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Waking up at 5AM is changing my life

Waking up at 5AM is changing my life

According to common sense media 50% of teens said that they feel addicted to their phones, meaning that only 50% of teens are actually self-aware enough to know that they are. See I look I was one of them. If somebody logged up to me 10 days ago and asked Are you addicted to your phone? I would have said no But recently I realized that I actually am. See, addictions are weird because they kind of… They happen over time, and so it’s hard to see like the big picture or like Bigger habits that have started to happen because it’s been so gradual But yeah, I mean My phone was the last thing I looked at at night and the very first thing I looked at in the morning and often times For like an hour… Both morning and night. And like throughout the day just on my phone if I had to guess probably I don’t know three And a half hours each day I think that this whole revelation started to happen one one time I went and I looked at my YouTube watch history For the day because I was like, you know I’ve been on YouTube a lot today and I did the math of how many minutes I Had been watching and it was like over two hours And I had no idea. It was like 30 videos or more… I just kept counting and that is in addition to being on my phone doing other stuff throughout the day So who knows how long I was actually on my phone every single day But yeah It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up in the morning if I did not have my phone on my bedside (Inaudible)..I would get agitated. I mean that is an addiction But it was like the perfect storm because I… Was losing sleep and getting really really tired throughout the day because I was on my phone so much throughout the day and at night that I… Wasn’t getting the proper hours of sleep and even if I was getting like seven hours of sleep It was like I was going to sleep really late, you know, like 1:00 a.m Which I mean you’re gonna be tired if you’re going to sleep at 1:00 a.m Even if you’re waking up later, you’re just gonna be tired throughout the day. That’s how it always has been with me at least But I found that I was just getting really really agitated and just being in a bad mood throughout the day because Like the day just seemed so crazy short and I just felt like I couldn’t really get anything done throughout the day it was because I was probably spending like four hours a day on my phone and it’s not like just A block of time and that I’m not thinking about my phone after that is like throughout the day It’s distracting me from things that I’m trying to get done It just really started to completely destroy me and my sleep schedule was terrible Like I basically just missed the entire morning And then this whole vicious cycle kept going where I felt like I was behind in my tasks I wanted to get done So I looked at my phone to procrastinate more and then I bla bla bla. I would stay up late and Look at my phone, was total disaster. So one day I had Basically just reached my breaking point I had enough I could not do this one more day cuz I was starting to lose my mind So I basically just Honestly completely started to hate myself and uh I realized at that point that the habits that I had picked up over time Needed to completely stop immediately So all this is going on in my brain and then in the middle of one of my youtube addict binges I happen to pawn a video of a Navy SEAL Talking about why everybody should wake up at 4:30 a.m. They’re good habits. Why would you not wake up at 4:30? Well, what does this bring to you… waking up early? You just get a jump on the day, because what are ya doing at night most of the time? Most the time at night You’re not working on anything super productive and watching stupid YouTube videos Don’t do that. Instead go to sleep and then wake up early and that is exactly the video that I needed To watch in order to break this habit. As soon as I see something that strikes a chord with me I am all in… I’m I’m doing it. So that same night I told myself I would do a few things differently that sadly I knew we’re gonna be very hard, but that I knew were going to help me immensely in the long run The first thing was that I committed to charging my phone in another room, not right at my bedside… The second thing was I forced myself to actually shut off my phone one hour before I laid down The third thing was I set a bedtime of 10:00 p.m And told myself I would lay down at 9:45… Number four when I woke up I was not going to turn on my phone for three hours. This is a formula that I have been following for a week now and let me tell you, It’s gonna sound melodramatic, but it has literally changed my life. That first night it was Actually a little easier than I thought it was gonna be Um, because I had put my phone in another room to charge Like I didn’t feel that urge of Grabbing it at night It was just kind of hard to fall asleep that early because I was so used to going to sleep at like 1:00 a.m But I forced myself to go to sleep that early because I was determined to wake up at 5:00 a.m…. 4:30 That wasn’t.. that wasn’t gonna happen. That seems a little too early. Honestly just instinctively that’s kind of early but 5:00 a.m It was and but it was strange like when I woke up in the morning I did not feel the urge to look at my phone and I think.. I think the reason was it’s stupid But the reason was there was an extra step. I couldn’t just pick it up and swipe I had to pick it up and actually physically turn it on, It was an extra step that was unusual for me So I didn’t instinctively want to do it So this went on for a week and it was surprisingly really really easy to break the habit, a habit that seemed Completely unbreakable… was broken in… Less than a week like. If you can just get through that first night of putting your phone in another room shutting it off It gets so much easier and the new habits that you form are actually a lot of fun and way way more Fulfilling like now I sit out here on the back porch for an hour or so, and I just read something I never felt like I had time to do because I was always behind on projects I was doing but I read an entire book in… One week.. something that’s unheard of for me.. and it just took a few simple actions to actually make it happen Let me tell you a week of forcing myself to put my phone away and wake up at 5:00 a.m Has had tremendous benefits… like I’m not even exaggerating My attention span is so much better I can remember stuff now like that’s an actual side effect to phone addiction. You just can’t remember stuff anymore I’ve exercised way more as well it’s like the second thing that I do in the morning after I read and it’s a great way of just getting it out of The way because if you wait, you might not do it. My mood has also been dramatically better I mean even my wife Sarah has told me that I just seem like a happier person Like sleep deprivation will destroy you. Also, the days just feel so much longer, I mean when you wake up and it’s dark and then you watch the sun rise… That’s a lot of hours until the sun goes down. Like you’re not wasting three hours when the Sun is up sleeping it doesn’t seem like a lot but that extra three hours like… Changes everything about the day. I also just feel way more awake during the day. I don’t get tired I used to be tired all the time. I’m not tired anymore I barely ever yawn and it sounds dumb, but just sitting outside for like an hour and just looking at birds flying You know, look just enjoy nature. The human brain was meant to do that Like just having a quiet slow morning when nobody else is awake It’s one of the most rejuvenating things that I have ever done I also just get way more stuff done during the day because I don’t feel like the day is running away from me I feel like I am in control of the day. It doesn’t control me and throughout the day I don’t feel like I want to grab my phone every five seconds because I started my day out on the right foot It’s kind of like a game. How long can I go without looking at my phone? It’s actually kind of fun Like I’m not telling you that you need to wake up at 5:00 a.m that that is the magic time but I’m just saying try and put your phone away at night. Try and wake up an Hour and a half earlier than you wake up now if you wake up late, you know what I’m saying? Like I’m really trying not to exaggerate but it’s hard not to seem like I’m exaggerating when I’m telling you Just how dramatic of a change it has been in just one week. I want you out there I want you to try this because you will be a happier person. You will be a nicer person. You’ll be a way more effective.. Person throughout the day. I guarantee it waking up at 5 a.m Is changing my life and I can only encourage you if you feel the same way that I felt seven days ago, please Change up your habits. Try this. It will make you a better person Alright. I have a lot of stuff I got to do like edit this video and put it out, (inaudible) talk to you later. Alright, bye

