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Vlogging Tips – How To Grow A Vlog Channel (7 Tips)

Vlogging Tips – How To Grow A Vlog Channel (7 Tips)

So how can you get new views and reach new
people with your daily vlog We got 7 quick tips to share with you in this
video Hey whats up guys Sean here
Benji here And this is video influencers helping you
build your influence and your income with online video
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technical Stuff about video like the technical side
editing things like that And how to create a career or an income with
your YouTube channel Absolutely we also interview influencers and
stuff so a lot of cool things are happening here
but in this video today we want to talk about specifically some tips for daily vloggers
and so we have actually 7 questions to go through and these are great questions to ask
your self to improve the content of your daily vlog
So the first question to ask your self when it comes to making your daily vlog better is How is this
vlog different from everything else on YouTube ?
Ultimately you know being unique and standing out is huge and its hard it can feel like
YouTube is a very crowded space I actually heard a quote recently that different
is better than better being unique is whats needed these days
not even just being good but actually being unique and standing out so how can you be
different than the other family vloggers out there or the
other travel vloggers or the other singles what ever kind
daily or couple of times a week vlog that you do how can you be different
The next tip is still be authentic and vlogging about your passionate about and what your
interests are where are your skills ’cause what you don’t
want to do is be a fake person you don’t want to be vlogging
about stuff that you think people want to watch and you are just doing it to get views
you want to do things that really make you energize that you personally feel strongly
about ’cause that’s going to be most interesting on camera for your viewers
Thast’s incredible Yeah so ask yourself what are my passions and strengths ’cause if you are
just trying to be different and you are no longer authentic you are no longer who you
are then it’s not going to work The third question to ask yourself is what
kind of themes and segments can I include in my vlog and
Specifically here are some examples with you guys’ itsjudytime itsjudyslife vlog you have
themes that are kind of like green juice appears a lot you got what are some of the other themes
Yeah there’re themes and segments that are popular to the viewers so another one would be like you know
the audience comment part where we talk about comments that come up on our vlogs or another
one would be Judy like the drugstore visits where she goes and shops for makeup that’s
a popular segment and one thing I will say about things and
segments you might not even know you are creating a theme or a segment but your audience loves
it so much they asks for it so that’s a great thing because then
you can reproduce that in future vlogs Yeah and a really popular vlogger right now
Cassie Neistat has a couple of things like a theme that shows out was dollar pizza and
this pizza was kind of show up and it became like a theme people would recognize but a
segment would be like he does a Q & A once a week and so the question for you would be
what kind of theme what kind of segments can you put that’s almost like tv programing like
the office Where you have Dwight and Jim and Jim is always
playing practical jokes on Dwight and so throughout all the season they have this consistent theme
Strong vlogs have those same things The next tips is how can you make the quality
better now it’s not the absolute necessary most important thing to have like 1080p HD
Or have the greatest lighting but it is good to consider this specially with people watching
these vlogs and youtube videos on big screens right?
Yeah so maybe is it time Is it time to invest in a new camera for your channel ? is it time
to up level the editing software so you can do a little bit more
Umm or even just invest in accessories whatever that means for you just how can your quality
better The fifth one is how can I leverage trends
and so some good examples is that a lot of people during Christmas would do vlogmas and
they’ll vlog every day during December and it’s something that you can jump on and potentially
get some more views but more than that it could be something that you include in your
vlog in your title in your thumbnail of a viral video that’s happening a popular dance
a popular song and when you can incorporate trends this
are sometimes some of the biggest growth spikes that you can experience as a vlogger because
you jumped on the trends yeah if there’s something popular that you
know people are searching or that you know people are interested in they might be more
inclined to watch your vlog maybe there’s a subscriber that haven’t watch
your vlog but because you are jumping on a trend that is popular they might revisit your
vlog and your channel and start watching because
of the trend you are including into your vlog the next tip is one of the hardest for most
vloggers and just anybody in video is what can you cut out
because this is so important if there’s a part of your vlog that’s a little dead or maybe a little boring it’s
really important to cut that out because the audience attention is very precious specially
with so many platforms out there and people jumping from Facebook to YouTube to Snapchat
you have a small window of time to entertain and form and really keep people’s attention
when it comes to vlogging less is more and so in a conversation can you cut out the none
essential parts if your vlogs are 15 minutes would they be
stronger at about 7 or 8 minutes and you might see people that have a lot longer lengths
but maybe they’ve build a huge audience and people want to see that
and then seventh the last question to ask your self is who can you collab with? and is
pretty well known that collaborations are probably the best way to grow your YouTube
audience to get more views to reach more people but is something that you should be constantly
asking and think outside of the box don’t constantly maybe have your dream people who
you would like to collaborate with but also just doing collabs with anybody
just you know reaching one new audience member one new subscriber because you collaborate
with somebody is what it takes that’s the hustle to just continue to grow
your channel and so who can you collab with big or small local or afar when you are
traveling question of the day
what do you think that makes a vlog awesome like what are the elements of a great daily
vlog or lifestyle vlog let us know in the comments bellow we like to connect with you
down there and some of the best connection and community is really happening on the comment
section so make sure you take some time to check it out
thanks for watching this has being another segment of video influencers helping you build
your influences and your income with online video make sure you subscribe to this channel
check out our facebook page and then also just put together a new resource
with actually the biggest mistakes that we see vloggers making not just us we’ve been
able to interview a lot of youtubers now lots of vloggers
and we’ve compile literally the biggest mistakes we put it in a cool resource totally free
so if you are interested in that we’ll put a link in the description bellow you can see
the link on the screen here as well download is gonna help you crush it with your vlogs
thanks for checking out this video later
out of your wait no cool and the first tip is be
I got it siren ?

100 thoughts on “Vlogging Tips – How To Grow A Vlog Channel (7 Tips)

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  3. I do a family vlog something my kids can look back on. At the end of every vid I speak to them as if they were older and touch on the theme of that video, or what I would like them to know. Having a hard time growing. Just started incorporating hashtags but I’ll try incorporating YouTube trends that’s something I don’t think I’ve done. Thanks!

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