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Vlog 9 – What to do & see in CAPRI

Vlog 9 – What to do & see in CAPRI

We’re the only one’s without luggage. We gave ours away. Here are the closets, here’s the bathroom. That’s where Mandy is right now. Haha This is a bedroom Take a look at my hair right now Why is it so windy? I don’t know either Good morning from Mallorca. I’m here because I have visited my parents over the weekend I’m ready for the airport My outfit, and my sexy traveling socks I don’t know if I have told you before but I inherited a high colesterol level from my dad and that’s why I have to wear these because it is safer for me. In any case, I have to say goodbye to Mallorca now Ughh, it’s just so pretty here It’s 7a.m. and I am going to the airport now. I’m flying to Capri with Mandy and I have never been there before We’re also going to Positano which is together with Tokio right at the top of my Bucketlist. So we’re headed over there for 3 days and I can’t wait. Alright people. Mandy is here. But…She’s making this face because we missed the ferry to Capri at 12:40. From, Napoli. Well the ferry was full We have asked 3 people if they would give us their spot in exchange for money. Our charm didn’t work today Maybe because we’re not wearing any makeup They were probably thinking:”uugh who are those two?” Would have worked if we were wearing a short dress Well now we have to wait another hour but that’s okay because I have a very good coffee It’s almost empty Well it tastes really good We finally made it. We arrived We took a ferry and now we’re in Capri We’re going to the hotel now right? Yes. With a small gondula And then we’re going to go out for lunch I’m so hungry Noodles Guys, take a look at this taxi…No idea what they have done here a diamond automobile Let’s go to the hotel If we get there safely I am soo hungry Me too. We’ve been travelling for so long now And there are lemons everywhere I have been travelling for 11 hours now I haven’t 8 hours for me That’s quite long It’s so pretty here There are so many tourists, I wonder where they all stay because Capri is tiny But they all seem to have luggage which means they are staying here Only we don’t have our luggage because we gave it away So we just arrived in our hotel room and it looks like this I’m going to put a link in the description in case you want to come here here are the closets, this is the bathroom where Mandy currently is in haha this is a bedroom and look at this view this is our small balcony it really is super cute look at these cute tiles. I have to remember these I really want a balcony with these kind of tiles and of course a view like this Please look at my hair right now why is it so windy? I really don’t know Are we going to drink this tonight? Yep We’re going to have at least one Limoncello, one red wine and at least 3 servings of pasta We’re on our way to “Da Paulino” that’s my dream restaurant because it’s full of lemon trees we have just arrived take a look at this there are lemons everywhere. this is just the perfect place for me. This is soo beautiful look at this Ok this looks absolutely incredible. I’m going to zoom in all the way for you guys A new day in Capri, day number two. We’re strolling through the city center and i have found something already so now we are on our way to a cafe because I want an iced coffee…If you’re in Italy you need to have the Espresso. We found our coffee spot. It’s called Tiberio and it’s at this super busy spot It definitely gives you the proper holiday experience with all the luggage being driven to the hotels. Let’s see if they have a good iced coffee We’re infront of the best ice cream shop in Capri It’s a bit full but as soon as it’s our turn, I’ll show you around. They make fresh cones. I always take Pistachio and Lemon that’s not really a tough decision Omg people, the cone is still warm The street doesn’t have a name so you have to find it yourself. But there is only one place that makes a fresh cone and if you’re ever here you have to try pistachio. Lemon is also great, but pistachio is the sh*t You really don’t need a hair styling if you take a cab on Capri Why? Why would you worry about your hair? We’re going to this famous rock formation. We have no idea what it’s called but we’ll find out and I’ll put it in the description down below and then we’ll see if our captain will bring us to Positano We’re going to stay on Capri, we’re not going to cross borders to the other island. We just drove into a cave with our boat. Look at this So we are in front of the famous rock formation You can even drive through there. I really hope we’re going to We’re really adventurous today Mandy That’s because you are Dora the explorer and I am the little monkey. Doesn’t she always have a monkey with her ? I’ve never really seen it We are going through the rock now Mandy is scared I’m scared of everything that has to do with water I’m going to take care of you Mandy Oh my look at how much it’s wobbling around. oh nooo I mean I can swim but hmm, I’m just going to hold onto you Oh look we can just tie us up under these ropes. We’re ready now Last evening in Capri and we’re back at: Da Paulino, yeah that’s the name. Pasta, red wine. Of course Ornellaiiiia , Solaiiiia ( our favourite red wines) Good morning from Capri Today is our last day, we’re flying back later It’s 8 a.m. and I’m sitting in the sun. Mandy is still asleep I’m a morning person. I always wake up very early Well not too early. But at around 7 – 7:30 As you can see I’m back in Dusseldorf waiting for my brother to pick me up from the airport Mandy has landed safely in Berlin, everything went well. Next week we’re going to Sardinia with Louisaviaroma and i’m going to film there aswell Until then, I wish you all the best and see you then!!

64 thoughts on “Vlog 9 – What to do & see in CAPRI

  1. Jedes Mal Freude wenn ein neuer Vlog kommt, unterhaltsam und nie langweilig weil sie auch immer gut geschnitten usw. sind.Sehr gerne mehr 😊🙃
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Oh wieder ein schöner vlog. Genießt den Urlaub in Capri, und hoffentlich auch die Städte, die ihr euch angucken könnt.

  3. Wow, Capri is echt mega schön, allein die Farbe des Wassers is echt krank 🤩. Ich will auch so ein Eis bei dem vor Ort die Waffel frisch zubereitet wird 😲. Geil!

  4. ich bin immer richtig am ausrasten, wenn ich sehe dass es einen neues Video von dir gibt💖 ich würde auch mal richtig gerne ein Q&A von dir sehen😊

  5. Wieder ein sehr schöner Vlog❤️ du bist mega sympathisch 😊
    Würde mich noch über eine Taschensammlung freuen💗

  6. War auch schon öfters Capri, ist wunderschön! Komme von Neapel, aber Neapel ist natürlich auch richtig schön👍🏽

  7. Ann-Kathrin, you can't imagine how much I'm happy with this vlog! It's all about my Italy and I live so close to Capri and Amalfi coast… I hope you'll come back soon! ❤️❤️

  8. super vlog! kommt auch noch was zu sardinien bzw. porto cervo. da ich dort auch erst vor kurzem war, würd mich das natürlich interessieren. 😀 lg

  9. Ich liebe jedes neue Video was du postet, es macht einfach so viel Spaß Sie zu schauen 😍 freue mich auf viele Neue und eine baldige? Roomtour.😍🌺

  10. Super Vlog.. 🤩😍 bin auch beruhigt das es außer mir noch mehr Menschen gibt die sich fast ausschließlich von Pasta ernähren könnten 😬😘

  11. Ahh what a beautiful place 😍 Great Vlog as always 💛 It was hilarious at the part where you and Mandy were singing about the wine 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Deine Vlogs sind echt total schön. Ich mag es gerne, dass du so authentisch und natürlich bist! Auch die Vlogs mit Mandy schaue ich mega gerne, weil ihr beide immer so viel Spaß gemeinsam habt und man die tolle Freundschaft gar nicht übersehen kann 🥰 mach auf jeden Fall weiter so!☺️

  13. Ich finde den Vlog so toll! der aus Berlin hat mir auch schon so gut gefallen! Was besonders gut finde, ist dass du deutsch in den Vlogs sprichst, das macht die authentischer

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