100 thoughts on “Waking up at 5AM is changing my life

  1. Finally, I found a video which talks about a habit that I have too I practiced waking up at 5 AM and even too early I got positive results I did my homework, sport and I felt like I'm now a perfect person but the problem is that I can't stop sleeping very late I mean I can't sleep till 2 AM it's all because of my phone I started using phone when I was 14 I created fb account and seeing post and sharing post and pictures which didn't mean anything then I decreased the Internet too much thousands of thing were coming to my mind, for example, let's search for actors names let's search how beauty this and that actress is and bla bla bla but all these things wasted my time my year and even years like two or three AND NOW I GOT NOTHING AT ALL my physical strenth got so weak my eyes and my Mind got weak too I forget things now Finally I broke my phone 4 months ago and now I'm using my Laptop and just watching youtube I'm going to STOP this immediately I hop you guys who read my comment stop this habit immeiately as well.

  2. instead of turning my phone off, i just turn wifi and data off, then use the forest app right when i wake up, it works for me (i need my phone by my bed because i don't have another alarm xd). now over time i don't need to plant trees on the app anymore, i can just have my phone in my pocket and not use it until a certain time, it's become a habit

  3. I agree with the phone part but I don't agree with waking up at 5am but maybe its just me I don't know.
    Whenever I'm at home I switch off my phone and I don't feel the need to use it unless of an emergency this helps me focus on whatever I want to do though out the day.
    Because the phone is very distracting. Also I believe it has something to do with blue light. I recently bought a new blue light filter glasses and its awesome. I can stare at my computer screen for hours without any pain and it helps me to focus and sleep much better. Also my memory improved a lot.

  4. Okay, I think waking up early is a GREAT thing for everyone's life, I did it right before the summer break (for 2 months), and YES, I felt better ; less tired throughout the day, more positive and motivated… Witch are very good points right here, but through the experience, those side effects started to fade away more and more every next morning, and when I think about it, I wasn't more productive, actually when I woke up at 6AM, my morning routine was to get up, take a healthy brunch, drink water, read, do some sport, shower and… nothing.
    So for an hour before my bus came, I was just watching Netflix or some motivational videos on YouTube ; and I don't think that it is a good way to start a day.
    My point is that, okay you'll feel better but I don't think that it comes from "Getting Up Early" but it comes from you, you're telling your mind that you change in a positive way, that is fine don't get me wrong, however, every state of confidence that comes from an event (here : getting up early) tend to fade away in a certain amount of time, so the first month you'll see some great positive changes in your life, but after, it'll be just an habit, and you'll get back to your state of motivation that you were before this experience.
    SO I'm asking all of you guys, what would you add on your morning free-time ?

