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Watch live: House Judiciary Committee take historic vote on Trump impeachment

Watch live: House Judiciary Committee take historic vote on Trump impeachment

100 thoughts on “Watch live: House Judiciary Committee take historic vote on Trump impeachment

  1. Largest smear campaign in prepping for the election. Democrats know they cant win the next election so this is their best bet.

  2. OK so your telling me Biden had nothing to do with his Son working in Ukraine ? and that the prosecuting attorney in Ukraine was the one that's corrupt ? and that the story is convoluted ? SO what is china's money to do with Biden's son ? explain to me that is convoluted also. Do any of you know what objective means ? Better tow the line or get fired right ?

  3. no cime?!! ahahahaha! oh, was that just the presidents privilege? and 20:20, uh do you call when obama was elected, you freaks vowed to obstruct his every move? why? just skin colour, you animal. here jerks are self interested and don't even like trump, just protecting their part in tax breaks, and who knows what all. hypocrites, traitors, shocks, paltroons!

  4. Wtf is Roby doing with a child there? The party against women, children and making life easier except apparently for themselves.
    The gloves are off. If the Republicans think nothing wrong was done let’s go. Let’s see who’s the best cheater. If the world is listening we’re waiting for you to investigate the corruption associated with trump and kids. It’s time, for national security, that we have each country do us a favor.

  5. Unfair Lady Really, take a very good look in the Mirror. And stop using us as America for your Political stunt you all know the truth, and yes you are right we see the true and yes you are right the polls will tell the truth.

  6. Im voteing for trump anyway. thats at least 1 more vote than he got last election and I am not alone. #walkaway till the criminals in the democratic party are held accountable for their corruption overseas. those who scream the loudest "pelosi, shiff" are guilty of high treason and should be hung by the neck till they are dead. hunter is going to turn on his dad, just watch. their kids are tired of being used to launder money to feed thier parents political gains. they wont go down without taking their parents with them.

  7. Dems Remember if this goes down, if a Dem is elected in 2020 or 2024 impeachment will start immediately against them as the Dems have done since before Trump took office.. Look at what Nadler said immediately after election.. So the Dem's have set their own demise in the future by the standards they have set today..

  8. Decent people of any party would abolish separating little children from their parents and putting them in cages. Conservatives are evil, but pretend to be patriots.

  9. Have u noticed something there? All who said I and yes appears not to be an USA patriot or someone u can say just from appearance and look that is an American. They all mixed colors and races and hates for true patriots.

  10. Everybody seems awfully happy…. I thought Nadler said in order to proceed we had to have bi-partisan consensus? You ask for visibility for Trump, but you don't even allow Republicans to bring in witnesses? Oh i cant wait until 2024….. If a democrat wins, he'll be impeached within the first year for "abuse of power"..

  11. When so many ppl get to enjoy high lifestyle without any hard work, thats adictive. You end up doing ANYTHING, even this disgraceful bad taste show. Bad omen for the whole country.

  12. So….what is it again we're impeaching the president for? I've watched all the c-span broadcasts on the topic and have heard a lot about other peoples opinions, law professor ideologies, tons of he-said-she-said and examples of hurt feelings but I'm yet to hear some compelling (if ANY) evidence as opposed to conjecture and hearsay. Didn't this happen to Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh as well?

  13. The evidence points only to DEMOCRAT-Russia collusion…

    1) Burisma owner [Mykola Zlochevsky] was/is a RUSSIA ALLY! (Joe Biden's son worked for and made millions from Burisma. Joe is ON VIDEO BRAGGING about extorting the Ukrainians into firing the prosecutors who were investigating his son and the RUSSIA-ALLIED owner of the company.

    2) Top Putin aids (Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov), reported sources for Clinton campaign/DNC paid-for Steele dossier!

    3) Ukrainian who helped Hillary (Serhiy Leshchenko)(via Paul Manafort and the Steele dossier) was PAID BY A RUSSIAN!

