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Was ist Performance Advertising?

Was ist Performance Advertising?

When we are talking about social media advertising it revolves around the channels Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest. And with these social media channels, it is always a big
challenge to reach people in their specific situation: On the smartphone, in the subway, in which ever way they are scrolling through their news feed. And I am only able
to do that with good performance advertising, thus with advertisements
that arouse people’s interests, inspire them or emotionally touch them and then direct them to my website. It is like this for example: I always have a business goal. This could be that I want to generate leads, collect applications
or simply get more conversions and generate more sales in the shop.
This can be realized very good through a techique called “Retargeting” for example. Retargeting is the second, third or multiple times that I am reaching my
target audience, which has already visited my website or interacted with my brand on Facebook or Instagram.
Through that I can catch the audience and show them a more specific offer.
A small example for retargeting: Many people focus with their online shop on the three percent of users who buy and they want to increase these three percent. I question this and say: What about the other 97% of users who didn’t buy? And this is where mothods and techniques such as retargeting come into play. Think through the customer’s journey more, because when I look at it from my own customer’s perspective, I’m not going to buy immediately when I see a Facebook or Instagram Ad. I don’t buy the product instantly. This means that
I simply have to think on the long term, take people by the hand, my clients,
and show them what they need to see so that they then convert, buy, apply or whatever the CTA is. The social media advertising world is changing on an almost daily basis
and that is why it is so important to hand this online marketing area to someone who evaluates the campagnes on a daily basis and optimizes these campaigns to achieve a better performance.

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