  5. I don't get enough sleep thats why I'm always was cranky and have mood swings. I feel like your right being on your phone is slowly destroying us. Thanks for the tips man. I appreciate this video so much.

  6. Bruhhhh Damm 2 hours is nothing my average phone usage is 10:35 minutes daily , today I have used my phone for 7 hours and 6 minutes till now

  7. I would love to sleep early and wake up early however I share a room with my brother and he plays games till 3 in the morning and Wakes up at 1 in the afternoon

  8. Mix this with NoFap and meditation and nothing could get you down

    not that it really matters but I'm a male so don't ask why it says Anne 😂😂😂 long story

  9. Everyone in the comments are making jokes about this video but for gods sakes, open up your eyes people. Listen to his words. We aren’t supposed to spend this much free time in on our phones

  10. Wow congrats for taking action I’ve tried to stop my bad habits so many times that I lost count all was unsuccessful. And you know its a problem if you start getting headaches from constant phone use and still use it. I also think your addiction wasn’t to bad because I know a lot of people who are on their phone 9+ hours and for those who are so engrossed in their phone it’s gonna be almost impossible to break. I’ll try these tips though

  11. From Phone to Laptop to making a Youtube Channel. (Total hrs spent editing video = 2hours+) Back to where you started.

  12. Guys I think we really need to listen to this and try it because evreybody is so pissend and senssless last time. And we do Nothing the hole day. Go up early workout and do something u like!

  13. I literally spent this whole day on yt so 2 yours is nothing for me lmao and I went to sleep at 4 am to watch yt yesterday soo yeah maybe I should at least sleep during the night

  14. This video made me realize how much I really am on my phone. Also, let’s just appreciate how beautiful this man is. Also, thanks for helping me. I’m going to bed soon now! 👌

  15. Dude you just go to settings and screen time and it says how long you’ve spent that day/week on ur phone and per app

  16. I love how everyone is competing for how long they spend on their phones. Like guys, that’s not smth to be proud of…

  17. 2000: “they’re gonna have flying cars in the future”
    2019: YT watchers competing for time they spent on their phones…

  18. He is talking about 2 hours being on yt and im here almost 5 hours and it’s still the middle of the day…hah, im pretty sure my life is terrible

  19. I just finished a 4 month internship at the airport for college. I had to commute 2 hours each way. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship but I’m am sooo glad I don’t have to wake up at 5am!

  20. I do productive things into the night. I wake up late. The same time difference applied. Apart from today. I just have finished my epic Holliday.

  21. 0:14 You put your camera at the top of the stairs, hit record, then went back downstairs just to film yourself going upstairs? A POV shot would’ve been less work.

  22. I am on my phone like for around 10 to 12 hours daily in the name of watching every sort of videos from sanskari to p***. I am a housewife with not so much work around and also no tv. Then I think it is justified 😉 Though I get up at 8 am and sleep at 2 pm

  23. For the people saying that they'd wake up early in a place like that: I live in a big city, if I look out of my window there's 20% sky and trees and 80% buildings. Seeing the sky change colours (can't actually see the sun) and hear the city slowly waking up. The buses starting to show up, the people collecting trash, stores opening and movement of the streets slowly getting louder feels very good. You should at least try it.

  24. This is so relatable 💙 I can't believe but I too have made same schedule..n am following it!! Whatever he experienced before n after waking up at 5 am …I felt the same!!! 🌞🌛

  25. Hey Josh,
    I know this video is old but I have only just watched it. Today. 6:43pm in Australia. 🙂
    I wanted to know if you are still doing this? How has it evolved, this simple habit that you decided to attack head on? I am very interested because I have also just noticed a terrible accumulation of horrible habits.

  26. Thanks this was helpful I have a problem with my tablet and I will try and do these things I'm also working on reading more .

  27. I think the phone addiction is not a problem until you using it properly. For me the phone is the fastest way to reach important information. I using it for reading mostly and just after that goes music and other.

  28. When i was a child, my Dad and Mom didn’t allow me to stay up late. Of course, they wanted the best thing for me but i even felt they were too strict. Now i think i am so lucky because that made me have a great habit. I go to bed at 10 o’clock p.m and get up at 5.00 a.m to jump rope, learn or read books everyday . I’m going to be better throughout every single day.

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