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Virool U: Industry Trends – The Rise of Programmatic Advertising

Virool U: Industry Trends – The Rise of Programmatic Advertising

I’m Sonja Kristiansen and I’m the Head
of Publisher Development at Virool. So, Programmatic Advertising is essentially the automation
of the relationship and the buying process between Advertiser and Publisher and it’s
bringing in technology to make that a lot more seemless. Some of the benefits of Programmatic
Advertising and deploying technology to manage that process would be increased efficiency.
Right? You are using technology to make your relationship and the buying process a lot
easier. Contextual relevance – we are finally able
to make good on that promise that we’ve been making to advertisers and brands and
also improved profitability. Right? And that is both, on the publishers’ side, because
they are able to maximize yield for every single impression that they make available,
and on the advertisers’ side, because they are able to access premium inventory at rates
that are more competitive and lower than rate card rates.
Programmatic is affecting Video Advertising in a big way, because video is incredibly
scarce. It’s premium inventory, so from the publishers’ side of the coin, they have
the opportunity to maximize every single impression for video and doing that in the direct EO-based
manual way is not possible, so using multiple demand partners via programmatic engine allows
them to maximize impressions for their best inventory, which frankly is video.
Using programmatic is an iterative process, right? They call it machine learning around
here and the reason you call it that is because your bidder gets smarter with every impression
that it delivers. You learn more about each publisher, each placement, each user that
we have in our DMP, and it allows us to make a better decision next time around to ensure
that we’re delivering the best campaign in the right place, at the right time, for
the right outcome.

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