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Watch First! | This Is How We Do Digital Marketing | Westerlund, Co

Watch First! | This Is How We Do Digital Marketing | Westerlund, Co

From 2018 to 2019, over 65% of small business owners considered their digital marketing effort a failure. Now, the thing with digital marketing is that, because there really is no threshold stopping you from entering the industry or trying it out, It created this very deceptive, and, unfortunately, often costly appearance that digital marketing is something – as a small business owner , or as a decision maker – you should, and could just easily handle yourself. Now, we 100% believe in your dedication towards your business and your capability to learn or make commitments. We are not one of those agencies who are gonna go around and tell you how unqualified and incompetent you are in running your own digital campaigns and strategy. Because, even if, part of that might be the fact, you can always commit to learn. And being in the market yourself and being the owner of your business, You WILL get pretty good at it. So, a better way of approaching this really is asking the key question: What are you trying to accomplish? I spent the last 7 years in my life to become an expertise in the marketing and advertising industry. Now, is that something you would like to do? Or would you rather grow and scale your business as much as you can using the same amount of time? If your answer was the latter, I would like you to think about all the time you have invested in creating your own social media, in writing your own blog, optimizing your website, writing emails, even designing paid campaigns. I would like you to think (about) all of the time you have spent, on those things, and consider how much of a difference it could make if you’re able to be freed from all those things I just mentioned and simply, 100% focus on growing your business. It could be going to in-person events representing yourselves, It could be following up on referrals and closing deals. Think of how much more efficient your time investment would be and most importantly, how much more revenue you will be able to generate. Now – when we work with someone, it is not just you looking for a freelancer, hiring a contractor, or trusting your business to some agencies because we said “we’re the best.” When we work with someone, we are building a business partnership we will hold YOU accountable for growing your business and following up and closing. And most importantly, we will also give you access to all our knowledge and information and even our broad referral network. We will help you bringing in leads We will help you closing those deals. We want to make you grow as much as you can Because that is the only way we will be able to grow. Now, at the very end of this video, I would like to share a fun fact with you: The name “Westerlund” – the name of our company came from the name of one of the brightest young star clusters in the universe. When I saw this term, it really rang with me. And I thought: what would be a better name for a company working together, hand-in-hand with small business owners and decision makers to grow their businesses so we can grow. It is a mutually beneficial business partnership – it is a heart-to-heart relationship – we are trying to build. Will you give us the opportunity to have this conversation with you so we can shine together?

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