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View in 2: Different Lenses | YouTube Advertisers

View in 2: Different Lenses | YouTube Advertisers

Ever wondered what it’s like to skydive
from outer space? Because of YouTube,
we’ve seen the world through lots of
different lenses. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: In a literal
sense, some of our top creators are known specifically for
the lenses or perspectives they show, like The Slow Mo
Guys, who’ve been creating slow-motion content since 2010. And now, using macro lenses
for extreme close-ups is a growing trend. JESSICA HURLEY: But seeing
through different lenses is also figurative. A search for “life
through the eyes of” brings back millions
of results on YouTube. Creator Sawyer Hartman
brings his unique perspective to travel in his
series, “Thru My Eyes,” while “Elle” and “Cosmopolitan”
rack up millions of views showing what life is like
for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. STEPHANIE WENDELIN: YouTube is
now supporting live streaming in 4K, making this
kind of storytelling more realistic and
immersive than ever. So viewers can watch
jaw-dropping stunts in the highest
quality in real time. VR content is now so visceral
that you feel emotionally and physically
closer to the story. JESSICA HURLEY: If you
don’t know what we mean, just watch “The Displaced”
from “The New York Times.” So what does this
mean for brands? One, show what it’s like to walk
a mile in someone else’s shoes. Viewers have a desire to
empathize with each other by seeing the world through
different points of view. Use your brand’s
assets to give them a glimpse into another life. If you’re an airline,
what does the world look like through
the eyes of a pilot 30,000 feet above the Earth? STEPHANIE WENDELIN:
Two, it’s an opportunity to satisfy curiosities. People want to see things
up close and personal, especially when they’re
otherwise inaccessible. Open your doors and show
how things get made. JESSICA HURLEY: Three,
test emerging formats. Consider how technology
can enhance and add a new lens to your content. Could your story be more
powerful if told through VR? What about a split or
dual-screen experience? As always, thank
you for watching. If you enjoyed this episode,
please like and subscribe. And we’ll see you next time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I would love to have advertisers come to me about products for me to talk about. I talk about food all the time.

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