    4) For 8 long years (2008-2016), the Obama-Biden-Clinton admin immensely HELPED Russia, via Obama's promised and delivered "flexibility" on missile defense, the New Start nuke treaty, the Putin-loving Iran deal, the Uranium-One deal (allowing Russia to take ownership of 20 (TWENTY) percent of our (USA) uranium production!)

    5) Slashing OUR military to a near shambles.

    6) Obama-Biden DENYING desperately requested military assistance to Ukraine…during the Russia invasion of Crimea!

  14. All I know is revolution is coming and I’m buying every gun I can and not registering a single one cause these shitbag Democrats have no respect for the constitution and we will go to war.

  15. Well……I'm officially done with the democratic party and I will vote as an independent in the future. I think that a lot of truth will come out during the Senate trial about the democratic party's abuse of power which utilized the intelligence agencies of the United States government in an attempt to overthrow a sitting President of the United States as foreshadowed by Senator Schumer in an interview that he gave on national television. Prosecutors should observe all the people who will be outed during the trial as traitorous criminals and prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law because their sole purpose was to overthrow this President. The penalty for their treasonous acts should be prison time or summary executions.

  16. She brought her child to a vote on impeachment . These are the people your trusting with your lives. Down with these set of republicans!

  17. Can everyone just rewatch and pay attention to EYE contact and BODY LANGUAGE during the VOTES and Press conferences. As well as DEMEANOR and WORDS.

  18. Historically, GOP/Conservatives have always been the greatest defenders of our Constitution. I find laughably ironic that the Democrats are now the ones filling those shoes, seeing as we have never had a greater threat to the Constitution than Donald Trump. Get real, pop yer bubble.

  19. I am sorry to admit, but if Nadler will get a heart attack over his political activities, most of the world won't be sorry. Schiff, Pelosi and bunch of other vile rats are on the same page. As good as dead

  20. The Democratic party is the party of the sad, the silly, the weak, the party of and for non Americans and the party of non existent genders, the party of insanity.

  21. Trump is being held accountable for his crimes against the people of the USA. All of those GOP enablers should be charged as accessories to the crimes.

  22. Republicans make my head hurt, they lie so much and are so corrupt in their non-defense of Donald Trump that it is a national disgrace like none other before them.

  23. Simply not true, I never heard of anyone vowing to impeach Donald until this evidence turned up. Many, many don't like him but decided to give him a chance. Big mistake. Obama was the president who within 24/hours of election the repubes vowed to flatten all of his efforts. No evidence has already put everyone Mueller has pointed the finger at behind bars. These fibbers are simply lying because of concern for their own well being.

  24. There is a swamp. Who are they? They're are the people that want to take away your rights. They will lie, cheat, steel and manipulate their power to get what they want. They're on both sides of the aisle.

  25. When Americans gave Trump the presidency. He is doing what Americans hired him to do. He is rooting out corruption=Obama Bidenburismahillary all.

  26. Sorry, even if you love or hate him (Trump) just the response to the announcement of Greta Thunberg for Time magazine as Person of the Year is for me a reason for impeachment
    Just get rid of him, just a pathetic (narcissistic) person. Me me me and the rest is……….

  27. Any chance we could send Trump and his minions to Texas and call it Trumpania, his own country? Liberals could simply emigrate to the US and Trumpers could pay for their wall and non-rule of law, and Mexico could once again vie for Texas possibly, god forbid. But I certainly wouldn't lock Trumper kids in cages if they try to escape the Donald.

  28. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH so whos lieing facts say trump is lieing demacrates didnt make up testimonies those were trumps people dems didnt withhold money

  29. I wonder if the Republicans would have reacted differently if the House had picked one of Trump's many other crimes to impeach him on?

  30. We been watching trump get away with this behavior and lord knows what else we understand exactly what is going on it’s time for you to decide what side are you on she obviously hates the outcome

  31. He swore to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. He doesnt believe in the Constitution or the rule of law. He doesnt believe in the American government or any of its agencies. He is not loyal to the US, its laws or agencies. If any of us were disloyal to the company we worked for, in fact worked against the companies' policies, and got othe subordinates rto disobey too, we would be fired. For these reasons Trump should be FIRED. He should be IMPEACHED..

