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WARC: accessing advertising case studies

WARC: accessing advertising case studies

WARC is a database which provides access to:
examples of marketing best practice , details of award winning advertising campaigns including
videos and advertising data, webinars, case studies, market insights, articles, news,
company profiles and more. This video will demonstrate how to access advertising case
studies. To view more videos about using Warc, click on the link at the top of the screen
to be redirected to the WARC playlist available on the library’s YouTube channel.
From the WARC homepage, click on case finder From this page you can search for advertising
case studies and filter by industry By country and region
By campaign objectives As well as being able to filter by media and
channels, creative approach, target audience, budget, campaign duration and reported metrics
In this example, I am interested in advertising campaigns from John Lewis. Type the name of
a company or a keyword into the search box and then click add keyword and Find cases.
Your results will be listed. I am going to click on Show only recommended
You can see the award that each campaign has won is listed underneath the tile. You can
view a summary or access the full text PDF of the case study.
From the WARC homepage you can also access WARC 100 which ranks the world’s best marketing
campaigns. Click on WARC 100 From this page you can browse content using
the options at the top or view a summary of the 2017 results.
For more help with using the Warc database, please refer to the other videos in the playlist
which you can access via the library’s YouTube channel.

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