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Watch This Before You Run Your First Facebook ADS this 2019 ( How to Get Better Conversions)

Watch This Before You Run Your First Facebook ADS this 2019 ( How to Get Better Conversions)

talk to us about Facebook ads I want to
hear I want to hear your strategies how do you get someone’s attention how do
you get the people like me that won’t buy anything on Facebook to buyer or do
you not even focus on me or you just focus on the other group so let me
preface this because if there’s anybody like new that you’re just starting this
and you’ve never ran Facebook Ads I want to just talk to those people real quick
because there’s something like time versus money right if you have more time
and then money like I probably wouldn’t recommend you go Facebook Ads the reason
for it is that Facebook is just because there’s a lot of advertisers on
advertising on Facebook typically when you go in and start launching the
different ad campaigns your cost per purchase will be higher so you’re gonna
have to withstand losing money right and it’s gonna happen because and a lot of
people don’t a lot of you like I love that face we got over this in this
amazing ever but Facebook the more data you can give it right that purchased
their data right on your Facebook pixel the better your conversions are gonna
get because what Facebook is doing right when you launch like an ad set to target
let’s say Beachbody or whatever right and you go in there with a fresh pixel
you’ve never even had a buyer before Facebook’s gonna go do its best guess to
guess who your buyers are and I’m telling you right now guessing is not a
good thing in this game right you want to give Facebook at least like a handful
of buyers that they can be like okay what are the unique characteristics
amongst all of these people that I can then serve ads to people who like it
Beachbody write who are most like these group of like let’s say hundred buyers
that you already have a given Facebook okay then your cost for conversions will
be a lot better but Facebook works really really really well when you have
a lot of data and also with variation that means testing different angles of
ads testing different images videos right but and again if you have more
money to split test and withstand some of those you know growing pains with
Facebook go with Facebook if you have more time I actually recommend people go
with like Instagram influencers YouTube influencers and the reason I say you
have you need more time here is because you’re gonna be building a relationship
with with people and like a business relationship
potentially with these people where maybe you send your product to them for
a review right completely for free to their YouTube channel and a lot of
YouTube like just me being a content creator I’m always looking for my ideas
for content so if like you know if somebody’s like oh those like beauty
stuff a beauty YouTube channel and you have like some Beauty Supplies that
you’re selling ok we’ll reach out to them we’ll send them our products for
free Ben hey would you mind doing this review we’re gonna give you all of this
stuff rough completely for free free of charge all we ask is that you could give
us like a just a quick little youtube review of the products on what you think
and if you like what the products that we have we would love to actually have
like more of like a formal relationship with you where you know we’ll pay you on
a monthly basis in exchange for your promotions on your YouTube channel on
your Instagram pages and that’s really really powerful because think about it
I’ll give back influencer and they don’t have to be an influencer or it could be
somebody has a thousand subscribers two thousand five thousand subscribers on
YouTube but that audience that they have right that’s a that’s a warm audience
those are people that know like and trust that influencer they’re gonna be
easier to convert because they trust the influencer now with power like that
comes great responsibility because if you’re here because if your product
sucks right and that influence ourselves your product to their audience and their
audience starts getting the product what what is this this is John this isn’t
what you said that it was gonna be then you’re gonna have a problem
the influencer is gonna hate you and the influencer or it’s also gonna be really
upset because you just broke trust with their most valuable asset like this is
why this is a very powerful thing you wanna make sure when you’re selling is
actually a value to people but I love it the influencer are out because it’s a
great way to build up that audience for yourself while having like you know and
another business this is powerful is like a lot of people when they buy a
pride they’re gonna search for you on YouTube anyway so you want to be up
there and however the review videos testimonials and by the time like you
have a bunch of influencers posting with you and stuff like that and you can out
service this as well eventually you can be like hey here
you’re gonna be our you know our affiliate manager your job is going to
be to be reaching out to different influencers in this space sending them
our products building relationships putting them on like a retainer or pay
them and then you already have all these buyers now right
now you can go to Facebook now you have let’s say 500 buyers on your pixel go to
Facebook but I think Facebook here’s all my buyers now your ads are gonna be a
lot more profitable because Facebook has something to go off of
so hope that makes it does that make sense no it doesn’t freeeup does the
same thing I think that’s how we reached out to you originally it will reach out
to an influencer and say hey we have this product or in my case service and
here’s a free credit try us out and and you obviously need to back it up you
have to show it up it show up with so a really good product or a really good
service and luckily for your case you were actually a client of ours and I
don’t think I knew it at the time because you’re Peter Peru is actually
your last name Pierzynski that’s super long as it’s like crazy yes
I didn’t put two and two together that the peter pru on youtube was also
already using freeeup but we do that all the time with different influencers and
same thing your product and I think that’s great advice because if you
listen to a lot of the gurus out there its Facebook Ads Facebook Ads Facebook
ads and and the influencer marketing is a huge part of it as well and the thing
is what a lot of people are just like comment on that is like when you and I
see these two like oh I got this right like everyone’s like so in these in the
weeds of their business where I’m like you I need to grab I need to pull you
out of there because like you are a CEO like CEOs don’t run their own Facebook
Ads like in the beginning yes it’s good you’re gonna have to do that you’re
gonna have to understand it’s not it’s good to be competent in all these things
but like you shouldn’t be running your own Facebook advertising you own YouTube
advertising like with e-commerce Empire builders I purpose you strategically set
it up where I’m like I’m not doing anything besides creating content cuz
that’s the only thing I need to be focusing on creating content and helping
students get in contact helping students so you need as you grow yes in the
beginning you’re gonna have to do everything on yourself cuz you not be
able to afford like all of these team members if you’re just starting out but
as you girl like don’t feel like you need to be the one like doing your
Facebook Ads like they’re professionals out there that do this day in and day
out right they know what the latest trends are they know what’s working for
other niches they can help you right and this comes back to like trust a lot of
people you know and they make their first hire something like that
they can’t even explain what to do to the person I can’t do I can do myself
and they just fired the person which is like a terrible outlook to have but you
definitely don’t want to scale your business yourself like like I said you
don’t see like Jeff Bezos running his own Facebook Ads there you know what I
mean like no CEO like if you’re trying to build a real business which is what I
encourage people to actually do and not just like me some extra thousand bucks a
month right you you have to be like a CEO you have to take that role you have
to be like the reason CEOs are so sought after is because like like you’ll see
like fortune 500 companies like hire strategics to use because they know how
to like position team members to do what they put people in the right roles and
just scale it like the CEO is really just amazing and managing people to put
them in the right spots so they’re they’re doing their job at a hundred
percent I can tell you like for my e-commerce success for the success I’ve
had with you know my consulting side of my business that I have now is like
because of the team like there’s no way in hell I was able gonna be do this
stuff by myself like you nobody has enough hours in the day to do everything
effectively like like imagine all the moving parts that happen in an
e-commerce business right you gotta you know send your emails you gotta send you
know social media post you got to go do product research you got to go do market
research you gotta get on your Facebook that you’re gonna do order fulfillment
through I mean it is impossible to do all of those things by yourself you know
stop totally agree and I want to take the second to point out that whether
it’s a click files expert email marketing content writers whether it’s
Facebook ad experts we have all of those on the freeeup platform ready to go
already pre vetted hey everyone thank you so much for
watching did you enjoy this content if so click
like leave us a comment and subscribe to our channel so we can continue bringing
you great content all about higher

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