  32. Dem's, you may have the numbers to push impeachment in your favor in Congress (Big Deal),…But the Senate has the numbers to vote DOWN your charges to Impeach and shut down your clown show once and for all,….Friday the 13th 2019 will go down in History as a Epic Fail in the Dem's attempt to prove these charges will stick in the Senate,..

  33. OMG how much stupider can those Dems get?? God-haters, Anti-Americans traitors…have a good look people!! And now off to the senate and on senate rules, where everything will be busted wide open….hahahahahah. You think they might have a go at some of the senators? Nay quess not, we'll never get finished. Best life show ever!! God bless POTUS D. Trump and his landslide win 2020 !!! Have a happy happy holiday America and enjoy the next crazy show where it's the end of the Democratic party !!!!

  34. I would personally like to thank the Democrats for handing Trump and the Republicans the 2020 elections, this is the greatest blunder in American political history

  35. Oh how rich, impeaching a sitting president with no definitive crime, DemonRat party just set presidency for all presidents in the future…

  36. There is no such thing as " abuse of power" when it comes to fighting corruption.Now it is evident who the real beasts are in our society .

  37. It's historic for sure. Never have we had a collective of morons try to perform an impeachment because they can't win an election and know they are going to lose the next one. Very historic. This will not be forgotten.

  38. Is a sad day for Republicans, but not for the country, they vote no because they only care about trump and they pride. Republican don’t care about the country!!! If someone has the truth don’t hide like He did.

  39. Why you guys don’t bring Bolton and Juliani to talk. You just talk about the poor president has been treat. Facts are clear. Every Person is treat it as he treat others. Please don’t waste more of American time and dollars.

  40. The DEMS are the ultimate game players. They should seriously consider giving up their current career and play video game tournaments instead because they are very good at playing games. Nadler, the living corpse, pulled a fast one last night figuring that it was too late for all the oglers to witness the vote on live TV so he concluded the hearing until today ..

  41. A baker's dozen Jewish lawyers are sitting around a big table in the basement of the Capitol in DC discussing the impeachment debacle… The fat one says, Alright.. alright.. ONE of you is going to betray me before the night is done… A small voice is heard over the gasps…. "Duh"…

  42. To say that the democrats are going to vote which ever way would benefit themselves is so much crap. Vote for what’s right. Which ever way.

  43. These treasonous demonic destructive demoncrats Will reap what they've sown… And some of these idiots are going to jail… And any television broadcast company that endorses these lucifer worshipping demonic one world order global ghouls that are trying to pull a coupe de ta…. I pray in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ the Most high only true Lord…. That our president is going to RISE WAY WAY ABOVE THIS NONSENSE AND STUPID WASTE OF OUR TAX AND TIME… IDIOTS THAT DEMONIC OPPRESSION STUPID DEMOCRATS AND GLOBAL GHOULS ARE CAUSING AND EVERY STINKING ROTTEN MAINSTREAM media outlets that is anti Trump will be taken off the air….

  44. As I see it. Many a Far-Left believe all of the Far-Left hogwash and are blind to truth, this means that they have had a lot of practice lying to them-selves over time. People that cannot or do not seek, see or find the truth within cannot see or find truth without in the collective common world that we all live in together. In short mental-blinders are self-bestowed by choice and ignorance, not to mention self-serving desires. This
    is the  ingredient and development of the mainstream media matrix.

  45. @21:30 "they wanted to impeach him before this phone call" well maybe it's because he was committing crimes BEFORE this phone call as well…before he even got elected!! so spare me the crocodile tears.

  46. The republican are basically committing obstruction of justice. The GOP congressmen are just a part of the cover-up as Trump now. The GOP have put treason and corruption ahead of country. The way the gop House members acted are exactly what the Russians like and support.

    If the GOP doesn't convict, then vote traitors out.

    Lets give the Patriot salute to the Democratic House members standing up against corrupt and treason against our country. USA!

  47. what a bunch of BS The Democrats have nothing … this is nothing … and it's not going to go anywhere in the Senate. Waste of time and money.

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