.

    Dear hollywood….start making funny movies like this again.

    For some reason all I want is doritos and Pepsi.

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